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  1. Ah well, im at the end of the game anyways and don't want to break the save's, and i feel like i rather start a new game of BG and BG II and finally finish it, than playing again in POE. The game feels too easy on hard, when your team gets 12lvl, and the constant loading screens get ridiculously annoying - resting in castle = 4x loading screen.
  2. I have the same problem i installed IE mod after patching the game with patch_pillars_of_eternity_2.0.1.2. Now i wanted to patch it to 1.03 and 1.04 and im getting the error at the ond of patch innstalation: Incorrect version of: D:\GOG Games\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll I swapped the Assembly-CSharp.dll file for mine copy, but it didnt work, and im still getting the error.
  3. This is stupid, Kana starts with some ****ty Heal talent and he is considered good enough. 1 ****ty Talent dosnt make him bad, Its the Atributes that make char good/bad, and his arent as bad as Aloth's 16 perception.
  4. You didn't understand his answer. Durance's quarterstaff, like other similar weapons, has a long reach (read the item description), which lets him stand, say, just behind Eder and still hit enemies without being as exposed. I actually did, the problem is he uses some fine robes, and his starting staff, becouse all the good gear went to mine Cipher, Kana, and Eder. Eder is the only melee guys so he is surrounded by enemies all the time, so if Durance is close enough to use his staff he is dead, and he bloody misses all the time. Thx, this is the answer i was looking for. Ill drop Inspired Flame on him for aim and go with an off-tank build with him, with Arquebus/Shield-sword. And thanks for all the answers i only used his buffs, and heals, didnt know he his other spells were any usefull
  5. Yeah well the problem is he can stick his wand deep into a hole for me, it does no dmg at all. I rather watch him standing with burning stick that at least looks decent. You didn't help me too much with this answer, but thx anyways.
  6. Can someone throw me some tips what to do with Durance? I find him quite useless, when he is not throwing buffs/heals. I was thinking throwing on him Inspired flame and giving him Arquebus, or maybe throw heavy armor on him with shield/sword and make him Edar helper, as im having hard times with just one mele char (im ranged Ciph, Kana, Aloth, and Ranger gurl). Can someone recommend me an talent build on him?
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