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  1. Also I've seen maybe a bug with Fractured Volition in Polishing Mod. For some reason Enfleebled stays for an infinite duration. So hit 100% Crit with very high accuracy and Enfeebled you always have +145% Duration (50% Enfeebled + 50% Crit + 45% Resolve) with flat 10 Int, with 30 int you will have +245% Duration (+ Power level of the Spells). So then about +300% Duration and +100% Damage (Takedown combo). SC Ascendant don't have Takedown combo but can do triple the damage with out it.
  2. So can reach very high Accuracy with Ghost Heart / Ascendant: Accuracy: 20 Start 57 Level 25 Perception 10 Nature's Resolve 2 Sagani 5 Helm 5 Amulet (vessels) 3 Gloves 5 Potion/Drugs 10 Marked Prey 10 Stalker's Link 10 Survival of the Fittest (only <50% health targets) 20 Borrowed Instinct 20 Hunter's Fang (vessels) 10 Accurate Empower 10 The Empty Soul (vs Will) 5 Pet --- 172(vs all) to 227 Accuracy (max) Debuffs: Deflection: -10 Recall Agony -5 Secret Horrors (Frightened) -10 Eyestrike (Flanked) -10 Silent Scream (s
  3. Another combo (Polishing Mod needed): Hunter/Cipher: Fractured Volition inflicts Enfeebled (+50% duration) Takedown combo + Disintegration Crit (200+ accuracy) + Enfeebled = 3000+ damage SC Ascendant can reach about 8000 damage in 45 sec with: All the combo bellow (without Takedown combo) + Soul Ignition + Death of 1000 Cuts + Antiphatetic Field I would like yo make a solo build of it but I don't know how to survive.
  4. Thank you so much for all your suggestions! I think both ideas could be really good for a RP build and also be able to complete the game in PotD. I'll try them both later. For now, I've just created a build following the idea of Kaylon as a Steel Garrote/Bloodmage and I think is really good. I've also made a custom portrait of him If you want to make a run with Elric I can share with you guys the portrait.
  5. For sure it will be easier to do PotD solo with Steel Garrote/Bloodmage, but I don't like the combination with Bloodmage because the class doesn't have something to increase the effectivity of a Two-Hander build, is better to just spamming spells instead of using the sword. I think it will be better a melee class. As you can see in the link, he has supernatural strengh and speed and he also sometimes use a powerful spell, but not as a caster. That's the reason because I though a combination of Soulblade (heavy hit raw damage and + 20% Raw Damage with Bitting Whip) and he can cast Cipher
  6. I've tried a SC Priest of Berath level 20 with console command and if you don't use level 8/9 AOE Spells, he can't kill 4-5 cre_tigers with just using Voidwheel/Sanguine/Berath Greatsword (with max disposition) and a Mythic Blakened Plate armor with all the priest buffs applied. Incarnate seems really disappointed including with all the priest buffs applied. So at the end he will be using all the time AoE damage spells like other SC Priests, instead of using a Greatsword and sometimes a spell. You are right Kylon, I need a build not just similar to the Elric character, but also that could
  7. Hehehe is good to know it!! You are doing a really nice work with the mod, I'm enjoying it! How good is Berath Incarnate spell with the mod? Do you think is powerful enough to compare with the Elric God summons?
  8. It could be a posibility, but SC druid or multiclass with other class? If you see the link, you can see some of his powers are similar to the cipher powers. Another posibility could be SC Priest of Berath. You can summon a Greatsword and use the Incarnate skill. Also he has "immortality (Type 1)" (Barring Death's Door), he can resurrect (Resurrection, not needed because Solo), there are some elemental spells... etc. Or maybe Priest of Berath/Druid. The problem is that thanks of the drugs and his sword he has: "Superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, and endurance,
  9. Which class? The only one that maybe fits is Priest with Incarnate Skill, but is a level 9 spell. Maybe the summons of a Chanter, but the problem is that I'm not seeing him chanting. Figurines could be a posibility, but they are not very strong.
  10. I would like to make a build of Elric of Melnibone from Michael Moor****'s books for RP and PoTD upscaled solo with Berath Blessings (not neccesary Megabosses). It will be nice if you can share your thoughts to make a fun build. I would appreciate if you would detail everything about the race, stats, equipment, skills, abilities, etc. You can see some information about him at this link: https://outskirtsbattledomewiki.com/index.php/fictions/5337-character-profile-elric-of-melnibone As you can see, he has a lot of powers that fits differents classes and is difficult to make a bui
  11. Draining Touch is so nice!! I've just tested it and it hits really hard (targets will). You can use club in the offhand to lower will defense by 25 with modal. Umm... thinking about a Pale Elf Bloodmage vampire build :P. Didn't know yet the best multiclass that could boost Draining Touch to the max. I think fighter could be nice because you can use Clear Out to attack all enemies with Draining Touch and use Mob Stance when killing enemies :). Also you can increase penetration with corrode spells with the wizard talent.
  12. Could you stack +50 from cape +50 from hood and +15 from sword because they are items? I thought that buffs from items will be considered as spells, and active spells with same description didn't stack. If you are right, is a really nice find! You only need a way to increase the duration of that buffs for last the entire fight with Dorudugan, maybe with WoD and Magran's Belt as we said, but if you find another way you didn't need to be a wizard because the items by itself gives you enough deflection, maybe Rogue for riposte or as Boeroer said a Soulblade and the build could be a lot more fun t
  13. I've thought about spells to reduce accuraccy of enemies and for sure I'm using them with lower enemies so I can use better weapons/spells/equipmemt and kill them faster (more fun), but with Megabosses is really hard to hit them with spells, that's the reason because I tried to increase defenses by myself. Wizard can increase deflection by 70 so Soulblade without landing Borrowed Instint or other spells is 70 deflection lower.
  14. I thought about Entonia Ring but is only 1 enemy, but with you idea of the Belt of Magran's Chosen it could be more The problem with dagger is the damage you will deal. Don't know the mechanics of Bronlar's shield. If you go near death and then go up to full hp the deflection will be again lower than at near death? How can I use both pets if I'm going solo? Anyway with the Magran's Belt+Entonia Ring + pet I could reach 236 def, almost 239
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