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  1. The last time I played a chanter, earlier last year, I encountered the save bug in which saving a loading took increasingly longer amounts of time, to the point at which it became unwieldy, and I haven't played a chanter since. I am interested in trying the class again, and am thus wondering if this bug has been fixed. I am playing what I believe to be the latest version of the game, 3.05.
  2. Hello folks. I don't really have much experience with PoE yet other than blasting through it right now on hard with the default companions. I'm not too far into the game but so far it seems a tad too easy. I was thinking of starting an alternate playthrough with a solo character on POTD. I know there are builds out there but it kinda looks like most of them are outdated so I thought I'd ask you guys for some help / recommendations. The classes I'm taking into account are rogue and chanter. Maybe ranger if you convince me but I'd really like the build to be melee. Not really a fan of wizards and such because of the ancient mechanic of rest that should die a long time ago but hey, a man's gotta be open-minded. I'm thinking both rogue and chanter should be more than doable and I could probably figure out some builds on my own but I'm very interested in what you guys think about this. Thanks in advance for any input.
  3. I quite enjoyed my first playthrough of the game last year as a generally honest and kind Aumauan Druid who tried to keep out of melee. But I haven't touched it in 6 months or so, and I'm looking to start up a new character to see the various improvements and run through the expansions. My thinking is to build a manipulative-bastard Chanter for front-line combat use. I used Kana a fair amount in my last game, and I always felt like I was under-utilizing him, not always noticing when he had accrued sufficient chants for an invocation and neglecting his potential as a scroll-reader. Given the greater attention one typically pays to "their" character, I'm hoping that a PC chanter can change that. I'll need enough INT/RES/PER to get the "manipulative" part of my character concept down (that is, dialogue checks), which leaves me with averageish STR & CON, and probably below-average DEX. My question is whether this still makes for a feasible front-liner, after the various attribute changes and AI improvements-- Will the character be able to take the beating? Will I do enough damage to discourage enemy disengagement? S&S or Two-hander? Any other input on chants/invocations/abilities to look for or avoid in a Chanter would be most welcome.
  4. Anyone every notice, once you use a chanter's summon ability, the enemies instantly stop attacking your party and go directly for the summons? It almost feels as if this breaks combat.
  5. Hi All, When I was choosing my first character to play through PoE, I decided that Chanter sounded like my kind of thing. So, I rolled one up and started to play. I wasn't very satisfied with it, and started combing google for tips on how to make one and how to play it. In the process I came across a fair bit of information that didn't seem to match up with what I was seeing in game, so tonight I started doing some testing myself to make sure. First up: Chants and Phrases. 1) My testing confirms that Phrases are completely unaffected directly in duration or effect by any stat. Many websites and forum posts are saying that Intellect (increased duration) affects the Linger portion of a Phrase, but this doesn't appear to be the case when viewing the Phrase description, the buff icon on characters, the debuff info on enemies or in the combat log. 2) Intellect only increases the "outer" area of effect. The inner circle is unchanged. 3) Dexterity doesn't affect Chants at all (I've seen some suggesting that it can speed up Chants) 4) Debuff Phrases can graze and crit just like any other attack. It's based off your mainhand accuracy vs the defense listed in the description. A Phrase that Grazes will have it's duration reduced by 50%, and Phrases that Crit have the duration increased by 50%. The effect part of a Phrase (eg endurance drain amount) is unchanged Next: Invocations 1) Summons appear to be unaffected by any stat. Duration, endurance/hp, damage done etc. 2) Intellect increases the outer ring size of invocations that have it, but the inner size remains the same. 3) Dexterity has no effect on Invocation recovery time. I'd like to do some testing on Might wrt Summons as well perhaps. But I expect it will have no effect. I'm interested to hear from anyone else who is testing chanter builds and such, but right now thinking about making a tank chanter who uses summons I'm considering just leaving int at 10. Edit: Fixed up some place where I said Chant when I meant Phrase.
  6. Issue: This issue occured after respeccing my Chanter who is my main. Reloading my game doesnt fix anything and niether does restarting the game. Unable to edit phrases within the "edit chants" book. The right page is blank and where you would normally assign phrases into ABCD etc... is not centered on the page and is running off the bottom of the book. If I do try and assign phrases to the book to chant, it simply creates multiple copies of the chant and the action bar grows longer with multiple copies. No chanting icons can be seen on the right page only the off center chant grid things running off the bottom of the page. Dropbox link: Contains 2x screen shots of issue, output log, dxdiag stats, a before save, an after save. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0wynmxpd1b4z9ez/AACKEBHmkGowh_wb87BDIwAZa?dl=0 This is pretty game breaking for myself considering the character is my main, searching for similar issues before this post I also found this post which has a simlar issue except this dude was able to work around it slightly: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67155-chanter-ui-copies-or-deletes-sequences-of-chants-and-editing-does-not-work-until-game-restart/ Woulnd't have found this bug if I wasn't respeccing after being slaughtered by the Adra Dragon down in Od Nua, please if possible fix asap, I've got a score to settle. That and I'd like to buy White March....
  7. I've read guides, manuals, wiki, and still not understand well how to plan a character, this game really needs a character planner, but meanwhile I need a reference. I know that we can reach level 12, but is unclear how many stuff I can pick per level. I need a step by step Chanter's build guide. I know about the character creation process; my problem is that I need a schedule to a target a end-game build like this: (I'm guessing) Level 1 Character Creation (Chanter) Level 2 1 Skill, 1 Talent Level 3 1 Attribute Level 4 1 Ability ...till level 12 I want to be a not-summoning Chanter (a blend between a paladin with warrior-mage), for the race a Meadow Girl from Vailia, and for the gear I am tempting to use Arquebuses with the chant to rapid reload, would you tell me if that is recommended as well?
  8. Hey all, I was thinking of doing a casual replay through the game with a caster group, basically the characters we usually use as support and back-line, but rather, build a few of them through the main character and hires (I don't care for the characters in the game that you can meet and get to join you) for a party of 5 to 6. The goal to play through Hard. POTN is not friendly to "casual playing" for me at this time. But Hard is fun, while being casual. I like hordes of enemies (except enemy Druids packs!). I'm looking at the Chanter, Wizard and Priest. The beauty is, all characters can be made into decent enough DPS dealers via ranged attacks (not so much with melee DPS I find, unless doing Rogue, Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, etc). And while some characters are better at DPS than others (Cipher, Rogue...) at range, via ranged or magic, I'm looking to make a little more "rounded" support characters maybe, that are fun and have utility, but also can be indirect damage dealers. I was doing a few tests with some level 7 hires, to see what could be expected by then, which is later game. While my fighters with Defender (and supporting improvement talents), Weapon & Shield and Superior Deflection can get into the 120+ Deflection area with high Perception & Resolve, I'm finding that a Chanter, Wizard and Priest with a high PER & RES build, along with supporting talents, and using their spells or chants to increase (even if indirectly, forcing -10 or -20 accuracy to targets is quite similar to increasing your Deflection if I recall correctly?), are achieving starting Deflections in the mid-80's with equipment. So significantly less. Granted, the Wizard can bolster this significantly instantly but only for a short time. Chanters can be in the mid-90's and just over 100, with their songs and other abilities through dropping enemy accuracy. Priests just have so much utility with heals and buffs that the loss in Deflection can be made up, in a way, with a heal here and there. All of these characters, however, also have one thing in common and that's that while they can be built to be off-tanks (a wall of off-tanks), with a lot of defensive properties, they can all have offensive abilities that are AOE or summons. So an off-tank Chanter with Frighten & Rime & Frost, summoning Phantoms and/or Ogres and dropping Paralyzing cones. Alternatively, the Movement & Will & Fort songs with Paralyzing cones, because it gets to that invocation fast, and two of these doing massive paralyzing zones back to back is just super destructive and tanky (two Chanters doing this with alternating first phrase songs, with Paralyzing cones). Maybe an off-tank Wizard, with Chill Fog, Bewildering Spec, Blackened Sight, Slicken, Displaced Image, Confusion, and then a nice Fireball, Fan of Flames, Noxious Burst, etc. Nearly too many to name honestly. Condition off-tank, with AOE DPS. One of these maybe. And then a straight offensive Wizard too, built around DPS and not just the support stuff. Finally a Priest, with Armor of Faith, Divine Terror, Withdraw, Repulsing Seal, Instill Doubt, Pillar, CoP, with Pillar of Fire & Cleansing Flame. Also a condition off-tank, with AOE stuff, but also some heals and support stuff. Only one though. That's 5 characters if I do two chanters, two wizards (one off-tank, one AOE DPS), and one Priest. I'm thinking to round it out, either a Ciper with high Mechanics for locks & traps. Or just try to do a 5 man party. If I had to add one more character, it would be something DPS oriented. Anyone done something like this? I know it's low on overall average damage output. I'm curious if it will manage through normal/hard, casually playing, with a bunch of basically support characters. Just looking for another experience beyond a min/max tank + ranged DPS party that I've already done that just walks through the game in essentially auto-attack mode and wins each fight no problem. My main concern is late game and the end-game, where they will be hit with a lot of afflictions, conditions, and high damage attacks. I'm not sure how they will perform there. And of course, I'm not sure how it will fare against the last battle. Thoughts on making it work? Thoughts on why it won't work and I'm wasting my time? ********** Either that, or I'm considering a DPS Barbarian as Main character, along with 2 chanters & 3 wizards (chanters as off-tanks with support songs & summons; wizards with all DPS setup and a few condition spells to support if tanks are overwhelmed). ********** Very best,
  9. ::sigh:: I hate to sound like an idiot, but I don't understand how the chants work. The chanter sounds like fun, but when I tried to use Kana in my party, I had no idea what I was doing. I love the idea of the chanter and want to run my next character as one, but I don't understand the mechanics of the class. As near as I can tell, the chant is automatically activated at the start of combat. Does it then stay active for the fight even if the chanter is actively fighting? And my understanding is I'm supposed to run three chants together...how do I build the chant? Am I supposed to find or buy other parts to the chants? And how does summoning work into it? I know there's a delay before a summoning is possible, but I'm not sure how to set up for a summons. Any help would be appreciated. I'm playing a cipher right now (I love the cipher!), so I'm understanding the mechanics of the game without a problem...it's just the chanter abilities that are eluding me.
  10. When opening up the Chanter UI for my Chanter (lvl 6, INT 17) I noticed for all level one chants: Duration 4.0 sec. Linger 2.7 sec. Aura: .... for 8.1 sec. Now: I might not be getting something, but from my understanding 4.0 + 2.7 should be 6.7, not 8.1 I thought (Wiki, forum posts) the INT bonus is not applied to linger duration. Was that changed? Not that I mind, 0.7 seconds is really not that much but it makes the investment into INT feel more worth while. I noticed the above also for newly (i.e. post patch) created Chanters. For INT 10 duration is 4, linger is 2 and (what I assume is) the total as expected as 6.0.
  11. So, how far i would get in hard mode with party of 2 fighter as tanks (10/10/10/19/10/19, kinda ballanced), priest, cipher, wizard and chanter.Fighter with shields, and casters with guns. What do you suggest as dps?Is chanter worth just for reload speed aura?I got cipher and priest using pistol and arbuegus and is pretty good.Should i make chanter as off tank when some mob pass my fighters? I played party with 4 melee dps, and i ofted dont have room for them to properly place on target.
  12. Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept says it's foe damage but it clearly hits my entire party.also the priest spell Prayer Against Treachery doesn't seem to work on a target thats's already dominated.
  13. Changed reload speed multiplier from 2 to 1.2 for Sure-Handed Ila. Ok, so there will be a nerf.I admit that im using my chanter for nothing more that summoning, chanting this phrase and shooting along with other gun-crazed team members.4 people with guns...Thats a lot of reloads.And it is realy effective.I dont say that this will broke chanters.But it will move them down in class tier... What about you?Will you still include chanter in your party?Will you respec him into off tank? Personaly i think i will give druid a try
  14. Not sure if this is a bug or not but when I read the description of the 3rd level invocations it says "Foe target" which to me would suggest that it doesn't affect allies but as you can see in my linked screenshot it is most distinctly affecting my party members. Is this intended or is this a bug/error?
  15. Can anyone out there peel back the onion of a particular Chanter phrase for me? I'm wondering exactly how Come, Come, Soft Winds of Death works. As in, does it do the listed damage (something like 4.1, I believe) multiple times at a particular interval over the phrase's duration, or does it just do the 4.1 damage once? And if it's the latter, is the 4.1 damage applied over multiple incredibly small hits? Either way, it leads me to my next question... Does it have a chance of interrupting opponents? I've got a high-Perception Chanter tank in the works, and it seems like -- depending on what's actually going on under the hood, mechanically -- this could be a pretty great phrase for him to pick up. Especially since there's also the lingering effect of Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O'er Words to consider. Since this tank won't be doing a whole lot of damage, some soft AoE CC available at a very low level is certainly appealing. Anyone able to edify me, here?
  16. So I was wondering, does the Might stat affect the amount of health healed via Constant Recovery or Ancient Memory, or are they calculated independent of the Fighter or Chanter's (respectively) might? Thanks in advance.
  17. I just arrived at the area just north of Gilded Vale and went to fight the few mobs there and notice my chanter (my main) no longer had the scrolling music showing, the staves are stll there and I am still chanting and still gaining points (and its effects are working) but the bars are empty. Sadly I have already copied over an old save before I realised there was a problem, so couldnt revert back to troubleshoot.
  18. I notice that upon trying to level from 7 to 8 on Kana the chanter companion, any phrase I choose does not show up in his phrasebook when I go in to edit. In picking from either 1st or 2nd level chants, nothing chosen during levelup shows up in the phrasebook. Is this a known issue, or am I missing something mechanically? Thank you. EDIT: I'm sorry, don't know how to delete this post/thread. I figured out I was confusing more than a few things about the class.
  19. When Kana joined the party he has some armor which has a -50% recovery time. Would changing that armor to something which has less RT speed up his chants. IE. Take less time to build up the 3 chants required for an invocation. Or is there anything else I can do to reduce the time it takes to build the 3 chants? Cheers!
  20. Hey there, Does anyone have experience with Chanter builds that are not tanky but more DPS oriented? If I were to build one, how should I arrange my stats? What type of weapons should I go for? What about chant choices? Or should I just forget about the whole thing and go the cookie-cutter tank route? Any kind of input is much appreciated!
  21. I still have not used a single chanter ability, I am a level 7 chanter now, even my chanter companion who is with me exploring the endless path underneath my keep is level 7, combat never last until round three. I even try and drag combat from multiple encounters into a single fight. I once hit round three, cast a summon just as combat ended. Completely useless class: Chanter. I would have had a more meaningful experience with any other class. I have no abilities to use except the chants themselves, which do very little. If you want an AoE fighting team just make 6 priests and use holy radiance all at once, when the enemies encircle you. The chants are way to small, your stats do not effect the Endurance from ancient memory, which is another thing that makes them suck alot. This saddens me, because I figured, knowing most the story before the game came out, I knew I wanted to play chanter or cipher to go through the game. Buts its also as meaningless as any class would be towards the story - EXCEPT being a certain priest type, or certain God-Likes. Seems aside from being a watcher, those class/races get all the lore. Fire or death-godlike and priest of Eothas would be best.(IMO) anyways, the game is really easy. TOOOO easy. and if I am what the devs called "Half-way" then the game is roughly only 15-20 hours long or so. So, I fear I might be heavily disappointed. Though, I did like the gaunts ring, the cloak of obsidian would be nice if it at least did something other then look cool/neat too. I do not use the ghost pig much, after travelling around, I noticed he didn't matter, so i switched to the Black hound, which is much nice, plus, as an adventuring team, having a blood hound just makes sense! OH and P.S Eder, is just the best character Ive seen in an RPG in yeaaarrs! Way to go whomever designed him, I friggin love you ! So, realistic and well rounded, emotional, thoughtful, concrete, idk, he's awesome, and believable. better then the characters in Torment, form back in the day even.
  22. What class you think does the best buffs and why? Chanter, pally or priest? - I like the chanter, but don't like summons - Pally would be too busy tanking - If I make a priest it's to heal from afar. Thoughts?
  23. Here's the manual: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/291650/manuals/pe-game-manual.pdf?t=1427236869 Go to page 33-34 of the manual (page 19 in PDF form). Here is the excerpt in question: "Chanters can string any number of phrases together into a chant that can be used in combat, with each phrase taking effect as it is chanted and lingering for several seconds after the phrase ends. This allows the chanter to combine overlapping bonuses (or penalties), something which is known as twisting the phrases. Multiple chanters can twist their phrases for bonus effects, too. Note that chants are free actions, in that the character can speak them while attacking or moving or using items." Can anyone clarify exactly what they mean? I haven't dabbled with the chanter much in the Backer Beta. So if 2 identical chants are sung at the same time, do they stack or what? What are these bonus effects they speak of? This is first time I've read about this "twisting" mechanic. So now I'm confused. Is this like some outdated feature that got pulled or what?
  24. How does phrases work (how much time)? I've watched videos from character creation and phrases didnt have any information about how long each of it works (base time - i assume its modified by INT) - i heard that phrases are overlapping so they obviously last longer than the time of chanting them, but do they last long enough that all of chants possible phrases will be stacked at once? What is the average duration of effect of one phrase - 2/5/10/20 sec? What is the max ammount of phrases stacked at once?
  25. I unfortunately lack access to the backer beta, and so in my research to figure out what class I'll play on my first runthrough of the game I'm finding myself wondering about how 'active' some of the classes are. Specifically I'm interesting in rolling a more melee oriented character, however I'm concerned about how many of the abilities on the melee classes actually involve active use vs. giving passive buffs. From what I can tell it seems like the Fighter and Paladin, for instance, have a lot of abilities that just buff their own combat capabilities or that of their party whilst having relatively few abilities which are actively cast. Any suggestions on what melee oriented classes are the most 'active' to play?
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