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  1. 5th crash, and the game isn't even a day old. A lot of nullRefs in the log. Usually crashes changing map (bad async scene load?) Please have a look: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e1bgepkbxujpdup/AAD7iZovql82oONCj5sn7VAla?dl=0
  2. In other words: the bigger the party, the less xp they individually get? In even other words: does the main character gain the same amount of xp with 1 as with 4 companions? Thanks!
  3. Hello! Was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to avoid listening to the chanter chant every single combat, sometimes more than once? I'd like to keep hearing the other voices (mage spell cast, etc) if possible. Thanks!
  4. Fixed: quickloading is not enough. Need to quit and reload the save
  5. Enabled or disabled the tooltips (combat and tutorial), changed the time, everything else... Nothing helps, and it's getting to annoying that I'm going to reroll...
  6. Summons are very handy, no doubt, but the chanter's damage, debuff and crowd control invocations are nothing to sneeze at. Thanks again. I feel that the Cipher is far too fragile for an offtank, so rolling crazy, dual wielding, interrupting bard!
  7. Thanks for your reply AFAIK the chanter's strength is summons, so wouldn't he be crippled without them?
  8. What class you think does the best buffs and why? Chanter, pally or priest? - I like the chanter, but don't like summons - Pally would be too busy tanking - If I make a priest it's to heal from afar. Thoughts?
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