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  1. Update: It seems this thing, glitch, bug or what to call it is removable by re-installing the game. (possibly even just re-starting it though as it happens I just re-installed it so I can't be sure) Hope that helps!
  2. Hello everyone! Epic journey so far, I'm soooo pleased and really loving it. Stumbled upon something that happened to me around level 2 on Aloth, that I thought was a simple glitch and something that resolved itself back then automaticly by camping. I have no effect on the character right now and the glitch seems to be a bug because its not going away and its on my main character now. Tried the following: Reloading older save which it seems I have saved the bug on already so that option is gone. I am fully rested, I have switched grims, re-memorized spells and everything else I can think of, it persists. Problem: The spells doesn't get cast. The wands/scepters/swords all weapons do nothing. Abilitys aswell. In or outside combat, it's the same. I see the graphics for the casting/attack/buff/healing etc and all but then nothing. The character says 'Uhh that's not supposed to happen' when the spells are not cast. (Odd and quite funny thing if that helps, my main character is helping to debug!) Anyone else experienced this one? Some info (software related so guessing my tech is waste of text): Windows 7 Ultimate Steam version, fully updated with newest patch. Im at level 9, the bug appeard at Cliaban Rilag where I went right after completeting the Endless Paths. Uploading of saved game and log seems to fail at this forum, so here is dropbox links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0nicoiy6rge11a/dc8b3a07-b807-4f31-8a60-e5ff9762503a%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gj8l4b5ycupnv98/output_log.txt?dl=0 Best wishes and thanks in advance, Fredrik
  3. Hello! It started about a minute after I picked the berries at the bush right after leaving the caravans. It's like a continous clipping noise of sorts, like imagine turning a page in the old Baldurs gate spellbook but cut out the last millisecond of that sound, then put it on repeat. It only goes away if I exit the game to main menu and after loading my save, It's gone for about a few minutes and then suddenly comes back. I've tried exiting the game completly, restarting it. Reinstalled sound-drivers, also tried older drivers same issue. Win 7 Ultimate, Motherboard x58 Pro-E onboard soundchip w/ drivers used. I'm running the Steam version. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this sound issue and possibly found a fix? Or has any ideas, any whatsoever is good. Feels like I've tried most things I can think of. (here's my updates of things related) Update 1: The sound-repeat glitch actually disappeared briefly now when opening, looting and closing a chest just to return a few minutes later completly random. Update 2: The sound-repeat glitch also seem to disappear when new things to me occur which forces up the tutorial window and auto-pauses the game. Thanks in advance and congratulations to the team for a great game so far (except that sound thingie hehe). Best regards, Fredrik
  4. I for one welcome the bestiary XP fullheartedly if that makes it to the finished game. I had my hopes they would implement experience (xp) for what it is. Something you get the first few times you encounter something with exceptions for quests. But for crafting, Item lore, magical mysteries of the world, yaddi yada well,.. you get experience for encountering/using/interacting with it. Well met people, well met!
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