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  1. All the solo tests are showing is that an interrupt build isn't suitable for Triple Crown Solo attempts.
  2. Combine Interrupt builds with Resolve/Concentration debuffs and a Slow debuff. At that point interrupts really are equivalent to a stunlock.
  3. I just tried the Phrase again while attacking some villagers in The Black Hound, and can't replicate your success (they stay at 78 Concentration with the Phrase debuff applied). Thank you for testing it. Can you try Expose Vulnerabilities and Insect Swarm/Plague? Are you confirming that the debuff shows on the enemy's popup? Some chanter phrases have small aoe and if they start before you're in range they won't apply to a particular enemy during its duration.
  4. That, and an "interrupt build" tends to reference your whole team rather than simply a single member. You get two barbs and two blast wizards vandalizing a whole bigass clump of melees and you're the only one hitting people.
  5. The nice thing about mixing Wizard and Barb Interrupters is that the Wizard can bully low Reflex mobs while the Barb bullies low Fortitude ones. Both classes also have inherent attack speed steroids. This is a lot of why 2 barbs, 2 wizards, Chanter/Druid would be my default for testing an interrupt party once they fix all of the concentration debuffs. It seems to me you wouldn't even need any tanks for this. CC the spellcasters, debuff the melee clump, the interrupts prevent as much or more damage than good mitigation/avoidance + heals over time. Have one barbarian be a Moonie with dual stilettos (one of which is the Jolting Touch one) and the other be a Flamer with a Morning Star.
  6. They're absolutely beastly with Draining Whip and either dual wielding, a bow, or a Blunderbuss.
  7. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77638-interrupt-build/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1663872 Or rather, concentration reduction effects aren't working properly, sorry for the misstatement.
  8. There are other gods in the pantheon that just haven't been added yet, probably mostly for regional reasons, and I'm quite sure that one of them will have another currently unrepresented ranged weapon in their talent pool.
  9. Why is that at all clear? The talent says it works when using a single one-handed weapon. It says nothing about ONLY using a single one-handed weapon. Why shouldn't it work with a shield? Because there's a sword&board talent? That's not a good enough reason. Also, it can't be overpowered on a Tank because (with a very few exceptions, Barbarians, Rogues, and Ciphers notwithstanding) their job isn't to do damage. And you're using two talents to have both.
  10. Achilles: Those are just suggestions, though. If your build for a certain class isn't going to be tanky, then Perception is squarely for Interrupt. If you're going to be a DPS, you're probably going to max Might, Dexterity, and sometimes Intelligence, even if the "recommended" stats suggest otherwise.
  11. Buddhist monks are not atheists and neither was Buddha. Theism and religion are not conceptually interchangeable.
  12. They need unenchanted monk gloves that grant the Fine > Exquisite > Superb enchants, and allow Lash and Slayer properties.
  13. I beg to differ, but hey, to each their own. Yeah, I'm actually strongly considering a build with 2 barbarians and 2 wizards, a Chanter tank and a Druid. General idea is to not really need a healer because everything's getting interrupted into oblivion.
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