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  1. Its not nonsense at all unless you wish to take it out of context. Multiplayer games require classes to be balanced against each other, single player games only require classes to FUN, it does not matter if they are balanced against each other or even balanced against the game world. Being able to instant gib everything you come across on hard could be considered balanced IF the method of allowing it is entertaining for the player. IN MMO balance has to come before FUN or everyone bitches how OP class/race/spell/ability is... in single player games FUN comes before balance.
  2. Some people remember the days of yore games from the 80s and early 90s where char reaction made your char feel a little bit special.... Wizardry 7... getting a massive stat bonus and able to actually have a Faerie start as a Ninja... was epic Xcom remake has a option not created equal... rather then all squad members comming with the same stats soldiers stats varied... Aliens always stayed the same though which was annoying. POE... everyone can make the same chars instantly... you go upagainst monsters that are ALWAYS the same.... Even loot item randomization is not actually random. S
  3. This is going to get me murdered... Any chance we could have a Classic RPG Char creation option.... Where stats are randomly rolled(not just for the player for for monsters in game) It may sound silly but spending 30 mins to roll the "perfect" char made me far more attached from the outset. It can also allow builds that currently are just not possible. It also means you can come up against tanky mages or weak warriors in game.... make fights a little diffrent.
  4. Something which I think should be expanded upon my previous suggestions is this. On normal and easy the Ranger pet is actually fine(if boring and all pet related talents can be ignored), the problem comes on harder difficulties and the negative effects to losing the pet combined with its inability of it to stay alive even off tanking. All the pet talents are useless(or mostly so) due to needing the pet NOT attacking or the most dangerous fights. Even something as simple as a Pet mend abiltiy useable once per rest that brings pet back to life at 50% health would help though not entir
  5. Pets should regen endurance at half the rate of warriors and the pet abilities should be combined. Merciless and vicious companion should become one skill. Called Vicious Bond Ranger should also get +5% hits converted to crits from it due to pets bloodthirsty nature seeping though the soul link. Resilent and faithfull should become one skill. Called Resilent bond. Pet also gains 1/2 of the DR and Deflection the ranger has ontop of its normal stats. Predators sense and Stalkers link is combined. New default pet ability Will to live. When an Animal companion is reduced to z
  6. Who knows(someone from beta would)... maybe they are supposed to get +15... and tis a bug they dont.
  7. Rangers dont get +15 accuracy with ranged weapons... unless you are talking about Talents you need to pick... they get accuracy very high(30) and roll 30 when attacking at level 1 for attack. What they could do is make the Elf accuracy bonus apply to the ranger...and give them a lesser +2 accuracy/defense buff... because its actually kinda overpowered as it stands... if you WANT to make the best ranger you can you need to go elf(disregarding abusing quick swap volly fire) I really don't agree that rangers are useless, though I think they are kinda limited in their good build options and
  8. I am assuming the following are bugs. Wounding shot DOT duration is not modified by intelligence only hobbled effect is. Accurate wounding shot Only applies the +10 accuracy modifier to hobbled effect roll and not to actual attack roll, making it a pointless and wasted talent. On patch, however patch 1.4 notes dont mention any fixes to Wounding shot.
  9. "This is just getting sad. Stop. Please stop. I can feel the braincells dying just from reading this." False negative... No evidence exists that you have any braincells in the first place to kill.
  10. Have to get insulting to prove a point? nice... A Negative claim is not invalid neither is proving a negative(by itself). I had assumed with your first post that you actually ment false negative... but it actually seems you think a negative is not a valid argument... wrong... Evidence of Absence(valid negative), Absence of Evidence(Invalid, a false negative). Lets keep this super simple... Fact My dog only sleeps when in his bed. Statement My dog is not sleeping, because he is not in his bed. Acceptable use of a negative(Evidence of Absence). We know the dog only sl
  11. True to a degree, but it needs to make some sense for suspension of disbelief. As it is pets die to easily... and the Ranger can become useless if they spent all the talents on the Pet... Also bonded Grief may not even be emotional response but physical... as the Ranger and animal are soul bounded... One way that could make the pets worthwhile is if the pet gets 1/2 DR(from armor) +deflection/will/fort/reflex ranger rolls added to its own along with the armor recovery reduction. Along with 1/10th of all damage the pet takes is taken by the ranger directly to health. This means th
  12. He made the claim people WOULDNT morn a killed pet during battle. Thats not a negative. Wait, what? No. No. That's not how it works. The most fundamental principle is that you cannot prove a negative. You claim that something happens. Someone else says, I don't believe you. The burden of evidence is on the part that says something happens. The part that claims a positive. You literally cannot prove a negative. You cannot prove that something hasn't happened. You just linked something that you have absolutely no understanding of. Goddammit.
  13. Compromise. It takes 1 week in game, clicking build it forwards the game time ahead 1 week its completed and your Team has rested.
  14. Actually https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/burden-of-proof Once you provide proof of your arguments validity, then I must provide support for my counter argument. PS-My pet peeve is people on the internet that decide they can make claims with no proof... then calling for the otherside to provide proof they are wrong... while drawing a line where the argument is over(they are right) unless you provide the proof they demand. Since you want to elevate this to references required to support statements and claims... you first Few tips Historical records of Calvary that dont sta
  15. You misunderstand me... thats EXACTLY what is known to happen... Knights would just up and start crying over the horse... or DOG(English Mastiffs were bred for fighting and bonded to a knight and fought with them in battle) Horsemen in charges during ww1 are known to have stoped EVERYTHING and just greived over there horse... many brought their own horses that they had raised/trained and were not actually issued... Stopping everything in the middle of a battle to cry over a lost pet is KNOWN to happen in real war with REAL "pets" No doubt because a horsemans horse is like a K9 o
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