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  1. Its not nonsense at all unless you wish to take it out of context. Multiplayer games require classes to be balanced against each other, single player games only require classes to FUN, it does not matter if they are balanced against each other or even balanced against the game world. Being able to instant gib everything you come across on hard could be considered balanced IF the method of allowing it is entertaining for the player. IN MMO balance has to come before FUN or everyone bitches how OP class/race/spell/ability is... in single player games FUN comes before balance.
  2. Some people remember the days of yore games from the 80s and early 90s where char reaction made your char feel a little bit special.... Wizardry 7... getting a massive stat bonus and able to actually have a Faerie start as a Ninja... was epic Xcom remake has a option not created equal... rather then all squad members comming with the same stats soldiers stats varied... Aliens always stayed the same though which was annoying. POE... everyone can make the same chars instantly... you go upagainst monsters that are ALWAYS the same.... Even loot item randomization is not actually random. Sure I can get some dice and roll and roll and use a char editor... but I cant change all the creatures in game, having them different each play though with different resistances would make it far more interesting. Nope, no chance. And I actuallly prefer it that way. If your goal is perfect stats, you might as well use the console and just set your Attributes to whatever you want. Far be it from me to agree with Luckmann on anything! But rerolling ad nauseum dosn't really excite me. Each to their own I suppose, but here's the thing. People create the most perfect min/maxed character and abuse the hell out of the system and then complain that the game is too easy... Is rerolling not part of that process?
  3. This is going to get me murdered... Any chance we could have a Classic RPG Char creation option.... Where stats are randomly rolled(not just for the player for for monsters in game) It may sound silly but spending 30 mins to roll the "perfect" char made me far more attached from the outset. It can also allow builds that currently are just not possible. It also means you can come up against tanky mages or weak warriors in game.... make fights a little diffrent.
  4. Something which I think should be expanded upon my previous suggestions is this. On normal and easy the Ranger pet is actually fine(if boring and all pet related talents can be ignored), the problem comes on harder difficulties and the negative effects to losing the pet combined with its inability of it to stay alive even off tanking. All the pet talents are useless(or mostly so) due to needing the pet NOT attacking or the most dangerous fights. Even something as simple as a Pet mend abiltiy useable once per rest that brings pet back to life at 50% health would help though not entirelly fix the pet problem. Also not based on the pet.. Swift aim is crap... 20% faster shooting with negative accuracy. At best damage is increased by 20%, with accuracy reduction its actually less. Vicious aim is 20% slower shooting with 20% more damage. This extra damage is greater then it seems, as its bypassing armor. Lets say you do 20 damage and dr of 10... you do 10 damage... its 14 with Vicious aim, you have actually increased real damage by 40%. Now add +10 accuracy and real damage increase can be far greater. As Vicious aim is not overpowered, Swift Aim needs a buff, remove the accuracy penalty and make the improved Swift talent increase accuracy by 10.
  5. Pets should regen endurance at half the rate of warriors and the pet abilities should be combined. Merciless and vicious companion should become one skill. Called Vicious Bond Ranger should also get +5% hits converted to crits from it due to pets bloodthirsty nature seeping though the soul link. Resilent and faithfull should become one skill. Called Resilent bond. Pet also gains 1/2 of the DR and Deflection the ranger has ontop of its normal stats. Predators sense and Stalkers link is combined. New default pet ability Will to live. When an Animal companion is reduced to zero endurance it will summon all its remaining strength to keep fighting on despite being mortally wounded for 6 seconds. If healed during this time will to live is removed and pet continues the fight normally, can only activate once per fight. New feat Will to live improvement- Cornered Fury. When mortally wounded Rangers pet gains 50% damage and attack speed and duration is increased to 10 seconds. All pets start with 11dr(like bear) Bear gains full Endurance regeneration.
  6. Who knows(someone from beta would)... maybe they are supposed to get +15... and tis a bug they dont.
  7. Rangers dont get +15 accuracy with ranged weapons... unless you are talking about Talents you need to pick... they get accuracy very high(30) and roll 30 when attacking at level 1 for attack. What they could do is make the Elf accuracy bonus apply to the ranger...and give them a lesser +2 accuracy/defense buff... because its actually kinda overpowered as it stands... if you WANT to make the best ranger you can you need to go elf(disregarding abusing quick swap volly fire) I really don't agree that rangers are useless, though I think they are kinda limited in their good build options and if pets are affected by athletics/fatigue they really shouldn't be. Rangers are really fantastic archers (with a +15 ranged accuracy bonus, loads of really sound ranged talents). Companions just are not durable enough later in the game for higher difficulties right now imo, though the use of the pet is as a second line blocker rather than a frontline fighter. The ranger has one of the best active talents in the game in the form of binding roots... keep the toughest enemy in a group stuck for 30 seconds with 5 uses per rest, and the ranged bonus makes them really good scroll/spellsfromitems users. What I'd like to see is the companion talents *all* adding some durability to the companion and the companion's unique abilities scaling with level so you have a meaningful choice between boosting your companion and increasing your archery and whatever else. As far as talent additions go, I'd really like something like Vampiric Bond - Timed duration, X/day. The Ranger and Companion heal each other (as with a Draining effect) when they deal damage. Bonded Grief would be fine if the pet was a bit more durable and the ranger had meaningful ways to preserve their pet.
  8. I am assuming the following are bugs. Wounding shot DOT duration is not modified by intelligence only hobbled effect is. Accurate wounding shot Only applies the +10 accuracy modifier to hobbled effect roll and not to actual attack roll, making it a pointless and wasted talent. On patch, however patch 1.4 notes dont mention any fixes to Wounding shot.
  9. "This is just getting sad. Stop. Please stop. I can feel the braincells dying just from reading this." False negative... No evidence exists that you have any braincells in the first place to kill.
  10. Have to get insulting to prove a point? nice... A Negative claim is not invalid neither is proving a negative(by itself). I had assumed with your first post that you actually ment false negative... but it actually seems you think a negative is not a valid argument... wrong... Evidence of Absence(valid negative), Absence of Evidence(Invalid, a false negative). Lets keep this super simple... Fact My dog only sleeps when in his bed. Statement My dog is not sleeping, because he is not in his bed. Acceptable use of a negative(Evidence of Absence). We know the dog only sleeps when in his bed, so if that is true he cant be sleeping if he is not there. Facts My dog only sleeps when in his bed. Statement My dog is sleeping, because he is in his bed. False negative(Absence of Evidence.) We know the dog sleeps in his bed, we dont know if thats the only thing he does in his bed... He could also chew bones.... etc Just because it was not stated he does other things does not mean he doesnt. Wait, what? No. No. That's not how it works. The most fundamental principle is that you cannot prove a negative. You claim that something happens. Someone else says, I don't believe you. The burden of evidence is on the part that says something happens. The part that claims a positive. You literally cannot prove a negative. You cannot prove that something hasn't happened. You just linked something that you have absolutely no understanding of. Goddammit. No, you tool, that's a negative. You claim that people would curl up into balls because their companion bites it, in the middle of battle. He called you on it. You're saying it yourself: Wouldn't. Would. Not. As in a negative. It is no different than me saying that if I piss you in the face, a nuclear reactor in Siberia will not explode. That is a negative. I cannot possibly prove that something will not happen, or hasn't happened, or doesn't exist. Jesus H ****ing Christ it's not that hard to understand. Thematically, the PoE ranger has been described as far more shamanistic than most would describe the "regular" D&D ranger, and I wish that would come across better, and I've argued for a more shamanistic-influenced pet-focused Ranger type more than once. It is, of course, as you say; it is a game mechanic, and a pretty reasonable one at that. If someone absolutely needs to rationalize it - the animal companion and the ranger has a soul-bond. Ooooooh, look at that, I fixed it. Give me cookies and your worship.
  11. True to a degree, but it needs to make some sense for suspension of disbelief. As it is pets die to easily... and the Ranger can become useless if they spent all the talents on the Pet... Also bonded Grief may not even be emotional response but physical... as the Ranger and animal are soul bounded... One way that could make the pets worthwhile is if the pet gets 1/2 DR(from armor) +deflection/will/fort/reflex ranger rolls added to its own along with the armor recovery reduction. Along with 1/10th of all damage the pet takes is taken by the ranger directly to health. This means that the pet getting banged on directly effects the ranger and how often they need to rest, if you want a hardy pet you need to wear heavy armor... slowing down your attacks(and pets)
  12. He made the claim people WOULDNT morn a killed pet during battle. Thats not a negative. Wait, what? No. No. That's not how it works. The most fundamental principle is that you cannot prove a negative. You claim that something happens. Someone else says, I don't believe you. The burden of evidence is on the part that says something happens. The part that claims a positive. You literally cannot prove a negative. You cannot prove that something hasn't happened. You just linked something that you have absolutely no understanding of. Goddammit.
  13. Compromise. It takes 1 week in game, clicking build it forwards the game time ahead 1 week its completed and your Team has rested.
  14. Actually https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/burden-of-proof Once you provide proof of your arguments validity, then I must provide support for my counter argument. PS-My pet peeve is people on the internet that decide they can make claims with no proof... then calling for the otherside to provide proof they are wrong... while drawing a line where the argument is over(they are right) unless you provide the proof they demand. Since you want to elevate this to references required to support statements and claims... you first Few tips Historical records of Calvary that dont state soldiers morned killed horses during battle(say while under machinegun fire) is not proof, you require statements they DIDNT... Just as I will need to provide historical battles(such as soldiers personal accounts) that state it DID happen. Also lets settle on what constitues acceptable sources? Is ww1 GOV run websites purportedly providing actual soldiers letters and communications... say from Australian Light Horsemen during ww1 acceptable? Should we rule WIKI as unreliable... Oh what fun No doubt because a horsemans horse is like a K9 officer's dog. Its a working pet. My point is you don't suddenly become crippled in grief in the middle of combat. Not frequently enough to warrant it being a class mechanic. I'm not saying it never happens (lots of weird **** and case studies happen over time) I'm saying its exceedingly rare because combat conditions don't lend themselves to immediately expressing grief. (unless you wanna get yourself and your allies killed). Officers don't typically cease all policework in the middle of it if their K9 is injured, soldiers don't immediately drop their weapons and start balling if their best buddy get his head blown off in front of them. They finish combat, then grieve, because thats what they're trained for. If you still wanna insist a soldier on horseback who gets dismounted due to spear through his horse's breast just curls up in a ball and waits to die instead of fighting then you're gonna have to start providing some sauce for me to go any further with you.
  15. You misunderstand me... thats EXACTLY what is known to happen... Knights would just up and start crying over the horse... or DOG(English Mastiffs were bred for fighting and bonded to a knight and fought with them in battle) Horsemen in charges during ww1 are known to have stoped EVERYTHING and just greived over there horse... many brought their own horses that they had raised/trained and were not actually issued... Stopping everything in the middle of a battle to cry over a lost pet is KNOWN to happen in real war with REAL "pets" No doubt because a horsemans horse is like a K9 officer's dog. Its a working pet. My point is you don't suddenly become crippled in grief in the middle of combat.
  16. Actually... its not... Horsemen and knights were known to actually weep at the loss of the horse... others were known to become enraged... It would be much more fun if every time the pet drops... you have a chance to get +8 might Dex and -10int. Or become Paralysed for 5 seconds with grief. Higher the Resolve the greater chance its Rage and not grief.
  17. Like wounding shot... which duration/damage is not effected by intelligence... only the hobbled effect is... so you can go 3int 7seconds 10 int 10 seconds or 18 int 13.5 seconds hobbled effect... Not exactly great use of attribute points.
  18. Title says it all... couldnt find any information if it does or not and didnt notice any difference in game from what I could tell
  19. How to fix ranger so its fun awesome and not overpowered... Rangers learn self/party Druid spells.. No offensive spells.. Only ever cast max 1 per rest(per spell level) and they NEVER get per encounter... Can use talents to add Extra spell level cast per rest. Rangers will never replace Druid in a party... but they become more then autoattack.
  20. Actually I didnt even know Grimrock 2 was out... cant buy something you dont know about... Blackguards was buggy and crap people didnt buy the second because the first sucked. Wasteland... well havnt had time to play that yet... Well, PoE´s sales should be 350k units at the moment : http://steamspy.com/app/291650 + GoG + Retail + Rest Maybe they reach 400k by the end of April, but surely not more. Text heavy cRPG´s are much more niche then City managment Games. My prediction after one year : Somewhat between Wasteland 2 and D:OS : 500k - 600k. D:OS is more "mass compatible" because of the goofy and colourfull look. And its 3D. I cant imagine that Pillars will outsale D:OS and i am pretty sure D:OS 2 or Pillars 2 will do alot worse, because the Retro RPG hype will be over soon (It will end with TON). People want their handholding grind Arenas, dating sims and "social awareness", not deep and compliated cRPG´s, just compare the Grimrock 1 and Grimrock 2 Sales : http://steamspy.com/app/207170 (Grimock 1 : 871k Sales) http://steamspy.com/app/251730 (Grimrock 2 :90k Sales) And her the Blackguards 1 and 2 Sales : http://steamspy.com/app/249650 (Blackguards 1 : 304k) http://steamspy.com/app/314830 (Blackguards 2 : 9k) It was fun, but dont expect an glorios comeback of the classical cRPG.
  21. My understanding was DEX effected ALL things including reload speed. Reloading takes up about 75% of the entire shooting time... So if you are noticing a big difference then it seems its due to dex effecting reloading. Yep it does http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71165-action-speed-vs-attack-speed-and-dex-how-does-it-all-work/
  22. Making every 2 points in perception/dex effect the hit table by moving up/down the glance/hit table by 1 point default I think is below 50 glance above 50 hit. with 20 dex and 10 perception it would become below 45 glance above 45 hit. It would however not effect miss/crit table. So in theory a char with 1000 DEX would never get a glancing hit... they either hit hard or miss.
  23. Except the druid does not have bad CC, as a matter of fact is on par with wizard... and as a matter of fact almost all Wizard spells are Friendly fire... while other classes have good set of foe only spells almost all wizard spells are NOT foe only. Only thing the druid lacks compared to the wizard is the TOTAL number of spells they can cast. They get a few less. You can finish the game with a Wizard solo... its not BROKEN to the extent you cannot... IT is broken to the extent a Priest can buff/debuff better overall, and a druid can outdamage, and both druid and priest have better damage spells in that they are FOE only and can be droped on your own tank line with little regard. Wizard doesnt actually need MUCH to fix it... accuracy increased from low to medium would actually do it. It would make wizard spells more effective in general then any other class vs mobs... due to AIM VS Will/Deflection/Fort/Reflex. Yet not provide an unreasonable boost.
  24. Arcane Veil sucks Druid as example starts with +10 deflection... and can take all from con... and still have more hitpoints... and then use them up perception/resolve. Druid can start the game with +20 deflection over a wizard and do so with no talent points spent... As a matter of fact druid is ALMOST as good as a wizard with arcane veil in deflection in this way, and has slightly over +50% more health then the wizard... Also has more endurance so they can take more hits.. Wizard needs Arcane Veil and second level Spell too that still doesnt increase health anywhere near the unbuffed druid has and doesnt buff endurance. So Druid starts the game at a health/deflection level that a Wizard needs to spend a Talent point AND cast a spell two spells to kinda match. Which is the ENTIRE problem with the wizard... extra effort and work to match other spell casters... for no gain. Every other spell casting class has 15-20 deflection and more health. Ohh and just to drive this point home about wizards. Cipher using a medium enchanted shield has about the same deflection(base 20+shield+enchant bonus) then granted by hardend Arcane viel and only -1 accuracy compared to a wizard(due to shield accuracy modifier) You go though as a wizard spending talent points and casting spells... to bring your wizard UP to a level that other classes can match without talent points and spells.
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