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  1. They managed to do this in the IE mod, but I really don't want all those changes, just this particular one. Any ideas how to do it? Cheers!
  2. You Sir, are a legend and a gentleman. May they never fix this "Bug". Now how to remove lash enchant animations?
  3. Thanks Boeroer you're always the person here whose replies I'm waiting for! My particular playstyle (for whatever reason) is very anti-consumables. Not just PoE, pretty much every rpg, if it costs gold and its not reusable, I seem to subconciously ignore it! Never thought to build around potion of flameshield. Fire Godlike is a nice touch of course! But I hadnt thought about combusting wounds. Only problem is getting enough retalition items early. Azzuro never shows up for me (like...AT ALL). How do u feel about the 1 hand accuracy bonus? 12 ACC on Flameshield worth not having the
  4. Never been a fan of the modal animation effects that come from talents, glowing hands? Really? The class based talents don't have them, so why did vulnerable and savage attack need them! Wish there was an option in the menu to turn these off. (Please OBS, it's time already) Same with weapon lash effects - these aren't quite as bad, flame and frost are ok, but lightning and corrode are waayyy to busy and would of been much nicer if they were far more subtle...the occasional drip of poison, or arc of lighting would have been better then the glowing blue tesla rod. I saw that someone
  5. TLDR - Apprentice sneak attack works, but does THE MERCILESS HAND talent work? or the +crit dmg helm? So I know this talent is widely regarded as being too weak, especially on Potd where DR is high, but I just love it so much thematically, I'm trying to find a way to make it work. So far I've tested; Works Zealous Focus Single wield Accuracy bonus Apprentice Sneak Attack Intterupts + Interupting Blows Scion of Flame Might Bonus Vulnerable Attack Doesnt Work One-Hand Style (and so I assume, two hand style) Weapon ACC enchants Not Tested Doemenel and item +crit d
  6. I'm using 3.03 Beta patch with both WM1 and WM2. I assume it's a bug with the cipher spell go between.
  7. Was testing go between on a riposte rogue tonight and when checking the combat logs I noticed Adept evasion triggering on standard deflection attacks (from party goers in the the black hound, poor souls). My understanding was this should only happen for reflex attacks? (spells etc). Possible go-between is the cause of this? Some procs say go-between, some definitly say adept evasion.
  8. Thankyou for all the excellent responses - this tingles my inner grognard. However planning for durgan steel seems foolish for me, that's midgame at best, and probably late game if u play the game as designed. If you look at PotD only, and only the first two acts, DR is so bloody high on 90% of the difficult mobs you face, I can't imagine Dex ever beating out might or per with the exception of the rogue (and only if u have 100% uptime on sneak attacks), and the cipher/fighter (only once they hit level 6). For the same reason two-hand wielding just seems flat out superior to single/dual
  9. Been combing the forums for this but keep coming up with the same answer... What is the point of this stat? It seems to only affect action speed and not recovery time. With my (very basic tests) an extra 10 dex equals an extra swing about every 5 swings with an average speed weapon. (worse with a fast weapon?) Which means it does what it says on the tin I guess - which means it does strictly less damage then might thanks to DR reduction. I can see it may be useful for a miniscule extra chance to proc status effects, but thats all. It also increases casting speed which is the only u
  10. This is true, even though Dex doesn't affect reload speed, it still affects recovery time and attack speed, and there really isn't anything else a ranged rogue would use these points for. It's amusing that Chanters get practically nothing from Dex, little from Intellect, and not much from might either. They seem to be the perfect tank for no other reason then they have crappy talents and abilities.
  11. Dex IIRC doesn't affect reload speed, but it affects Action Speed and Recovery. Reload speed is its own stat that's weapon-dependent and is reduced by the Gunner talent and a Chanter Phrase. Exactly, this is easy to test. Dex most definitely does not affect reload speed. That's not to say it isn't still valuable, just not as much as you'd expect.
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