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  1. A pvp oriented tactical RPG game could work. Each player could manage a group of 5 characters, fighting in a comp of 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3. A mix of moba and dnd... a tight and neat UI coupled with the graphics engine of pillars.
  2. Hey all, I have noticed that if I turn on gods challenges, after the combat is resolved and the mobs are killed in an area the encounter does not end. This has happened to me on several occasions when I eliminate a group of mobs yet I still remain in combat. The same combat would end right after the group of mobs is killed if the gods challenges are not on. I must assume there is something going on with the challenge of Berath perhaps there's a conflict with the fleeing from combat challenge (but I'm not fleeing though!). This happens if one chooses to fight the mobs in the first cave right in
  3. Thanks for the tips guys, so generally then, some mix of sustain build is mandatory if one goes for pure combat route, while the other option is full stealth/dialogue build.
  4. Hey guys, I have been playing potd only so far, under different setups but it's always been with a full party. Lately I have given it a try to manage TCS + all challenges on, but so I am a bit disappointed by my comp. So I was wondering if anyone has managed to beat the game with all challenges turned on and if yes, under what comp. The toons I've tried so far are: 1. Trickster/Ascendant - too squishy. I was hoping that through early blindness/daze I would be able to mitigate damage and counter with sneak attack + skillspam when ascended but due to the increased stats of minions the debuf
  5. I opted to multiclass him since Pull of Eora, + Citzal's Lance + Citzal's Martial Power are all available if you multi and remain solid spells even during late game.
  6. My issue is unlimited Suppress Affliction + BDD + Salvation combination, this make 2 guys in your party immune to everything, death, afflictions ... To my knowledge when it comes to suppress Affliction, it only affects debuffs currently running on the char. If a debuff is reapplied then a new combat check is made and suppress won't work unless recast. Last time I noticed this was vs Fampyrs spamming domination on a playthrough I had a few weeks ago. For as long as resource count is limited (perhaps a rework on current resource renewals).
  7. Correct! Apparently it's not considered a full attack (I had to check it), I was under the wrong impression. Sneak damage and deathblows apply as per usual to both shots, but not the case for devastating blows.
  8. For me 3 "defensive" 2 "offensive" worked best for synergy in PoTD at least, the RP part is purely speculative, but personally I opt to pick the existing companions for their backstories. 1. Watcher: Rogue(basic)/Cypher(ascendant) armed with arquebus and then switch to dual pistols. This would give me a high alpha damage to boost my focus real quick and then switch to dual pistols for dps. All damage bonuses from rogue apply in order to gain even higher focus. Now when it comes to cypher spells he's got some nice damage dealing and heavy crowd control and what's best with ascendant those be
  9. I assume most people must have some experience from good old dnd and later the computer versions with baldurs gate, icewind dale etc etc... the "empower mechanic" as is in PoE2 didn't exist back then and yet we had great fun! However it's just a new game feature, and especially in a single player environment the player has a choice on how his game session should progress. The gameplay should offer choices in multiple levels, so that different kinds of players can actually have fun while playing it! If someone is unhappy that this mechanic exists they can simply skip using. I know I am skipping
  10. Steadfast is a nice weapon on paladin, I'm constantly criting with sunlance for 150+ piercing and 75+ burning(flames of devotion) with Pellagina add the aoe from sacred immolation and she's good to go. The problem is you gain steadfast quite late in the game. If you aim for aoe with sacred immolation another source of healing to counter the raw damage would be gaun's share which you gain really early in game. However Vital essence acts as a heal to both health and endurance. you can keep your health high after every fight by using it. Dropping some con and res in favor of int + using int item/
  11. I have been successful with: Interdiction + weakened upgrade chill fog vs mundane slicken vs spellcaster groups returning storm/relentless storm The rest consists of melee usually paladin, chanter, cyhper/rogue combusting wounds (ring chanter) vielo vidorio( flames of devotion) In case of "boss" fights the melee will cast scrolls of valor/defense
  12. In most cases you can funnel the opponents through doors/passes so you need 1-2 frontliners to bodyblock them, hence support paladin is perfectly fine for that job. Later on where there are some open spaces especially in white march wilderness you have a large array of aoe crowd control spells with wizard/druid so you can manage the situation if the "smart" AI decides to try something nasty.
  13. I put the ring on the chanter actually (I also give him the other ring which restrains afflictions), since the wizard is better kept busy landing debufs and cc from the start while chanter can use items/scrolls while he chants. Also the ring casts CW as autohit.(I'm sure it's a bug but until they fix it...) Last time that I checked( about 1 week ago) CW was ticking fine from Dragon chant and Blights + blast, but I don't think it was ticking from the missile scrolls, I tried several times with the higher level missile scrolls and I didn't notice any ticks on screen from CW so there still se
  14. Assuming ranger is procing Expose Vulnerabilities i would go for Pull of Eora - Debuff with Rod of Pale Shades - into Minor Blights madness :D During my playtrough with blaster i havent used Minor Blights much , but whenever i did it felt ... too strong ? It's even better if you land a combusting wounds before Blights, because then the multiple ticks per target from Blights + blast will procc the CW 2-3 hits and most mobs are dead.
  15. Is combusting wounds good now? It was considered broken and terrible for a long time(DRs negated it and/or it was just not functioning) didn't know that changed. Still, there are way better/faster ticking DoTs than a Chanter's. It's ok-ish pile up enough dot's on target and it's a decent amount of extra damage source, it does work and it ticks out of any source of damage dot or direct but it will show only on screen and not on the combat log. It's mostly useful for long fights. With chanter you can gain from 2 up to 4 ticks per 3 sec due to double dragon chant stacking. My party consi
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