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  1. Correct. But what happened to coordinates attacks? Neither available at 9 nor at 11.
  2. Hi, the link is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61178858/8e956a55d8df435a85209b2c00e5c5a5%2021008653%20GooseandFox.savegame This is a lvl 12 party at the inn in Copperlane. I tried two times to create a human paladin and both times I got hastening Exhortation at level 9 but did not get coordinated attacks. This is also a nice example for the long loading times. On my system, with an SSD, loading this save takes about 40 seconds. The entire load process, starting with hitting the ESC key takes about one minute. This does not sound like much but really detriments the experi
  3. Same here. At later levels this becomes so painful that I have given up on trying different strategies, builds and items which really takes away some of the fun.
  4. I just created a level 11 Paladin in an inn and at level 9: Hastening Exhortation was selectable (supposed not to be selectable before level 11), but Coordinates Attacks was not displayed. At level 11 coordinated attacks were still not available.
  5. There are a number of ranger's talents which are ambigous, take this one for example (straight from the Wiki): Vicious Companion General Group Ranger-specific Activation passive Changes Influenced Ability Animal Companion Changes x 1.2 damage Trains the ranger's animal companion in vicious tactics, causing it to deal more damage with each hit. But later, in the "formal" part of the description (right click in-game) the 20% more damage refers to "self". So, who really is making 20% more damage, the companion or the ranger?
  6. When opening up the Chanter UI for my Chanter (lvl 6, INT 17) I noticed for all level one chants: Duration 4.0 sec. Linger 2.7 sec. Aura: .... for 8.1 sec. Now: I might not be getting something, but from my understanding 4.0 + 2.7 should be 6.7, not 8.1 I thought (Wiki, forum posts) the INT bonus is not applied to linger duration. Was that changed? Not that I mind, 0.7 seconds is really not that much but it makes the investment into INT feel more worth while. I noticed the above also for newly (i.e. post patch) created Chanters. For INT 10 duration is 4, linger is 2 and (what
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