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Found 18 results

  1. A very handy(pun very much intended) and very useful addition would be for the characters to have the ability to jump, grab on to a ledge, and pull themselves up!
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen any charging abilities in the game, but I couldn't find any and finally figured out how to make one. By charging abilities, I mean abilities that make you "charge up" by dedicating time to the ability, and allow you to release the effect at any time, and the effect is bigger the more you charged up. Megaman's or Samus's blaster are good examples. The abilities are going to be on an item I'm making called Evelyn's Jaunt. I made two modal abilities and grouped them together via a modal group: { "$type": "Game.GameData.ModalGroupGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "MG_evelyns_jaunt", "ID": "113f042e-5a0e-4b62-95e3-a20bdf957622", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.ModalGroupComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "DisplayName": 305151077, "MustBeActive": "true" } ] } Then I made one ability charge up ("Charge Up") and the other bursts you into the air ("Liftoff"). Charge Up will stack effects at a rapid pace, which will be applied OnClear via ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent. But we need a fast tick rate, so I made one to be 10x per second: { "$type": "Game.GameData.IntervalRateGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Interval_10_Per_Second_evelynsjaunt", "ID": "222ecc89-771e-4a80-b749-d1e552205d3b", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.IntervalRateComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "Interval": 0.1, "OnlyWhileMoving": "false" } ] }, The Charge Up modal ability is: Ability -> Attack (simple melee attack only to apply status effects) -> ApplyStatusEffectonEvent [OnInterval] -> ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent [OnClear] -> Accuracy stacking bonus, launching stacking effect, and another ApplyStatusEffectonEvent using OnClear after 1s to create visual effects and restrictions to the player at the perfect time Unfortunately, the VerticalLaunch effect is inconsistent after multiple uses, so I had to make it for a set amount of time and make some graphics changes to hide the limitation. However, the Accuracy and other effects stack just fine. I used AddDurationIfAlreadyApplied on the visual effects to last as long as the stacking bonuses, and then made them with "Event": "OnStop" to occur at the end of the status effects. Then we have the Liftoff modal ability, which is just an attack with a keyword. This keyword will be used to clear the effects built up during Charge Up, by creating this in the Charge Up trigger settings for the 1st & 2nd ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent : "TriggerAdjustment": { "TriggerOnEvent": "OnLaunchesAttack", "TriggerOffEvent": "None", "ValidateWithAttackFilter": "true", "ParamValue": 0, "ValueAdjustment": 0, "DurationAdjustment": 0, "ResetTriggerOnEffectTimeout": "false", "MaxTriggerCount": 1, "IgnoreMaxTriggerCount": "false", "RemoveEffectAtMax": "true", "ChanceToTrigger": 1 }, Then on the AttackFilter we put in the keyword that we created and assigned to the Liftoff modal ability's attack. Keywords can be made via this code: { "$type": "Game.GameData.KeywordGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "evelyns_jaunt_Keyword", "ID": "d9f0545a-6897-4b2e-ae36-b9b3e4082fbd", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.KeywordComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "GuiDisplayString": 305151076, "AbilitiesDisplayString": -1, "Description": -1, "OverridePluralEffect": -1, "Icon": "", "TintableIcon": "" } ] }, Then you put that keyword ID at the beginning of the Liftoff modal's attack and make sure it's in the attack filter of the Charge Up modal's 2nd ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent. Now when we use Charge Up, we gain stacks every 0.1 seconds, and when we use Liftoff, our Charge Up effects recognize it and are removed, which triggers them to apply all at once because they're set to OnClear. To be precise, "OnClear" is at the "EventValue" not the ApplicationType, which can be confusing. ApplicationType is almost always ApplyOnStart because it has limited options. But wait: What could go wrong? Well, you'll always have problems with visual effects and deciding when to use HideFromUI or HideFromCombatTooltip. But what's really wrong with this? We probably don't want to have the player able to use the Charge Up modal again while the current effects are still applied. Maybe you do, but for my ability, that would be too good, so we have to disable the other modal ability somehow. How do you disable a modal ability? It's actually really hard. DisableKeywordAbilities didn't work for me. DisableModalAbilities removed all the effects of the Charge Up, even though I don't need to use that modal anymore! Instead, I had to apply a Conditional to the Charge Up ability so that whenever I had a status effect with a Charge Up keyword used, the Charge Up ability deactivated, then reactivated afterwards: First I created the new keyword (using the same method as before) for Charge Up (this is a new keyword) and put it on a status effect that would last as long as the others. "KeywordsIDs": [ "4d7d49fc-2305-4c8b-9fe1-5c9c0c244c06" ], Then I created the Conditional on the Charge Up ability: "ActivationPrerequisites": { "Conditional": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [ { "$type": "OEIFormats.FlowCharts.ConditionalCall, OEIFormats", "Data": { "FullName": "Boolean HasStatusEffectWithKeyword(Guid, Guid)", "Parameters": [ "7d150000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "4d7d49fc-2305-4c8b-9fe1-5c9c0c244c06" ], "Flags": "", "UnrealCall": "", "FunctionHash": 0, "ParameterHash": 0 }, "Not": true, "Operator": 0 } ] } }, "ApplicationPrerequisites": { "Conditional": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [] } }, "DeactivationPrerequisites": { "Conditional": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [ { "$type": "OEIFormats.FlowCharts.ConditionalCall, OEIFormats", "Data": { "FullName": "Boolean HasStatusEffectWithKeyword(Guid, Guid)", "Parameters": [ "7d150000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "4d7d49fc-2305-4c8b-9fe1-5c9c0c244c06" ], "Flags": "", "UnrealCall": "", "FunctionHash": 0, "ParameterHash": 0 }, "Not": false, "Operator": 0 } ] } }, Now this says the Charge Up ability will Deactivate when I have a Charge Up status effect with my new Charge Up keyword, and activate again when that effect is gone. Now you can charge up and blast off into the air, and a whole new type of abilities are available to Deadfire. What are the downsides to charging abilities? They take up valuable space on the screen, but only one space per modal group. I'm not sure what else, but I think it's really cool.
  3. KnockDown skills are only serving to delay enemies or to interrupt, nothing more. The enemy falls and raises on the same turn and still strikes as if nothing happened. Another important detail, the fallen enemy has the same deflection as if standing? Does it make any sense? Those who are fallen are not in a position to defend themselves, should have a penalty of 50% for attributes of avoidance as reflex and deflection. In my opinion who is knocked down should lose the turn and suffer avoidance penalty while on the ground.
  4. Hello, recently I have a bug during events. When there is an ability test in events, I can't choose a character anymore. Instead, the game chooses automatically an character for me. Example: In the event a group of ogres is in front of me and I have dialogue choice of sneaking closer. Normally, I can choose the character with the highes stealth rate. Now the game chooses automatically a character (which of course failes most of the time). Couldn't find a bug like this in the threads. Obviously, I can't play the game like this. Can anyone help? The savegame is attached. Thanks a lot and greetz!
  5. I made a new mod level and ability cap increaser 1.0 Mod (LACI 1.0) on github https://github.com/Fhav6X/level-and-ability-cap-increaser/releases/tag/LACI1.0 and nexusmods https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/198 What does it do? - This mod increases the level AND the ability cap to level 20. ( Yep, just 20 but with abilities . You won't know where to put them all ) - This mod removes the helm restrictions for Godlike. Their boons are worth nothing at level 20 and so this restriction is no longer justified. - This mod removes the bonus xp for smaller parties and the penalty for not-in-Party-PCs. Main PC and all other party PC always get 130% of the base xp. Exception are PCs on adventure. They get the +X% xp extra. ( I to often found myself solo, missing a lot of comments from the others, just to get more xp for me and the companions) How to install? - Just extract the archive into the main Pillars of Eternity folder. !!!The code of this assembly-csharp.dll and the unity3d files is property of Obsidian Entertainment!!!
  6. Why Test (Version Mmmm, Carnage. I've been a long time fan of Barbarian and have been seeking information on how the Carnage mechanic works in Deadfire since release. Unfortunately, things were slow both here and on Reddit with limited interest (people consider Carnage a worthless ability, especially in light of Mob Stance prior to its nerf) and poor accessibility (limited HUD tooltip info). The only question that really got answered was whether the secondary Carnage attacks applied on-hit effects, and the answer was a resounding, "No, but Spirit and Blood Frenzy on-hit effect buff does." That, and the fact that the resulting Raw damage does not care for Penetration, Graze, or Crit modifiers. Fast forward to present day. With the help of the mod guide video kind of showing where to look, I've been able to look at the various status effect and attack object structures. So here's some general observations from what's been tucked away in the GameDataBundle files: Carnage damage does scale with Power Level. It's a meager +5% per PL, but it's better than nothing. Amusingly, since Carnage is itself PL 0, and you start at PL 1, you actually start with the bonus +5% to Carnage damage. Don't get excited, though, because this scaling value is applied after the 0.33 modifier.The 33% damage effect will check the weapon in your primary or off-hand as appropriate. It does not care about anything other than the weapon's Base Damage range. You don't get the accuracy bonus from weapon quality. There is a hidden PL accuracy bonus that can't be observed in the game's tooltips, as noted in the Power Level Compilation Thread. The AoE Carnage attacks (main and off-hand) that apply the 33% damage effect seem to use a static 0.33 value for damage that overrides the default ability damage scaling for effects (+10% per PL). This just means you can only rely on the +5% damage per PL after the 0.33 reduction. Damage So the question I had at this point was what influenced Base Weapon Damage? Does weapon quality factor at all? What about active abilities proc from passives, like One Stands Alone, or conditional passive bonuses like Wilder Hunter? Thanks to a wonderful group of Assassin Vines, I've been able to get started on testing. Here are my observations thus far. Damage range for Carnage appears to use the following formula: (([base Weapon Damage] * [Might Damage Bonus]) * 0.33)(1 + (.05 * PL)). This was tested with a mod I made which increased the scaling damage bonus from PL so I could observe any small change to other values. Weapons used were of the same type, but different quality between them. Of course, quality had no effect on the damage result, and neither did One Stands Alone. I still have not tested sabre's Sharp weapon property or Wilder Hunter talent, though I suspect that Carnage damage will not check for creature type before applying itself. If anyone tests these before I do, that would be nice. Surprise! Might influences your Base Weapon Damage before it is shoved into Carnage's % damage calculation! This was tested by observing the damage range with and without Frenzy. Whether it's worth having high Might to maximize Carnage damage is another thing. Assuming you max it out, you're still looking at 10-15 Raw damage from 30 Might and 10 PL delivered via a Sword swing (Base 13-19). Finding the minimum and maximum damage possible is just a matter of using the minimum and maximum values under Base Weapon Damage range for the relevant weapon. For the most part, numbers stayed within the correct range, but was a little tricky to parse because damage values are not integers. Your damage range will include decimal values, but the hit point damage flying out of enemies on screen will round the value up. Testing Error In the GameDataBundle files, it appears that your off-hand weapon is ignored for base weapon damage and your main weapon is used instead. This isn't because they didn't put in an entry for your off-hand weapon. They did. It just doesn't get referenced at all, and thus the AoE attack and subsequent 33% damage status effect it would reference are also unused. It may be a mistake that the main weapon got referenced for both the main weapon on-hit event and the off-hand weapon on-hit event, or it could be a measure to prevent the game from breaking on something. Area of Effect As for Carnage AoE size, even with 21 Int, I struggled to hit more than 3 additional Assassin Vines at a time. Barbaric Blow's 50% increased Carnage AoE did not make a noticeable difference, though I guess that's fitting given the size of the base AoE (360 degrees; "Small"; 1.5 blast radius override). At the very least, if you get 3+ enemies clustered, Heart of Fury can apply a lot of extra damage via main and off-hand Carnage AoE. Closing There's nothing to really close this OP on. The goal wasn't to show whether Carnage was a viable mechanic or not but to clear up some of the mystery behind how it works. I'll leave some closing thoughts: Abilities like Barbaric Blow and Heart of Fury do not influence Carnage damage whatsoever. This, despite Barbaric Blow claiming it also increases the crit rate of Carnage. There's no benefit to doing so even if it worked that way. You ultimately use the abilities for the Full Attack abuse and maybe the increased Carnage AoE. For consistent, powerful basic attack applications, dual wielding wielding a spear, sword, or battle axe in your main hand will offer the best results (Base 13-19 damage). Might becomes slightly more relevant with big 2h weapons since it will modify a bigger value. Great sword, pike, and quarterstaff (Base 18-24 damage) will lead to a maximum Carnage damage range of 14-19 at 30 Might and 10 PL. From my testing, 2h Weapon talent doesn't modify Carnage damage and neither does the great sword modal. Two-weapon Full Attacks will apply a big sum-total Carnage damage with endgame abilities, such as Heart of Fury, but a max level Barbarian can swing Sanguine/Voidwheel with amazing impunity once the first enemy falls. This can result in a solid Carnage damage spike over the course of a combat encounter. The benefit of instant primary weapon recovery via Blood Thirst should not be underestimated. As of the recent testing in patch ( even the attack animation is canceled. It's seriously FAST. Completely unrelated to Carnage. You could forgo melee entirely if your goal is to dual Pistol/Blunderbuss Heart of Fury. Heart of Fury will fire at all enemies within range AND has the bonus of bypassing primary weapon reload (unlike Barbaric Blow). The downside is the ability cooldown, but you will still ultimately pump damage faster by just rushing the second Heart of Fury. Whether it's worth the 8 Rage is another matter. EDIT: I saw an enemy get hit by the Carnage AoE triggered on them. They were moving fairly quickly (Terrified) and just ran into their own AoE. It was HILARIOUS.
  7. Ability description: "The barbarian swings viciously in a lightning-quick flurry, taking on all comers. Each equipped weapon attacks every nearby enemy, doing extra damage and inflicting Carnage if applicable." In my game play, it appears that my character only damages enemies with the current dual wielding weapons equipped (slot 1) and other weapons in my 2, 3, 4 equipment slot does nothing. Is it intentional that barbarian only use 1 slot of weapon when this ability is activated?
  8. I was looking through some ability trees and I just couldn't wrap my head around how powerful some abilities were and the tier they were placed at. Am I missing something here or is this really unbalanced? Here is a power level 6 ability: and here is a power level 9 ability: One does roughly a 1200 damage in 15 seconds (guaranteed because its raw), the other does a 1/5 of that in twice as much time (possibly even less since its not raw damage), and is a higher tier ability. Is there a buff or a nerf required here?
  9. Greetings, I played the game to the end once (on hard), currently i'm playing a PotD party with an Bleak walker on a future party of 6, but i'm planning a future PotD run (preferable Triple Crown Solo), and so i studied some Rogue builds. Evaluating the rogue abilities and talents i would like to suggest something that was already done with the barbarian abilities. As Barbarians have the Brute Force ability, that make the character target the lesser defense of an enemy bettwen Deflection and Fortitude, i would like to suggest the following ability for a Rogue: Improved Evasion (or any name that comes to mind): Prerequisite: Adept Evasion. By the select of this skill, the rogue become so aware of his surroundings that he become capable of evade attacks instead of block (deflection) them. When this character suffer an incomming melee or ranged attack, use his/her reflex or deflection attribute, whichever is higher, for defense rolls. So, what you ppl out there think of it? Obs: By this suggestion, the talent would be only avaliable on level 8+. Obs2: Adept Evasion should suffer an penalty, if this talent is taken, otherwise rogue would become the ultimate defensive class.
  10. When equipped, Kana's Turban's +1 Intellect suppresses Drinking Horn of Moderation's +2 Intellect. As I understand things, this is the opposite of how it should work. If you have the drinking horn equipped, unequipping Kana's Turban increases your intellect by 1.
  11. Hi guys. I found gloves "Countess choise" in the Stalvart Mines (WM2). These gloves have passive ability "Loner". I do't understand how this ability work exactly. There are not any aura effects from it on my party members during combat. Also it's writeen in gloves description all effects have duration 3 secs. What event from? Could you clarify this ability properties an why aura effects are not visible on party members?
  12. There is an issue at the character creation. If you follow these steps, the abilities disappear und won't come back until you go entirely back to the main menu. 1. Choose one or more abilities 2. Press next or previous 3. Go back to the ability menu 4. Deselect one or more former selected abilities and press previous 5. Go back to the ability menu and the deselected ability/abilities is/are disappeared
  13. Since recently I got a duplicate icon for the "Shadowing Beyond" abilitly with a text displayed saying either "Caps" or now "SysRes" Please see Screenshot, Savegame and Output.log. Happy Eastern!
  14. Wall of Force http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Wall_Of_Force In fact it damaging allies.
  15. Description: Eder ,the fighter, can't use the ability Into the Frey. The ability tooltip shows "Already activated". This is permanent, in or out of combat. Rest, client restart, removed from party did not fix the problem. This is save specific, once it occurs it will affect all new saves files. The only fix i found is to use a prior save not affected by the issue. (i lost progress once i discovered the issue was present over 1h or gametime played) Important Files: Added save file before and after and screenshot Your upload limit prevents me to upload the files, please advice how i can give you the save files. Screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415938187 Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Not verified, but i belive the fight ended while the ability was casted, maybe the char had a pathfinding issue while trying the use at ability and the fight ended before activated. (Already activated")
  16. Just a quick question: I was looking at the Barbarian's "Brute Force" ability, which causes their attacks to attack Fortitude instead of Deflection while reducing the Accuracy of any enemy hit. Cool stuff. But is there a way to toggle it on and off? If not, I think there should be. Otherwise the Barbarian is at a significant disadvantage vs. enemies with high Fort and low Def. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the ability. IMO this should be a modal, not passive ability. That is all.
  17. I am. A new element to branch out of would be a great way to add replay value and something new to the genre. Fire, water, ice, earth, lightning have seen its fair share of use since the ancient greeks first go the idea they made up the cosmos. Well, now that its 2013, how about we draw some information from more current sources understanding? Biology, particle physics, quantum mechanics, there's a great deal of awesome fields of knowledge to draw inspiration for! Why isnt anyone trying something new like this? The setting doesn't necessarily demand it, theres no rule saying a fantasy rpg has to stay with old tropes, neither does it preclude the use of modern science-inspired elements, you can always rephrase them in a way that aligns them with the rest of the arcane world. Yes, i realize some of the "elements" might best be suited as individual skills, but you get my point.
  18. Hi there, I've put my TLDR in the Cooldown 2.0 thread but i really want to expand a bit. Seeing as there is much discussion around this cooldown thing i would like to propose a mechanic that seems pretty good to me (or course it does, duh!, i'm proposing it lol). Ok, let's get to the point. 1. Basics Each ability or spell has two components: Proficiency and Efficiency. Proficiency is gained (points) through the use of abilities/spells or combos, and starts to decay naturally (percentage of the current number of points) after a fixed amount or time. It stops decaying once you use the ability/spell or a combo that uses that ability/spell. Efficiency is lost (percentage of the current number of points) through the use of abilities/spells or combos and starts to regenerate naturally (points) after a fixed amount of time. It stops regenerating once you use the ability/spell or a combo that uses that ability/spell. 1.a. - Proficiency is measuring how skilled is the PC in using that ability/spell. It goes up each time you use an ability/spell against and enemy that is not below a certain level compared to yours and scales with that level difference. For example if you use an ability on a target that is 3 level below you (or more), you will get no Proficiency points, if you use the ability/spell against a target that is the same level as you, you get 5 Proficiency points and if you use the ability/spell against a target that is 3 levels above you (or more), you get 10 Proficiency points. Of course, some other game mechanics (like the ability/spell is saved against or blocked completely) might be used when fighting against targets way above your level. Proficiency is used to advance your ability, either by directly applying a buff to the effects of that ability/spell, or by simply moving towards the next tier (so using Bash will slowly gain you Proficiency points towards Improved Bash). The latter would mean that the PC only learns the most basic spells/abilities from external sources, and the more improved abilities/spells he discovers by actually using the related lower tiered ones. Also, Proficiency slowly decays (at the same time as the Efficiency goes up) but it will never reach 0 (it decays by a fixed percentage of the total points that you have, so the more time passes the less it decays). 1.b - Efficiency is measuring how that ability/spell is performing, considering on how many times it has been used, successfully, over a certain period of time. The Efficiency is regenerating naturally (or through other means like drinking from a well, whatever), slowly, over the course of time. Each time you use an ability/spell however, it drops by a percentage (let's say 5%) so that if you use it 5 times in a row it will only be at 77% Efficiency. This translates into reduced effects (for the sake of simplicity only direct damage or damage over time, or direct protection/healing or protection/healing over time). So if a certain ability does, let's say, 10-20 damage, after it's first use it will drop to 9-18 damage, after the second use it will again drop to 8-17 damage (rounded up) and so on. As you can see, it's not going to be a liniar drop so you don't get to use it only 20 times before reaching 0. You will actually never reach 0 as it will always go down by 5% (of the total Efficiency points). The first time you use it it will drop by 5 points, the second time again by 5 points, by the time you reach 80 points (out of 100) it will only drop by 4 points. All numbers are rounded up, so if it drops by 4.6 it actually drops by 5 points, as opposed to 4.2 that would translate into 4 points. There might be game mechanics or skills/perks that either reduce this decay per usage or rise your maximum Efficiency to more than 100 points. It's really open to any kind of tweaking, just like the Proficiency. EDIT: I forgot. Just like Proficiency, the Efficiency percentage that decays with each use should be calculated using the same rules, related to the level difference between the attacker and the target. 2. Combo I know that this is not really related to the system, but it would work great with it. The system lets the PC combine any previously learned ability/spell. At first you will be able to only combine 2 of them, but maybe as you get better and better you might combine more than 2. The effects of the combo are the added effects of the basic constituent abilities/spells calculated at their current level of Proficiency and Efficiency. The Proficiency and Efficiency system works in the following way for combos: - Each time you use a combo you will gain some proficiency points just like using an individual spell/ability but those points are divided equally towards each basic constituent ability/spell. - Each time you use a combo you will lose 5% (again just as an example) from the Efficiency of each constituent ability/spell. 3. Conclusions Such a system, at least in my intention, would do away with resting and cooldowns, mana or stamina. Every PC will only have those two resources (when talking about abilities/spells or combos), the stats only adding the the effects of those. The complexity of it comes from the two diverging directions. PCs are free to use whatever ability/spell or even combo in their arsenal. The advantage is that the more you use an ability/spell or combo you will slowly advance towards better abilities/spells and of course combos, the drawback being that if you abuse the system you will soon find yourself with really weak abilities/spells and combos. Moreover, the PC must decide weather to use a "strong" combo (strong because it has the added effects of the base constituent abilities/spells) or a more basic ability/spell. You wouldn't want to get caught with your pants down (low Efficiency) when encountering a strong hostile NPC because in your last encounter you "wasted" your best combos on some low level critters. The system could be tweaked and tested, and those numbers that i threw here are definitely not the best, they are only used as an example. The beauty of this system is that it no longer requires a cooldown, no longer requires a rest (or maybe you could regain the Efficiency but lose Profficiency through rest). Such a system means that the player really needs to use an ability/spell in order to advance (so encourages him to abuse it) but also means that the more it abuses it the weaker that ability/spell it will get (for the moment). Such a system would mean that the PC will have overpowered combos, but it also means that the player will surely not want to "waste" those OP combos on critters and will always try to save them for when it matters. This would add so much complexity to any fight (imho) as you will always try to "balance" the rewards of killing the opponents as fast as you can with the risk of not having your best combo at top efficiency for the next encounter. Also, in longer fight this would mean that the PC must rely on a well rounded and diversified arsenal, because if he uses the same abilities/spells and well as combos that use those abilities/spells as basic constituents he will soon lose all of those due to them being weaker because of low Efficiency. On the other hand he is encouraged to use them as often as possible in order to make them better (gain Proficiency). I'm pretty sure this is not perfect, some of you might just think it's rubbish (and by the way it's somewhat inspired from Rage of Mages 2, the Proficiency part at least) but i like it (again duh!) and with some tweaking and/or refinement i really think it would work. There's at least one person here that would, in theory at least, be excited to see it implemented. 4. Expanded The game could play with such a system, by adding skills that lower your Efficiency decay but also lower the Proficiency gained (you get a PC or companion that is able to use the preferred abilities/spells more often while not being able to advance that fast), or by adding items that will tweak any of those components (or by adding Max. Efficiency points). You could get abilities (non PC, or even PC) that would temporarily raise your Efficiency (PC) or temporarily lower your Efficiency (hostile NPC). And probably much, much more than that. P.S. Oh darn... lvl 10 Fire Dragon... where's my Ice Shard + Stun combo? Oh sh!t, Ice shard is at 65 Efficiency... what do i do, what do i do. Why did i used Ice Shard on those lvl 7 Rogues?!?!
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