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  1. There is an issue at the character creation. If you follow these steps, the abilities disappear und won't come back until you go entirely back to the main menu. 1. Choose one or more abilities 2. Press next or previous 3. Go back to the ability menu 4. Deselect one or more former selected abilities and press previous 5. Go back to the ability menu and the deselected ability/abilities is/are disappeared
  2. Hi folks, I have found a minor reproduceable bug in the character creation. If you choose for example a human und then the subrace Ocean Folk and go back to the race menu and click on human again, a default Meadow Folk Human will appear. If you click next the subrace won't change to default but the appearance is still the default Meadow Folk Human. In the appearance menu you won't be able to choose the preset skin and hair color because it is of course not available for this subrace. This works with all races and is tested on Windows 7.
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