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Found 6 results

  1. The set of random events at sea could use a significant expansion. Right now I think there are only a handful; surely there can be more added? Crewman gets sick; rats overrun the bilge; somebody needs a flogging for insubordination; the ship hits a doldrum; regular cannon practice; religious holiday; a mysterious theft; dense fog; ship beached on a reef; eerie magical phenomenon; &c. What say you?
  2. Hello, recently I have a bug during events. When there is an ability test in events, I can't choose a character anymore. Instead, the game chooses automatically an character for me. Example: In the event a group of ogres is in front of me and I have dialogue choice of sneaking closer. Normally, I can choose the character with the highes stealth rate. Now the game chooses automatically a character (which of course failes most of the time). Couldn't find a bug like this in the threads. Obviously, I can't play the game like this. Can anyone help? The savegame is attached. Thanks a lot and greetz!
  3. Anyone going to E3? Or, more importantly, is anyone going to the PC Presser? What are you most excited for? What do you predict?
  4. Ok, so I ran into an issue where, as far as I can tell, I need a grappling hook to advance and there isn't one: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67585-unable-to-continue-i-think/ Now, the fact that this may be the cause of a bug aside, I would like to raise a particular issue: the fact that there are apparently a limited number of grappling hooks in the world of project eternity. And, one assumes, hammers and chisels, ropes, and whatever other useful adventuring items exist. And that they are apparently one-use in all cases. Why? I mean, where's the fun value in that? Or the logic, honestly. What, they suddenly are unable to attach some bent metal to the end of a piece of rope? And I can't recover my grappling hook after using it to lower a dragon egg? Did it become emotionally attached to said egg, thereby being unwilling to leave its side? Scarcity of magic armour: makes sense, plus it's a limiting factor on character power which is a good balance thing. But why limit my ability to solve problems using an appropriate tool that is relative easy to make (or recover after use)? By my count, you can use 3 grappling hooks in the beta: climbing up to the dragon egg, lowering the dragon egg, and crossing the chasm in the temple (I'm assuming for this last one because it mentions a grappling hook, but I don't actually have one). But you can only buy 2? Maybe they aren't supposed to disappear. I'm not sure. But if they are, this means that someone doing the dragon egg quest who used one to climb up and one to lower is now unable to use one to cross the chasm in the temple, unless I'm missing something. And even if there is a 3rd grappling hook hidden somewhere that I missed, I'm not sure hunting for a 3rd grappling hook is really a rewarding experience in a world where I was able to buy 2 of them from a store, but not a third because apparently they ran out and I can't fashion one myself from torn clothing and a bent sword or something (not that I want to be able to craft like that, I don't, I just don't want to be stuck for lack of a freaking grappling hook).
  5. Let your imagination run wild. What kind of events would you like to see in P:E that spark plot points or quest content? A few ideas to start with... Celestial - Planetary Alignment - Solar Eclipse / Lunar Eclipse - Aurora Lights - Meteorite Impact - Second Moon appears (is it a moon.....or something else?) - Ancient Arkonauts arrive via a godlike spacecraft (peaceful, or something other?) (Of course, you won't see these events while adventuring, but they could be shown via cut scenes). Cultural/Political - Outbreak of War - With the War in full swing, a Third Faction joins the War, against both sides - King/Queen or local ruler dies (or is assassinated). Who is next in line? Are they a shady character? Or have they gone missing? - Party is implicated in unlawful activities/espionage Economical - Trade Boom (increasing supply & demand) - Merchant Guilds involved in Trading Scam Environmental - Over-development causes reckless deforestation - Exotic Creatures come under threat of Extinction - Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Flooding, Bush fires) What are some other ideas you think could make for some awesome adventuring?
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