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  1. [Description of the issue] Once you make Merdreth hostile (by telling him you let the thief go), he remains hostile despite loading a game from a prior time [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load the attached game and notice that Merdreth isn't hostile 2) Tick off Merdreth 3) Load the attached game 4) Notice how his party is hostile and attacks (without giving you the xp for completing the quest) [Expected behaviour] Game state should be determined by the contents of the save game file, not what happened before you loaded the game. [Files
  2. And now you only have to set it once and never think about it again, no matter how many games you start. Pros/cons.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Inventory is there to make the game work and not to be the game itself.
  4. Most items have a base value and a couple specific values. Like platemail has (made up numbers, but spread based on recollection) 20% DR base, but 40% DR against slashing and only 10% DR against lightning. DT has similar effects. I assume they operate on a "most specific" value system. Though, the whole DR/DT thing (as well as accuracy vs. defences) lacks any explanation in the game save for reading the combat log. I don't think the short forms are even expanded anywhere.
  5. Is it just me, or is the only place you can see weapon damage ranges on the character screen? You can't see them on the weapons anymore. That's pretty awkward. Am I blind?
  6. Thanks for the update BMac. You know, you could have just said it may take a few days... and if ready sooner surprise us with an "early" release. And if not, have some breathing room to wrap things up. Indeed. Listen to Scotty: (Replace "Starfleet Captains" with "Backers") P.S. Hope that's watchable in places that aren't Canada. Never can tell.
  7. Thanks for all the hard work guys and gals. Looking forward to seeing everything you've done!
  8. A valid note illathid. Obviously the "appropriate" inventory design depends on the game in question. And yes, of course, we're talking about PoE here
  9. My personal preference is for an unlimited ability to loot. While I recognize that it lacks 'realism', I find the other options (leaving loot behind, returning to town mid-quest to sell) break immersion worse for me than just not having to think about inventory space. I don't enjoy inventory management as a mini game and basically the least intrusive the better from my point of view. Obviously, people disagree with me though so I'm curious to see where people fall.
  10. So there's been a lot of discussion about the inventory system (here, for instance: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68039-sensukis-suggestions-014-non-terrible-inventory-mockup/) and we know that in a coming patch the number of inventory slots per-character will be going up to 16 (from 8 ). It seems, however, like people have all sorts of different preferences for inventory systems. I'm curious about how the preferences split among all those who read the forums (and not just the vocal) so here we are. A caveat: I don't necessarily expect or advocate following a majority-rules approach h
  11. In my opinion, this is precisely where 'immersion' should stop and 'fun' should take precedence. Running back to the town to sell looted equipment 20 times per adventuring day would greatly damage the enjoyment. I couldn't have said it better myself BlueLion. I've been playing through BG:EE recently and was in Baldur's Gate itself before I realized that I could save game edit in a bag of holding. Spending 30 days clearing out the cloakwood mines because I had to keep making trips to town to sell stuff was horrifying. And, yes, I realize that I could have left stuff there. But I don
  12. @aeonsim That's a pretty hilarious idea and one I imagine falls pretty smack dab into "degenerative gameplay". I doubt it will be possible, but I love that you thought of it. In respect of same/different level tables for classes, I honestly don't think it matters in a CRPG as long as the classes are roughly balanced in terms of power on a per-xp basis (that is that if it takes you twice as long to level you get twice the benefit of a level). As long as each member in your party is roughly as useful (albeit in different ways) as the others, it's fine. As an aside, I think that equi
  13. They seem to. I mean, the BBXs level at the same time as each other and the PC.
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