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  1. Just looked back at my words, I just realized the perfect solution is to accomplish the build I want was right there in my lines... I just need to give up the idea of using berserk of barbarian to go for a war caller character. The Brideman Slew Thirty 'Fore They Crossed Half the Hall can do just fine and pair with fighter's talents will build the perfect character, where I dont have to give up deflection for permanent strong inspiration and allow the axe to increase strong inspiration buff tier. Also since I only need the chanter strong buff, I can give up some int for str or dex as long as I can have 5 phases in 30 ish seconds before chanter buff runs out. =) The only point I am not sure right now is whether 1 phase takes 3 seconds to generate. welp that was pointless to create a topic for barbarian...
  2. I have tried trickster, priest and wizards, the problem is they take time to buff up themselves before engaging. WIthout having engage enemies in combat immediately, enemy front line AI will straight away rush my squishy backline. Thats why i was thinking of using fighter and chanter so that I can engage first, then react to situations. Also, rogue lacks self sustain like kindwayfarer that can jump enemy backline and come back when needed.
  3. Been trying to create a brute or anything off tank with barbarian class and use the berserk buff to take advantage of the Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC soul bound axe inspiration upgrade. What I cannot get around is how to negate the downside of Berserk (10 deflection downgrade). My thought was to pair with fighter (Unbroken with The Best Defense shield or Akola's Apex Ward) to get armor grace and health regen to get around it. The other option was to pair with chanter and use deflection and ancient memory song and Not Felled by the Axe nor Broken by the Storm buff to up my piece and slash armor. (No pally, because I am too addictive to using pally as sub class and already have 3 pally in party XD ) So I am look for suggestion that evolves around getting around berserk debuff and making the offtank stress free and still deals decent damage. Also, may I ask how to acquire Akola's Apex Ward? I have research for so long, but there was no answer on google.
  4. There is an update with 4.6GB content that I seem to have to finish downloading before I can enter into the game, but steam just stuck at 4.6GB/4.6GB update progress and does not seem to want to finish the download. It might be the seeker, slayer, survivor update. Does anyone have any solution?
  5. The ability only uses current weapons held instead of all weapons in all weapon slots. Is it intentional or bug?
  6. Ability description: "The barbarian swings viciously in a lightning-quick flurry, taking on all comers. Each equipped weapon attacks every nearby enemy, doing extra damage and inflicting Carnage if applicable." In my game play, it appears that my character only damages enemies with the current dual wielding weapons equipped (slot 1) and other weapons in my 2, 3, 4 equipment slot does nothing. Is it intentional that barbarian only use 1 slot of weapon when this ability is activated?
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