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  1. Devoted are the ones that are devoted to one weapon (Which I presume is, One weapon, and not a Weapon Category). I think? Did we get an answer on that on Tumblr? I have to assume it is based on the Weapon Master prestige class. Only one weapon, not a category.
  2. How about a link to what the hell you are talking about https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire?update=480#updates
  3. I am pretty sure you will have to. All assets are new so you will have to recreate you character. You will be able to change class for sure (after all misterious stuff happens and you are back at square 1). During the stream Josh said that they are not sure if they will allow you to change your race/background (probably not) but if they do, there will be a story reason for it. It would be quite easy to justify changing your race/sex. Just have your soul fly off into another body. Given that memories are stored in the soul, changing background would be more tricky. Any your class is just your job. Outside of cipher, which actually requires a specific ability (but if you're body switching they can handwave that away anyway), they seem like things anyone could do with the right training. "soul magic!"
  4. At the very least the end state of the companions, I assume that if it is covered in the ending slides, and is not 100% contained to the Dyrwood, it is likely to get a passing mention. Also, the white march choices. Gah, I have to finish TWM, too? I backed POE1 and haven't finished it because I just don't care about the story, and I backed POE2 for some reason anyway. I'm trying to finish it by sticking mainly to the main quest line.
  5. Maybe we'll get a combat yo-yo. Or a Chakram that always ricochets back to us like Xena's.
  6. Could be tricky. They appear to not exist... https://www.google.com/search?q=pillars+of+eternity+frost+darts Hopefully for those creating a new game, some default items determined by Obsidian make it in.
  7. Have a gander at Q&A streams at Obsidian's YouTube channel and Deadfire fig updates. That's pretty much the main sources. Sometimes something extra will slip through Josh's twitter or tumbler but those are mostly minor details or further explanations.I believe the answer to his question is actually "no."
  8. Guys, with all the new abilities, skills, subclasses and multiclasses, you'd be rerolling anyway. You know why RPGs drip-feed you abilities over time? Progression, yes, but it's also to give you practice with them before giving you more. You don't want to start POE2 at level 15.
  9. Well, Durance has horrible deflection and endurance, so using that staff is pretty risky. He goes down faster than a fiery whore. I forgot Sagani's bow has reduced damage. I keep Vicious Aim and Penetrating Shot active at all times, and she always punches through the DR.
  10. Well the White Crest Helm gives +3 Intellect, and Godlikes can't wear it, so actually they're arguably the worst race from this point of view. In fact Godlike's inability to wear helms has gone from being relatively unimportant in vanilla Pillars to quite a big disadvantage in White March II. That's kind of depressing.
  11. I agree. No triple combinations I want to try come to mind, and if there were any, you could play something very similar in style with only two.
  12. I agree classes should not get skill bonuses. I also think it's worth talking about racial attribute bonuses. Now, in most games, this makes a particular race the best race for a given class -- a gnome with +2 intelligence makes the best mage, for example. In POE, attributes have more diverse functions, but there are still preferred stats for each class. Sometimes it gets really specific. If you want to have the largest, longest-lasting buffs for your chanter (and why wouldn't you), you have to be a godlike. If you want to do the most damage, you have to be a dwarf or aumaua. Bonuses from cultures and backgrounds I think are pretty OK, because they mostly function as "pick your bonus stats" anyway. But there are some less serious issues... For example if you really want +athletics and +survival, you have to be a slave, and a slave can only be from 4 of the 6 regions, and you might not want to be a slave. On the other hand, it only comes up in dialogue a couple of times in the entire game.
  13. Raedric hold jeez I meant the Village under it. Sorry for confusion its some time since i played it. I meant The tree. Yeah sadly Obsidian was put into **** position not helped by the fact that part of gaming media is symphatetic to ghazi types. And I doubt obsidian wants to piss them off What with them remembering the whole Fallout new Vegas Thing. Gah. What was the Thing with FNV? And seriously, the tree was just dark, not offensive. I'd have to go listen to the developer commentary about it again. I think they said they force a conversation there because they want the player to see it because it makes a point about the setting.
  14. Wait, what was controversial about Raedric's Hold? His comments were bad, but not that bad. Annoying but not worth trying to out him. Have you ever been fired? It sucks hard. You never really get over it. At least he was only freelance. But if Obsidian ousted him it's because they don't want it going viral and toxic, not because they want a bland, safe story.
  15. To summarize, there will be one or two really contradictory combinations that will be disallowed, but you can go ahead and be kind of a weirdo if you want. Basically like how a tabletop dungeon master won't let your character do things that throw any semblance of roleplay out the window. Also, perhaps, to save people from themselves and their horrible builds. In Sawyer's talk about attributes (I highly recommend it), he talks about how every build should be viable. Some better than others, but you should be able to play the game from beginning to end without becoming frustrated that you ruined your character. If there is a list of feats, the player shouldn't be expected to know which ones are good and which ones are traps (I'm looking at you, D&D 3E). Perhaps disposition is taking a stronger role in your priest/paladin abilities in POE2. It would be nice.
  16. Well to be fair, in most situations a brace of pistols wouldn't be reloaded during combat, and generally the user would fire one, holster it, draw the second and fire that: not dual wield them. In fact that's probably why braces of pistols was a thing: reloading them was slow enough that it was worthwhile to carry a second. I might be wrong, but I suspect the same was true of Old West Gunfighters who carried two revolvers i.e. it wasn't to dual wield so much as to give them more shots before they needed to reload. Dual wielding pistols is, I'm guessing, a pretty difficult skill to develop and simply not that useful. Yeah, when you can only shoot once, you don't want it to miss.
  17. It's probably simplest to not have the recipes appear until you get the plot loot to craft them. I would add that limited crafting ingredients should either be reclaimable by scrapping the item, or it should be very clear they are limited, and all the options for the ingredient should be available at the same time. To prevent regrets. In POE1, even common ingredients are limited. The result is I basically don't enchant anything, because I know if I do, I might not be able to enchant something I like more later.
  18. Nothing silly about a one-handed blunderbuss, picturing someone with two just strikes me as silly. I suppose it would be a lot of front-loaded damage, I just don't believe someone would be doing it with these weapons if they hadn't seen it done with high-capacity magazines in an action movie. It cracks the fourth wall, if not breaks it. It was actually quite common historically, to the point that carrying a pair of pistols was termed a brace of pistols. Oh, I guess I was wrong. My bad. Maybe it's the armpit thing that gets to me. It's just not very threatening. Like, "Wait right there while I fumble with these guns I can barely load without dropping."
  19. Nothing silly about a one-handed blunderbuss, picturing someone with two just strikes me as silly. I suppose it would be a lot of front-loaded damage, I just don't believe someone would be doing it with these weapons if they hadn't seen it done with high-capacity magazines in an action movie. It cracks the fourth wall, if not breaks it.
  20. Wands will be cool as hell. Pistols will be silly-looking unless we get revolvers, but unfortunately even if you accept the level of tech, it might be more trouble than it is worth to make the recovery system work with it (some number of attacks, then a longer delay for a reload).
  21. Any changes to phrases themselves? It seems odd how using higher-level phrases penalizes you invocation-wise because they take longer. Maybe it's supposed to be some kind of balancing act, and I don't know what can be done about it while keeping low-level phrases relevant, but it's odd.
  22. The trouble is that on normal difficulty, battles are often over before invocations can be used, making it a passive class. Higher level chants take longer to accumulate, exacerbating this. Something added to POE1 to mitigate this was Brisk Recitation, a free passive that makes phrases complete more quickly. A sequel affords an opportunity for a better remedy. Have they said what it might be?
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