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Found 4 results

  1. This is a call for the developers. But first an introduction: There is a bug with nvidia optimus technology on windows 10. It's pretty well documented and reported and pretty old. The details, along with investigation and a guide made by me can be found here: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1008527/geforce-mobile-gpus/-guide-diagonal-screen-tearing-problems-with-optimus-nvidias-control-panel-not-working-like-it-should-need-a-fix-get-in-here/ In short, most unity games, and most games running with a Dx9 renderer, when played on a laptop with an nvidia card and windows 10 will get an awful diagonal screan tear. Yup, DIAGONAL. The easiest workaround is forcing the games to use dx11. Just try it yourself! Fire up Pillars of Eternity with vsync on (vsync have nothing to do with the bug, but deactivating it will make it pretty damn difficult to see without a trained eye... That and the tradicional horizontal tear will apear ). You will se that tear whenever you move, scroll the map or certain effects fire. Now force the game to use Dx11. BAM problem solved. Now try the same with Tyranny. The tearing is worse. Force Dx11: A pink screen. Let me also use this thread to ask: Why wasn't Dx11 implemented in Tyranny? It's a later game made by the same people and engine. What happened? Now the point of this thread should be pretty obvious! Will Deadfire come with a Dx11 option? If not, could you please reconsider? My laptop would be the best device to play the game because of it's screen, and also because of my lifestyle. (I say this before the inevitable "why are you gaming on a laptop anyway?" posts start to appear) Loving the advances of the game by the way! Great work <3
  2. Hi , then i launch the game i have the error " failed to load dx9" and i can't played i have bought the game 3 days ago i dont know what to do !? i have actualy windows 10 and directx12, i have already try to reinstall the game ,check the cache , reinstall directx9 , check my windows update , install direct into the game folder change the compatibility to windows xp but the error is always there! I need some help please ! and sorry for my bad language!
  3. I'm trying to run the game from Steam on Vista, but immediately after clicking it, I get an error message saying "Failed to load DX9 DLL" and nothing more. Here are some things that I've tried (multiple times in various orders and combinations): Validated the cache Checked Steam betas are deactivated Checked Steam client is up to date Deleted the Steam appcache folder Installed the DX9 and VC redists from the game folder (both with and without Steam running, and deleting appcache afterwards) Installed DX9 June 2010 SDK (which required VC runtime to be rolled back, then reinstalled afterwards) Uninstalled VC runtime bundled with Visual Studio 2010 Jumping up and down and swearing Please help. I've paid for this game and now I just want to be able to play it. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I was hoping someone might have any information that can get my copy of the game to work. I recently sold my xbox and upgraded to the one but realy wanted to play the game So I installed windows xp (i know just had an old key lying around) onto a macbook pro and am having issues getting the DX9 DLL files to register as being found. ; Win32 engine defaults configuration file [Engine.Render] default_brightness = 0.138000 default_contrast = 0.946001 default_gamma = 2.2 default_contrast_range_low = 0.09 full_screen = 1 full_screen_width = 0 ; 0 -> desktop width full_screen_height = 0 ; 0 -> desktop height window_width = 1280 window_height = 720 adapter = -1 ; -1 -> primary shadow_quality = 2 ; 0:25%, 1:50%, 2:100%, 3:200%, 4:300%, 5:400%, 6:800% msaa = 1 support_aspect_ratio_4_3 = true support_aspect_ratio_16_10 = true support_aspect_ratio_custom = true default_display_conversion = box ; box|stretch|crop dist_fade_duration = 0.5 ; time it takes for something to fade once the range is reached dist_fade_in_range = 40.0 ; distance from camera that the object will begin to fade back in at. dist_fade_out_range = 45.0 ; distance from camera that the object will begin to fade out at. s3d_ar_multiplier = 1.3 ; aspect ratio multplier used to adjust the culling frustum for 3D. use_directx_11 = true ; false=DX9, true=DX11 [Engine.Audio] enabled = 1 enable_communication = 1 [Engine.Physics] ragdolls_enabled = 1 [Engine.Input] preferred_device = gamepad [Game.Default] project_name = Onyx npc_chatter_cooldown = 3.0 creature_chatter_cooldown = 4.0 This is the engine data. It looks as if it is trying to use DX11, which I don't even think is installed and ingoring the DX9 files. I've been away from windows for too long to start messing with that so I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what I could do in order to get this game to run properly on XP running on parallels on a mac. Many thanks if anyone has any idea!
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