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  1. I think I read something indicating stat checks in dialogue and skill checks are across the whole party, not just your hero. So you only need one character with a high score in each.
  2. So it's definitely not worth it to, like, raise an attribute to 12 to get some additional dialogue options, then.
  3. Are well-rounded stats rewarded in and out of combat? Or are the DCs too high for that? Do gender/race/subrace really matter when relating to NPCs? I'm trying to minimize the number of times I will reroll until I get it just right. ;-) Thank you.
  4. Oh... sorry about that. You know, now that I look, I don't see a link to the community rules anywhere. Not saying it's not there, but it isn't anywhere obvious.
  5. I gather that dialogue will be text-driven, and that suits me just fine. I doubt they'll spring for prerendered cutscenes just for romances, which won't be seen by everyone. And that's assuming there will be romances at all. But if they are in the game, while I don't want anything out of a pornographic trashy romance novel, something a little more impactful than "come hold me in my bedroll" would be nice.
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