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  1. So we have a priest who preaches decay, and an adult complaining that things are worse than in her youth. Something we can hear in our own world every day. It just tells us about universal prejudges. I'm not calling it a retcon, but I think it might have been an omission from the first game.
  2. Yeah, he answered me on tumblr: I think it runs counter to some of the things said in POE1 -- I think it might have been Durance who said something specifically about all souls being crushed to dust under Berath's wheel, and the woman hanging in the Gilded Vale says souls are always a little bit less than before. But it's possible that POE1's characters don't know the whole story.
  3. Likeness, not copyright. And I see some similarity, but they are clearly not portraits of the actors, so there is no violation.
  4. I wanted to worship Abydon, but I guess the closest thing is being a Knight of the Crucible paladin, since they are all about Abydon. (edit: duh, I just noticed paladins cannot be a KotC, which makes sense in POE1) And this is why they chose not to expand the available deities. They have extra subclasses as it is.
  5. That's fair. If I did not allow the list to grow long, it would not be long. I knew that, and for a while I tried to clear it. I would counter, however, that: Sometimes games are played in unexpected ways. I don't think "get a lot of quests" is so far out there that designers can or should ignore it. Quests beget quests. You travel for one and end up in an area with three more. The quest log can snowball quickly unless you do them in the proper order. It ended up this way because it started getting long and I said "there's only one way I'm going to manage this" and went straight down the critical path just to see the ending and avoid being spoiled while reading about POE2. It would be even longer, but I started avoiding talking to NPCs.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/LJc4BNK.jpg Just looking at this is exhausting. It is why I only recently finished the main story of POE1 despite being a kickstarter backer. I can't deal with it. I don't know if it's normal or if it's related to my being on the autism spectrum, which I didn't know about until my son was diagnosed. Some of what I've learned concerns difficulty with processing information and dealing with too many tasks or too many choices. So part of me thinks it might be just me, but another part of me looks at this and says it's ridiculous; that of course it should be better organized. There are even White March quests here that say nothing at all about where they take place. I don't know how Obsidian wants to organize it. I would really appreciate it if companion quests had their own list. Sort by level? By area it was obtained? By area of the next step in the objectives? I don't think the actual game designers need my help.
  7. If you allow prebuffing you must balance for prebuffing, and then all players must prebuff. So there is no more choice than before, only hassle.
  8. I don’t think he understands when people speak “commmon,” or he would also be able to speak it. I don’t think the Watcher is barking orders in combat either. I know it’s probably not common or galactic basic, I don’t think they ever say what language it is.
  9. I would like for the weapon inneffective autopause to only trigger once per damage type per battle. And perhaps have it not trigger at all if you are already using the physical damage type it is weakest against.
  10. I am not so sure. It seem like a pretty big change from what we were told in the first place. The new system really gives no reason to restrict companions more. I would find it strange if they would just change it, but not say anything about it. I will write on Josh’s tumbler and see if he will say something. Did you ask? He hasn't answered...
  11. Is there a law of conservation of energy for souls? They lose a little bit of themselves with each cycle, so where does that energy go? Does it reconstitute into new souls?
  12. It sounds like we may not be using attributes in dialogue in the same way, so we shouldn't have any wizards intimidating people with their jelly arms. Scripted interactions could just be worded differently. Using magical force instead of heaving and shoving. But then, it doesn't make sense for might to increase gun damage, does it? Some things we may have to just learn to roll with.
  13. But she was fine in the visions, wouldn’t you say? Only at the end was it a problem? Perhaps the takeaway is that massive story dumps in a single conversation are not as satisfying? We also didn’t discover the truth about the gods; we were informed. In the same conversation, we are informed of Thaos’ plan for Woedica. We don’t even find Iovara on purpose. Contrast that with Planescape Torment. Find your journal. Find Pharod. Find Lothar. Find Ravel. And so on and so on. It’s a hunt, following thread after thread, piecing together the tapestry. Imagine chasing an unknown for an unknown reason and not meeting Ravel until the end of the game and learning everything then.
  14. She was just too convenient. Here you are trying to find this shadowy figure leading a shadowy group with a shadowy purpose, you have no actionable leads, and a messenger comes along and invites you to meet an expert who is exactly what you need. Then, as soon as you no longer need her, she dies -- as if to punctuate that she was only written in to solve the problem of getting the player to the next part of the story.
  15. There is no point to reading the tea leaves and examining and parsing game developer statements. I don't know about Sawyer, but generally speaking, if you've ever known one to misspeak, you know they are like anyone else and don't always choose their words that carefully. If they did, there would be no need to try to infer meaning; it would be clear. Don't worry about it. The answer is unknowable until he or someone else on staff answers the question directly.
  16. I believe there is also only one ranger, chanter, barbarian*, paladin and druid. Fessina's outfit could easily be a chanter (although I agree that wizard seems more likely) and Konstanten a barbarian. They could also have two options (and a multiclass) each. *or does Aloth still have a barbarian option? I haven't seen it mentioned for a while. I don't think Aloth will be the only wizard choice. You could be going into POE2 with Aloth, Eder and Pallegina all dead. Though there are always hired custom adventurers, I suppose. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/165552067891/hey-josh-how-will-the-return-to-add-style Edit: I now see you've already read that, since it's quoted in the tumbler post you link, but you missed part of it. "Available classes" means what it says. I think the idea of multiclassing companions with whatever second class we want is so ludicrous, it didn't occur to Sawyer to explicitly say it isn't happening. But "available classes" really couldn't mean anything else.
  17. I got it from blotter's transcription of a video in this thread. It sounds like the waterbenders from Avatar: The Last Airbender to me. And yeah, they are probably just both Vailian.
  18. You mean Vailian? As for her familial resemblance, hmmm... Their faces share a narrow or V-like shape. Pallegina's cheekbones and jaw are more square, and she has much larger lips. Fessina's nose is more pointed. Their eyes are similar and tilt at the same angle. So... it's plausible? But would Pallegina's sister really be a mere sidekick? And we already have Kana's sister, not that we can't have two. Maybe not a sister at all, but some other relative.
  19. Yeah actually. That'd be Tekehu and he's an unspecified (speculation is Ondra or maybe Galawain) godlike with druid and chanter classes available as the first class. Not much known about him at this time. I knew people would have things to add. Information is scattered across YouTube, twitter, reddit, and the backer page, and no one source has it all. Frustrating. People making threads without linking to what they are talking about, like we all watch a twitch stream of their internet browsing or something, doesn't help. I made this thread because I was trying to piece the information together myself. I guess the portrait appears in a video, but the corresponding update page doesn't mention him. I added a screengrab. Do we know if he's a sidekick or companion?
  20. Pallegina, Eder and Aloth make a return. Eder will be able to be a fighter/rogue. Players can also choose for multiclass characters to be a pure class of one of their two classes. Pallegina may be a Kind Wayfarer subclass, depending on your decisions in POE1. Maia Rua, an island aumaua ranger. She is also Kana's sister. Her pet bird is named Ishiza. Finds herself in the region in an emissary role she doesn't feel suited for. Serafen, an orlan cipher/barbarian. Born a slave, now elevated to pirate. Xoti, a "meadow folk/savannah folk" human priest/monk follower of Gaun, one of the forms of Eothas. Eothas is the god of light and renewal. Gaun is like a kinder, gentler god of death than Rymrgand (like, totally loves death) or Berath (not a people person but totally into the reincarnation thing), reaping what is sowed in life and guiding the dead to rebirth. Tekehu is a godlike druid/chanter. He is a member of something called the Watershapers Guild. Sidekicks are Konstanten, Ydwin, Rekke, and Fessina. Nothing is known about Konstanten, other than that he is a dwarf. Ydwin was introduced to us as a pale elf cipher, then said to be a rogue/cipher. Likes animancy. Rekke is a human (storm folk, a new kind of folk) fighter. Apparently rescued after some kind of shipwreck, he doesn’t speak a language known to the region but is happy to lend a hand. Nothing is known about Fessina, though she may be ocean folk. Ocean folk have darker skin tones available than savannah folk and meadow folk in POE1. Two sidekicks announced earlier, Bonteru and Rodara, were cut. Edit: We now know all the class/multiclass combinations possible:
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