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  1. In one of the videos a player asked why we don’t get “material things” for being good rather than only cruel, but he worded it poorly and they thought he meant gold. Duh you get gold for being evil. I prefer the Tears of Bhaal style. You get something no matter what. Being good or evil should not be unequivocally better or worse, but it is in POE. Anyway thanks for the info.
  2. I thought all the achievements were shown in the menu screen. Some are hidden until unlocked? Are any tied to difficulty?
  3. Does that mean they are always aoe, and the specialization slows your recovery for no benefit whatsoever?
  4. POE1's story was bad because the writers did the impossible by having mountains of words without actually telling the story at all until the end. There wasn't anything there to keep you interested. "Find the bad wizard before you go crazy" is the only goal for 95% of the game, and you don't even know why during that time. "He's old and he does things. What things? Things. With people." It's all like that.
  5. It's a great stat for anyone who wants to attack enemies. I assume you want to see traps. No one answered me about perception and traps.
  6. Not letting us save or giving us an autosave before building our character is absolute madness.
  7. Is there a companion with perception high enough to see all traps, or does the Watcher or an adventurer need to do use a 20+ perception build or something?
  8. I did pretty much only the critical path of POE1 and didn’t do TWM aside from recruiting the companions. I put together a game history in POE2 and read on the wiki to now I didn’t complete, but do you think that’s enough? Or are the references to the history significant enough that I should I try to do a completionist play-through and import it?
  9. Does anyone know how this preference manifests? Is it just slower to start if you are not their preference, or is it actually shorter and less fulfilling overall?
  10. For example, here. You can't see my cursor in the screenshot, but it is hovering over History, and there is no tooltip. It is the same for the top attribute on some lists (such as Priest skill bonuses) during character creation.
  11. It shows the possible classes and multiclasses of each companion and sidekick. It came about as I was thinking about a way to have all classes represented in my group. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRlAJR7RBEDGyYsrXd97z96YQ5_sbjLa2im2Z_NtUfsbFKk9dJsCePY8KSKgv-DFriQWgyCIymBpCKf/pubhtml
  12. Very unlikely. Most people who do play the expansion will want to do so with their existing characters, and are not likely to be happy to see new options they can't take. Extra classes and subclasses are great for the sort of people who discuss the game on these forums, but we are very much the minority of players. Well, Throne of Bhaal added the Wild Mage to BG2. But generally, it makes more sense to use your expansions to make content many players will experience rather than add more niche content.
  13. Uhhhh what? The AI was awful. And why put in the system if not for us to exploit it?
  14. I found DA insufficient and even though I played with it quite a bit it never was close to performing the way I wished. I don’t min/max in character creation but I min/max in battle. If I set “during health potion when below 25%” it will work half of a time as I wish, but when I am fighting last two enemies and I know I will survive and I will see my tank take a potion it will annoy me. If I set him to interrupt enemies with knock back and eventually I need him to interrupt someone and I see he depleted his pool, it will bother me (even if controlling him I would find myself in the same situation - but then I would know when and why I used those skills). I am not saying that it’s a bad system or it shouldn’t be used, but I personally, expect it to be more frustrating than useful, though I am looking forward to experimenting with it. That’s why I would never put consumables on the AI, and you could also direct your warrior to only use knockdown with a certain stamina reserve.
  15. ...and if you can dispel the mage’s protection, you can then interrupt with hits and kill him very quickly regardless, bringing us back to the wizard slayer’s problems.
  16. I can’t watch right now, but I am so excited. I didn’t back until this stretch goal was met. Thankfully it didn’t take long in the campaign. Nah, it looks good, but unless there is a really OP buff which I will want to cast at the start of every battle, I don’t see myself using this feature very much. I am a control freak. I hate when AI does things I didn’t intend. Also if I do things myself every failure is on me only. Still, Looks great. Exactly I don't trust the AI 100% Wasting my potions, spending my spells... I might want them! :D That half the point of this. Tell it to do what you want and only what you want, and it won’t do anything else. In Dragon Age it took some observation and tweaking to get right, but it was its own awesome metagame. Nothing like seeing them independently perform flawlessly thanks to your instruction.
  17. I'm pretty sure it's a bug, because +20 to all defenses is super overpowered.When comparing, it is mandatory to have a frame of reference.Your current frame of reference for "super OP" is "at the party's level in the beta". It is obvious that the passive will have diminishing returns as the game progresses. You get much more value from it when your regular defense is 20 (as in, 20 + 20 = double) than you will later on when your regular defense is 110 (as in, 110 + 20 = still OK but meh). Following the same line of thought, the attack scores of enemies go up as the game progresses, while the ability's defense boost is static. It is, possibly, too soon to judge.</p> With a d100 system, 20 is 20 pretty much forever. Whether you have to roll a 21 or a 100, 20 helps by exactly 20.
  18. Yes, it’s a custom backer beta party that will not be in the game.
  19. I’ve never really been into the shifting aspect. One with no shifting or nerfed shifting would be really appealing, whatever bonuses it had in other areas.
  20. What??? Now nobody here will want to give you serious answers. Concerning your question: AI can use active abilites and spells - also in PoE 1. If it does it in a smart way is debateable though. So far even in Deadfire I turn it off because it totally messes up what plans I have in mind. You guys misunderstood me. I mean at least the AI can do something wihout me, not the entire combat system of the game. I don't need they are smart or something, but i want to enjoy all those beautiful effects, sounds, animations, not to pause and micro all the time XD. If you choose to not use the customizable AI, I would imagine they'll be totally boneheaded, yeah. Why wouldn't you use it? It won't be able to select abilities based on damage reduction (freeze the water elemental!), but you'll be able to heal someone who is hurt, cure a debuff, knockdown an enemy attacking your wizard, things like that, much better than in POE1.
  21. Say whaaat? Didn’t know I am participating in discussions here with such a fine and recognised crowd. I knew that the name sounded familiar, but never came to my mind that the inspiration went other way around. Yeah, his forum persona predated the character. http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Gromnir_Il-Khan
  22. You know, I had an argument with him on the old old Bioware boards, before the BSN, I have no idea about what, but I still kind of hold a stupid grudge for no real reason. I know that afterward I was annoyed they put him in Throne of Bhaal.
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