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  1. Nice idea OP, I agree that if done correctly, the theme of class struggles would make a welcome change to the standard fanfare encountered in most RPGs.
  2. I dunno about this, maybe it was the way the poll has different choices listed, I initially wanted to vote with 'a mix of all', but then I start mulling over all the different options. Ended up going "&$#^ it" and voting D&D... I just don't want this game or hell even the overall lore to end up like WoW with regards to player character choice, I mean c'mon they are now offering PANDAS!!! Doesn't anyone else see that as a bizarro WTF move by Blizz!? I am completely cool with most stuff covered by D&D I guess, NWN2 and the player character choices you have there were heading
  3. I voted yes, as long as the storyline is preseved and these so called powers actually make sense and are not op. I won't be complaining if we don't have any to start with though.
  4. My god, OP your wall of text reads sort of similar to another proposal I read some other user come up with under a different thread except it was for lockpicking, you end with a ludicerously overcomplicated system, BG was just fine, your idea about weight for money I think is also fine (maybe under HC mode) but everything else!!?? Yikes. I think BG did quite well with regards to inventory management, anything more then this and you start making the game about inventory 101 and people will start requesting guides from others as to how it works. Imo something like inventory management sh
  5. I'm not a fan of cooldowns, they're too arcadey. Memorization at least has a rationale explanation for it, and reflects a Character's engergy level. Cooldowns are the equivalent of... Party: It's still moving! Quick, cast Fireball again! Wizard: I can't. Not for another 47 seconds. That spell can only be cast once every 60 seconds! IMO "Rest spamming" is a player trying to keep a full complement of spells rather than using them judiciously. Exactly this. A lot of people are posting how much they hate being limited by memorization yet this is a very efficient way of keeping comb
  6. Nice post OP, I like the idea. If this was to be implemented though enough options for different weapons is a MUST, as some of the options in the BG series for example were quite weak in comparison to swords, you were spoiled for choice.
  7. Same for me. Is this supposed to be the 'Once Finished, I'm Done' option? I didn't select it because once I finish, I'm far from done... I have new characters to make, after all. EDIT TO ADD: I don't usually care for New Game+, because I've already beaten the game with that character. They've done it already, so it's time for a new character to do it. I've never encountered a realistic enough reason for that exact same character to go back through the exact same story line (even if I were to choose different options, it would still be the same general story line); I always wind up quitting
  8. I remember in NWN: Hordes of the Underdark, there was a smith that could create almost anything ├╝ber for you, it felt rather lame in comparison to say Cespenar in BG: Throne of Bhaal where you had to find items or artefacts to combine them to make uber items, much better system imo.
  9. So was BG series (for the most part if you include Imoen as well as Sarevok within the scope of the story arc), it seemed to work quite well if I remember correctly, tbh I mostly stuck with the NPCs available to you but hey, if it isn't that hard for the Devs to implement that how is it hurting you??
  10. @teknoman2 I don't think PE will have attacks where you say, swing your sword 4 or 5 times and only have one attack roll as the Devs have already stated that combat will be in real time.
  11. Fair enough, maybe I misunderstand when you mention that the character models will be in 3D but wasn't that the case for BG as well? As in the original character resources where in 3D and then transferred into the game as you see them when playing? Which is why Beamdog could have remade BG in HD but Bioware lost the source art, making such a venture null and void... Not sure how to grasp what you are saying regarding FFIX graphics, I did play that game and just remember the characters looking somewhat clunky (nothing like FFVII though!). I figured Project Eternity graphics would be like a
  12. I take it that you are the type of person that doesn't mind playing chicks in RPGs and walking around in what amounts to a strippers outfit when fighting a horde of monsters and such? Dude if you want that dream then go watch some role play porno, sheesh. At best that sort of thing is reserved for Mods and those who feel so inclined. Always cringed at all the skimpy outfits for download over at The Fallout Nexus.
  13. Bang on! Hope to god it ends up being like the BG series, the items looked quite intricate and ornamental as opposed to looking crazy ridiculous, I dunno what went wrong with modern RPGs and this over-the-top design philosophy, this might sound silly but the older games came across as more realistic or perhaps the word is believable to me...
  14. Could you elaborate as to why if possible please? Just curious as to why you would be against such an option that would add more replay ability to this game??
  15. I don't see how there could be a problem with this, if you don't want to make your own party then you don't have to, simple.
  16. Exactly this, I did read however that due to a lack of a renaissance there will be no printing press, but certainly if townsfolk talk about your deeds as well as the local innkeeper and perhaps even the town crier this would be quite welcome in my eyes.
  17. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I have read that the setting for the game is late Middle Ages but has not yet reached the level of a reniassance, so would banks even be viable in such a setting??
  18. Lol, you simply don't! You make a conscious choice based on a number of factors that will inevitably lead to answering this question: What's more important to me right now given my current circumstances? So I am all for gold to have weight within the right difficulty level - I immediately think of F:NV and the Hardcore Mode that could be enabled, the whole time I played Fallout 3 (when it was first released and prior to the proliferance of Mods) that's exactly what I wanted!!
  19. Uh, that was the ENTIRE point of IWD series. They are tactical IE combat games. Haha! I don't know how you could misunderstand that when playing the IWD series? Well I got a laugh out of that When it comes to replaying the IE series of games though I always end up going back to the BG series, I just find the Bhaalspawn Saga so engrossing! I really really hope that Project Eternity can pull something out of the hat and give as greater storyline (for me anyways) as that one!!
  20. Oh my god, this thread is ending up just like Borett's about kill animations. What ogrezilla said, there will be the option for different Difficulty settings just like with the Infinity Engine games, it's even mentioned in the stretch goals that we could potentially (pending the final pledge figure) get an Ironman and Heart of Fury (a la Icewind Dale) difficulty mode, I played BG1 when I was 13 and on Normal diff (D&D rules) and found that the game was completely accessable. I now find I have to play with the Sword Coast Strategems Mod in order to get something out of the difficulty now.
  21. I voted for option 3, and mentioned in Boretti's thread that I think most people would like to see something along the lines of FO and BG style death animations, looks like the poll is proving my thoughs correct so for. But I still can't understand how people keep harping on about DA:O type animations! It's akin to trying to shove a Rhino's foot into my shoe! It just aint gonna fit, converting 3D animation kill scenes to 2D isometric just sounds like a &^*% tonne of work and won't even be anything like the above posted clip of Dragon Age kill animations, let's be honest: FO and BG deat
  22. Is this a reference to Baldur's Gate? those automatic 20s on the first hit Wolves! Haha! What about just wandering into a group of brown bears! Oh that was always fun, oh hell while I'm reminiscing, anyone remember running into the ogre just after leaving Candlekeep with only Immy in your party, that's even more fun! Games sure aren't made like they used to be...
  23. I would love it if the devs implemented some crazy random encounters a la Fallout 1 & 2. I'm not suggesting that they go all out for black humour and reference jokes, but it would be nice to have a random encounter where you run into a bunch of GIANT SPACE HAMSTERS!!!!!!!! Also, some major tactical encounters would be fantastic as well, but I gather that is what the $3000 pledge is for, to design your own adventuring party to fight in game etc. I hope they add something along the lines of the encounter you get with the Chosen of Cyric encounter from the Rogue Rebalancing Mod for BG
  24. FNV style would be the best i think. at most you can add the need for specific lockpick types for specific lock types but no more than that. let's say 3 diferent types of locks and 3 diferent types of picks if you have the right pick and the skill you can try to open the lock fallout style and that's it. I agree, FNV style would be a good option to go with imo. OP has suggested WAY too much depth and complexity for me regarding such a skill for this game, that even sounds like a tall ask to be implemented in a game where you basically play a thief, no party, that's it (kind of like
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