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  1. Absolutely if under the following condition: The area that this so called battle is to take place with whatever monster/encounter is able to be interacted with in a following expansion or in the next installment of PE (PE2 or perhaps even PE3 - which I think would be really interesting!), A bit like Watcher's Keep from the BG series, you can access this area either in BG2 (when you may be under leveled/under geared) or ToB. I would like this even more so if it was the protagonist that you create it PE, take through to either to PE2 or PE3 and then lay the smackdown, as opposed to the c
  2. True, And what better way to do this then by playing the son/daughter of the protagonist of the first few PE games who has now reached godhood, as the setting could be in a completely different part of the realms of PE and also then begin an entirely new story arc, imagine if the previous save files could be used to transfer major consequences that were experienced in the previous games which changes the structure of the new game. I feel THAT would make for an epic backdrop for a new PE game.
  3. I think that with all the wealth of experience and knowledge at Obsidian that these guys have it covered to make both an amazing, believable and immersive world that still includes choices that matter and that have real consequences, so a vote for choices and consequences for sure. Not really fussed about stretch goals specifically dedicated to this type of thing, as stated, I have complete faith that OE have it covered. Plus Kickstarter only has a few days left to go.
  4. That's a good point, I didn't think of those examples (regarding BG2), but tbh they are not really used all the time either, overall if you really wanted to you could for example have Minsc use dual maces throughout all of BG2 and ToB and you will be fine, if you need to kill a Troll, swap to Bow + Arrows and use Acid Arrows, if you need to slay Vampires then grab some stakes on the way there. That's pretty simple stuff, it's nowhere near as complicated as OP makes it sound. That's exactly the sort of thing I would like to see
  5. You said it best OP everything is going to be fine, Obsidian are pros, I don't think what you have mentioned will be anything worth worrying about as they will have it covered.
  6. Complete control, makes for better replay value. For example when playing BG series I now find I always use the Level 1 NPCs mod in order to tweak every companion that I plan to use for a playthrough. I used to get annoyed when I wanted to convert Jeheira from her preset skill point allocation over to Duel Wielding, simply because it took a LOT of levels before this became worthwhile.
  7. I would honestly love to see my character continue to grow over the course of following games (perhaps to a finale in PE2 Exp or even PE3!), with the first expansion similar to BG:ToSC, focusing on exploration and intrigue. If the general arc of the story allows for this I feel this game has the real potential to replace my love for BG! It would BE EPIC!!!
  8. BG2 had a pretty sweet arena (albeit small) in the Underdark in Ust Natha, if something along those lines was added to PE it would be a welcome addition in my eyes
  9. Well said, I don't ever distinctly remember having to carry multiple weapons for all of my party in BG or BG2, I don't see how that ads value to the game if using OPs example you need THAT many different weapons.
  10. This all depends on a number of factors doesn't it? Say we take what the devs have said to be true with regards to the current landscape whereby there will be pockets of primitive societies, I would be quite happy to see misogynist examples made within such a place (if it is an interactive environment for example). But yes in a more developed setting I can see your point. I guess it depends on just how prevelant magic is? I know it is tied to souls, but just how much of the common folk know the potential of their soul and how to access this? We don't know this yet. Same with disease, i
  11. I am happy to have a dog come along for the ride as long as it doesn't take up an NPC slot New Dogmeat FTW!!
  12. Which sounds pretty much like a copy of what Fallout 1 & 2 have, where injuries are a byproduct of combat and need to be taken care of either by a Doctor, or if you invested in the Doctor Skill enough you could then fix the problem yourself with the use of a Doctors Bag or First Aid Kit etc...
  13. Well looks like my votes are in line with the majority, so adverse effects for both a critical hit or a critical miss (a la Fallout 2), but I voted 'other' as the type of effects should be designed around what is available to the player (weapons of ice, fire, types of spells etc) of which we don't know exactly what these will be yet, especially concerning the balance of the game. But hell, any of them mentioned sound great (in theory)
  14. I would say "pretend it never happened", whatever the IE games (combined) achieved I feel was far greater then what was attempted at recreating with Dragon Age: Origins, but what did Bioware do after DA:O?? They do a 180 and &^*% it up completely, in many ways going backwards! Everything OE need for a reference point they can take from the past, they don't need to adjust to what was on offer from DA:O imo.
  15. BG2 style FTW!! And PLEASE GIMME A SWORD THAT TALKS (and is upgradable), ARRGH that would be EPIC!!!
  16. Yeah, I'd be fine with either. Having the descriptions of what the speaker is doing (Torment style) is nice, given that the visuals aren't going to convey this information, but the more streamlined BG system gets the job done adequately. Which system would work better for P:E will probably depend on the narrative and pacing of the game. If the game is more combat focused, the sparse feel of BG style dialogue would probably fit the feel of the game better. If the game is more contemplative, then the slower, more detailed approach used in Torment would probably be the way to go. Since I'm assumi
  17. Yeah I would also like to mention that tbh DA:O, whilst it could have been a spiritual successor to BG, I DO NOT FEEL IT WAS, as such this includes combat mechanics or subsequently the lack of due to design by Bioware. So I agree with Living One. There is just a lot less options to combat with DA:O, it gets really hilarious with DA2 if you consider that some of us wanted the game to further the original concept, not flip it and spit all over it...
  18. This is getting tiresome because I've already addressed all your points previously and more than once.So this is the last time I'll explain why it's either a bad idea or a waste of time to implement this feature. 1-"Where are the compromises? The fact that you could let the game play itself with a complicated enough script? That only really works if the combat encounters are not challenging and that has nothing to do with scripts but with encounter design." I've already explained that the quality of the encounters is low BECAUSE of that feature.You said it yourself:"Managing your par
  19. Other then the Wolfenstein idea, I am pretty much with you, some hair customisation would be great, I felt that was sorely missing from BG, especially so when you could see that Drizzt had long hair for his animations in game, yet your character (playing as an elf) could not have long hair! I think if done tastefully your "damage over time" idea with the portraits is actually not bad, but I shudder to think about it if done poorly, regardless that's a lot more work for the portrait artist. You could see some form of this with the transition from BG1 to BG2 with the new portraits, the "cano
  20. if you don't want to read a lot of text, I have a feeling this is not the game you are looking for. Ah. That comment brought a smile to my face, thanks ogrezilla, very true.
  21. I voted for BG style but hey if the devs can afford to go that way with regards to VO then I am happy, either way, interestingly I think I remember reading in an interview one of the devs mentioned reactive text and a focus on this in particular (like the reactive text seen in Fallout 2 in New Reno). So depending on just how much reactive text is used in PE the devs may opt for BG style VO, now if this is true then I would MUCH much rather a heavy focus towards reactive vs PS:T style VO.
  22. I could not agree with you more OP!! Compared say to NWN and the crafting feature in HotU there was no lore, nothing at all more then an upgrade to your weapon, which didn't feel epic at all when compared to upgrading your items with Cespenar, that familiar was so awesome
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