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  1. No, let's declare that the nation founded by MY ancestors is sovereign and we're through being the safety valve for all the grossly mismanaged nations of the world. To wit: End all immigration for the remainder of the 21st Century. Enact comprehensive national E-Verify. Station light infantry and air cavalry on the southwest border with aggressive Rules of Engagement. Defund all sanctuary cities. Hire more ICE agents for field duty. Step up raids and deportations, including those for aliens overstaying their VISAs. Eliminate birthright citizenship. Slash both H1-B and H2-B VISAs. Americans
  2. Just end it already. And while we're at it, drop cluster munitions on the invader caravan. https://www.numbersusa.com/solutions/reform-birthright-citizenship Hell, I've been off the forums for so long I've forgotten how to post a link without showing the whole address. [url= ... something or other. Crap.
  3. How I've been is busy--new job, new (slightly used, < 11K miles) truck, no time for gaming to speak of as it's a backup for when the weather is too unfriendly. Finances are better than they've been in a decade. I've had several Twitter accounts suspended permanently for speaking my mind regarding a number of issues, so I'm not mellowing with age. I'm on the socio-economic Right because that's who I am and history has proven the futility of liberalism/progressivism. Signing off now before I segue into something that'll get this account locked, too. Good to see that plenty of familiar nam
  4. Arose late, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, washed my pick-up truck, and scouted for deer rubs and scrapes. This archery season may very well prove more productive than the last one.
  5. More like "My ancestors didn't travel 4000 miles to see a nation of promise, opportunity, and liberty overrun by a horde of non-white, non-Christian, statist-minded Third World barbarians hell bent on turning the USA into the same general sort of cesspool from whence the Third Worlders came." And, no, this isn't at all "funny", but neither was your disingenuous post.
  6. You might find it here. Do take the time to watch the video.
  7. I always know when I'm dealing with a know-nothing when they say in earnest something to the effect of, "Don't worry about ricochets. We're just shooting .22s." Ahem. Time to go...
  8. Very true. Proper conservatives aren't whores for the Chamber of Commerce (CoC). Those doing the bidding of the CoC to the detriment of the nation are corporatists with a good number of RINOs, Republicans-In-Name-Only, thrown into the mix. RINOs are most often socially liberal while purporting to be far more conservative and traditional when it comes to economic issues.
  9. Utter and complete nonsense. We have more than enough light infantry and air power to do the job if they're given simple, direct, and aggressive Rules of Engagement and the necessary logistical support. Sadly, the Obongo administration is doing everything it can to keep the illegal aliens flowing north.
  10. To interpret the law as written, yes. It is not within its Constitutional purview to re-write the law or read into the law things that are not there to begin with. The SCOTUS has, once again, exceeded its Constitutional authority.
  11. Your muscle density is now approaching that of neutronium. Upgrade your furniture or you'll be awash in kindling.
  12. Yes, they are. "Vilification of that battle flag and the Confederacy is part of the cultural revolution in America that flowered half a century ago. Among its goals was the demoralization of the American people by demonizing their past and poisoning their belief in their own history."
  13. More firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens makes for a more massacre-resistant society.
  14. Political Correctness at work, giving life to The Narrative that must be maintained to sustain the attack on Western Civilization.
  15. You've always left me with the impression that on a socio-economic scale of 0-10 (Left to Right) you like to think of yourself as a 4, but your commentaries on this or that topic of the day indicate otherwise. Just an observation.
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