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  1. The official party limit may indeed stay at 5, but I'm hoping someone unofficially mods it to 6 I'm guessing here, but if future DLC includes new party members and they are all as amazing as the pitch during the campaign (3m stretch goal) then I am gonna find it hard not having a 6th. Especially so if we make it to 5m via slacker backer pledges and get Ydwin. I'm a sucker for continuity. I was with BG -> BG2 (I always keep Imoen/Minsc/Jaheira in my party) and will be going into POE2 the same, which leaves me one slot to play with! That's just not enough IMO, and I'm not even fazed by combat and pros/cons of having/not having a 6th at this point. Silver
  2. Thanks for the responses both of you. If it were possible, I would prefer it removed. I don't always have the luxury to proof read at the time of writing and rather then rewrite the post, I would normally post knowing that I can come back and edit it later (as I do on other forums). I doubt I am the only one. Good to know regardless though. Silver
  3. Heya, I wasn't sure where else to ask (which specific forum), I also tried searching under every appropriate forum in relation to the topic, to no avail. Question: Is there a cut off period to when you can no longer edit posts? And if so how long? I have successfully edited in the past but many times I have wanted to go back to edit out spelling mistakes or whatnot and cannot for the life of me figure out why I cannot edit my post? I've tried accessing some of my older posts under different browsers as well (Chrome, IE and Firefox) but that didn't seem to change anything, it's as if the option to edit just disappears after a while (I'm not missing it, there's definitely no Edit option next to MultQuote)... Silver
  4. Moar epic! Thanks for posting the pics ryukenden, I'm so pumped to get my CE box now (didn't think I could be more pumped lol) ) Silver
  5. FWIW guys, I live in Tassie, part of Australia, I received my email from Paradox on the 26 March, to quote the shipping information on my email: USPS Priority Mail International, and is estimated to arrive April 3, 2015 - April 9, 2015. Under the backer portal, under Status it's listed as Confirmed, and under Shipment Status it's listed as Shipping Soon. This looks to match the tracking link provided in the email as well, it tells me a shipping label was created March 25th at 5:07pm, currently sitting in Bloomington CA, wherever that is. So it hasn't moved in in two days...? Silver
  6. Josh gives reasons for their choices in relation to Voice Over in an interview with Arvan Eleron on his stream, specifically "how much" should be used, apparently they spoke with Chris Parker for guidance about how much to use, who was a producer working at Black Isle on BG2, see it here: Specifically regarding VO: 47:55 - 50:27 Suna, you should appraise yourself of the video so as to have a better understanding of the hows and whys as to how much VO was used for PoE. However truth be told you really should've had some base understanding of what you were getting into with this game in the first place, it's the spiritual successor to the likes of BG2, which imo even before watching that interview was what I figured was their ballpark to aim for in terms of VO (it also was a text heavy game, definitely by todays standards anyway). Silver
  7. Heya, question for someone in the know, is the Strategy Guide by Prima being in two different colours a purely cosmetic thing? There is no actual difference to the content whatsoever right? You might wonder, why do I ask... I was going to purchase the Strategy Guide locally, so as per usual for me I looked on the website of the store to see if it was stocked... but then I noticed that the colour of the book was different to the one presented in Update #90: Shipping and Strategy Guide. For reference, the webpage I was looking at (it's brown in colour, like the PoE Guidebook Volume 1 by Dark Horse): https://ebgames.com.au/pc-208010-Pillars-of-Eternity-Collectors-Edition-Strategy-Guide-PC This colour is different to the one that was presented in Update #90: Shipping and Strategy Guide http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70586-update-90-shipping-and-strategy-guide/ So, after doing a bit of research it looks as if I've answered my own question**. But I wanted to ask in case I missed something (as I obviously don't own it and seeing it in a different colour to what was presented in Update #90 made me question...) Regards Silver **Further references: http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/books/pillars-of-eternity-prima-games/p/9781101898239?gclid=CIKHkZ6VwcQCFYyXvQodzBUAwg http://www.bookdepository.com/book/9781101898239?redirected=true&v=A75X6&selectCurrency=AUD&gclid=CIDV5quVwcQCFcOXvQodKGAAZg Both books have the code ISBN: 9781101898239, but are different in colour
  8. Perfectly happy to get all physical goods at once, plus it saves shipping costs on you guys (the developers). Also, in doing so (sending all at once), I feel a little more secure in that when I receive the package it will be in good nick, as opposed to risking travel for two packages (been burnt by delivery of goods being in poor shape in the past). Mayhaps you are wrapping our packaged physical goods in Titanium? :-P Really, you have given me such pleasure and an incredibly insightful experience from backing this project of which I've never had before. So at the end of the day, if I have to wait a few weeks to receive my physical goods all at once, it seems reasonable to me. But looking at the votes I seem to be in the minority. Silver
  9. Ok, went to talk with the ogre in the cave, upon cycling through the dialog options the game crashed. At the time of the crash I did attempt to get out of the game via windows key, but all seems ok now when attempting to replicate the crash. Save file and crash dump attached. In case it's specific to my PC I've also attached dxdiag. Silver 14238f2c0f2d4cbb9c2dc990422af32b Cave 7688635.zip 2014-08-26_215930.zip DxDiag.zip
  10. Thanks Headbomb, I hadn't thought of this. Much appreciated ) Silver
  11. Heya, looking for some help please in order to attach a crash dump received when trying to speak with the Ogre. Please excuse my ignorance if this isn't the right forum to post this question but I figured this was the correct one out of the three available... Every time I try to upload the files as I see them under SteamApps/common/Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta, I am met with the following error message: You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file I'm more then happy to submit a bug report as outlined in the How To thread for formatting bug reports, but I fear it's not much use without the crash dump... Silver
  12. Thanks for the replies guys, so I might just shoot Obs an email just to double check that what I submitted will make it, you guys give me hope though so all should be good. Also Ink Blot, you should definitely get that submitted, that's a very noble thing to do IMO. Good on you ) Silver
  13. So... I was a couple of days overdue for submission for my Survey for the t-shirt and end credits name that I wanted to display, which is unfortunate... but to my question (this is all from memory btw, I've been meaning to ask but am only getting around to it now): When submitting the survey a little pop up window displayed stating that due to being outside the deadline anything I submit may not make it into the final game (that was roughly what the message said). So... will I be penalised do you think? I only was submitting a shirt size and the name I wanted displayed so I figure my chances of getting the name added in are still ok. I just wanted to check or get some info from anyone in the know. I know, I know... should've completed it on time, I was umming and arring about the t-shirt size (I'm Aussie and aware that t-shirt sizes are different in the states) but I didn't, so oh well... Silver
  14. Just wanted to say one massive thank you to you guys/gals at OE for putting forward the KS campaign to bring out a game with the premise of taking the fundamental aspects of some of the greatest RPGs from my childhood of all time and reinterpreting this all into a new game that I have been dreaming of since I completed the Baldur’s Gate series. Whilst I may not have been posting much on your forums I have read every single Project Update with the utmost fervour. Best of luck to you with finishing off this epic project. I however don’t really think you need it! ) Silver
  15. I've only funded one project via Kickstarter, I heard about Project Eternity after following Trent Oster (Beamdog dev - followed due to work on BG:EE) via Twitter, I was sold pretty much completely and utterly after watching their video and reading over what was proposed, seeing as I already have immense respect for OE this just felt like a team working on a fantasy that they had been wanting to do for ages and one that I had been waiting for since the end of the BG series. Afterwards I did check some of the other proposed game projects via KS and I found it was as has been said here in this thread already, that the ideas proposed for new games were by people with less experience in the given genre of the game or just had not been making games of a high calibre for long enough that would give what they were proposing any real credence (in terms of what I expected to get out of it) and alleviate any fears I would have going into backing said projects. Speaking of fears, just wanted to say that I have no doubt in my mind (just watching over again some of the vids that Sawyer has put out via the updates) that OE are completely capable of delivering on a product worthy of being titled "the spiritual successor" to the IE games (specifically Baldur's Gate - unlike the Dragon Age series but forth by Bioware *facepalm*). Oh and thank you Endrosz for providing the link regarding CD Project Red! Another company I have deep respect for in the gaming industry, it was a fantastic read! ) Silver
  16. Given that the BG franchise was one of my all time favourites and it all started with BGI (no romance), well at the end of the day, whilst I am slightly disappointed about the fact that there won't be any, I look at this from this perspective: Take all the best aspects of BG2/IWD/PS:T and merge them into one. What do we get from the merger? PS:T = Story (doubt many will disagree on this one) BG2 = Exploration (not a lot of it but IMO it was very exceptional/well done) IWD = Combat (challenging combat FTW) And (not sure if this was ever confirmed anywhere), but I was thinking within the realms of possibility that OE may make another PoE game (PoE2?) that continues the story in some way/shape/form from where PoE will leave us hanging and in that game I would hope to see: - Same protagist from PoE - Returning characters (reflecting back on Minsc and Boo, one of the most memorable characters of all time) - Returning villians - Romance (in some form) I can see why people are upset about no romance for PoE, to get to know someone on a personal level such as through romance can yield interesting and wonderful insights into the nature/motivations/desires of said characer (reflecting back on Jaheira/Viconia relationships from BG2) but alas I agree with Sawyer, time/resources would be better spent on creating greatness as this is a new IP. Imagine if they can smash this out of the park, word gets around and then by the time another Kickstarter is created for PoE2 we get even more funds... with an established engine, setting, a previous plot to work from, established game mechanics that just need to be expanded upon etc, this sets OE up for the potential to add romance down the track... I noticed that others have said "modders will handle it". Well tbh I am not so sure, I never found a NPC romance mod for BG2 that didn't at some point strike me as somewhat cheezy, obnoxious or just not in fitting the theme with the original game. Anyways, that's my two cents. Silver
  17. I too like OP generally play as a Rogue type character, but I would rather that despite the awkward look, baring in mind said limitations I still feel that sneaking per se is very important for a rogue/thief/assassin or what have you. I also agree with the idea of a backstab applying regardless of whether or not you are invisible, but I would think that will largely depend on the combat mechanics that are yet to be implemented by the devs, otherwise it could become overpowered.
  18. Honestly for me, I hope that many of the mechanics featured in Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 will cross over into PE, the devs have mentioned this on their kickstarter page anyways so this is a somewhat bizarre poll, as some of the choices are regarding games that are not the same type of game as the IE ones (top down isometric, party based tactics etc). Absolutely looking forward to this game
  19. Baldur's Gate had way too many characters when you consider the number of doubling up with regards to NPC Classes, and they were not fleshed out, so not a great comparison, whilst Baldur's Gate 2 had some fantastic and memorable characters, there was some really glaring deficiencies in terms of NPC Class. If we are to get 8 NPCs for PE, and they are each of a different class, if you take into account the way PE is supposed to be handled in terms of alignment (ie no good or evil so to speak), then I would think there is great potential to have just enough companions to keep most people happy. Plus there could be more on the way if you consider expansions.
  20. In my opinion, I don't think I've seen any forum where this wasn't true, so I don't see that as a very valid criticism .... depending on one's definition of "useful," of course. Is a long debate on a movie or armchair politicking useful? People like to gather together and discuss wants, likes, dislikes on stuff they're interested in. From the frivolous to the more serious. I see nothing wrong with that. And sometimes the constant exchanges of constructive disagreement is even how good ideas - or at least ideas that spark other inspiration - come about. But I would agree that developers shouldn't listen to fans to the point of giving up their own creative desires/ideas for a game. I think we need to give Obsidian more credit for being able to stay true to their own vision, while possibly still being inspired by others towards new ideas that they think fits into/with their vision. Which is pretty much what is meant by those of us (me anyways) who like to point out to some who come up with rather weird and wonderful requests on these forums, that OE can make a great game regardless of what is discussed or requested. It doesn't hurt however of course, we all know that. OP needs to understand that when we say "trust OE to make a great game" instead of validating such opinions with a 'like it's really a nice way of saying... your idea sucks...
  21. I'm just gonna run with my experience from the Baldur's Gate series, so basically in BG1 companions were a dime a dozen, there were frankly WAY too many and a number of double ups (or triple ups) ensued with regards to classes at your disposal, frankly some of the NPCs were really weak and other then for quirkiness (some people REALLY like Alora...? go figure) there was absolutely no point in bringing them along, for example in Aloras case Imoen was always the better choice, hands down. Then you have BG2, NPCs step up a notch or two, you get proper party interaction and romance, so many of these NPCs are much more fleshed out, but on the other hand there are some GLARINGLY obvious classes missing for you to add to your party (no monk, no sorcerer etc), so whilst character development was a huge jump in BG2, you end up feeling hamstrung sometimes in regards to your choice of character classes for NPCs. Basically (as per my vote), I would like to work about as hard as you do in BG2 to get your conpanions (so in reality not THAT hard, but moreso then BG), but have better options. Looks like votes wise a lot of people agree...
  22. I'm from Belgium, I'm 100% certain people are quite a lot more liberal about alcohol and sexuality in continental Europe than is the mean in the USA. But, counterintuively (maybe), that means we're also on the mean quite a lot more responsible and even-headed about it. It's not about opression, it's about being decent human beings. Lighten up though, it was a special occasion. I'm sure they don't do that every weekend with children around. And the internet stream chats...well good luck cleaning those up. Yeah, some of those comments were pretty &%@*ed up, doesn't matter where you come from in that regard, that %&=@ is everywhere :/
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