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  1. heh let's not get off topic, or everyone will demand planescape torment 2 (even now just listening to ingame music still gets me into a good mood). After some thinking and reading your responses I was kinda suprised that for example Guild Wars was mentioned (there are a lot of bow & arrow, closeup of creature mouth icons but I guess I doesn't come up as problematic in the game). I think what I (kinda subconciously) liked about the Bg Icons that they look like something someone wrote/drew into a book (..and the interface looks like a book^^) so they are in one color and have no colo
  2. Let's deal with this important question . Oh and to recap (but imagesearch is probably better): Baldurs Gate Icons come in three colors, offensive-red, defensive-blue and miscish-white. Icewind Dale Icons similar but have a red tones for offensive, green for summoning... (with exceptions) Planescape Torment with no real symbolic pattern. Other.. Well mine is from Baldurs Gate.. why? Since I think a icon with a gun firing doesn't tell me as much as an icon with a Bullet and and three halfcircles behind it (to indicate for example triple power). The spellbook is kind of a toolbox a
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