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  1. Good information, several things I didn't know about there. All in all sounds like nothing that's worth my money, if I'm already used to modded BG. There aren't many game-breaking or annoying bugs left at this point, the gameplay benefits from mods like Sword Coast Strategems are phenomenal. New areas are nice and so are new characters (since I assume there's more to them than just romance), but for $18? Nah, there's a lot of small things that sound nice but overall I doubt I'll sit there feeling that not only is it different and new enough to be worth $18, it makes up for any mods that be
  2. Already pre-ordered it, in fact I heard about Project Eternity through following Trent Oster's twitter feed, I signed up to Twitter just to follow Trent in the hopes I would get an update on a boxed CE of BG:EE sooner then checking out updates to the webpage for the BE:EE forums or even over at Beamdog. Alas... no CE will be forthcoming.
  3. Interestingly what you describe sounds almost exactly like the dungeon from the original Diablo, just swap out 'ancient ruins' for a modified version of Hell and there you have it.
  4. Sorry OP, but I am also in favour of keeping randomisation to a minimum in PE, so at most I like the ideas others have already mentioned, such as when moving across the map from one location to the next or the types of monsters you might face should you be inrerrupted whilst resting. Lets look at randomisation and why this mechanic would work in some instances, for example Torchlight or Diablo (I have no direct comprehension of Torthlight game mechanics other then what I have read, whereas I grew up playing the Diablo games and as of now have a couple hundred hours notched in D3) compared
  5. I have a bit of faith in Obsidian given their history. Which is why I'm only 'uneasy' and not 'withdrawing my pledge.' I expect they'll do the right thing, but the wording of what people are getting worries me a touch. Sorry missed this bit, depends on how big the game world really is doesn't it... in a major city there could be loads of inns. I'm just saying I don't think you should be so uneasy about it is all...
  6. Voted for gripping plot, becuase when I look back over all the games I have played including the ones I NEVER finished, I always fondly remember the IE engine games of which I think I am around 30 full completions of the original BG, and then there is the Elder Scrolls series of games, of which I have never ever finished one of them. I was so horrified when I found out that my beloved Fallout franchise was taken over by Bethesda, to this day I have still not completely finished Fallout 3 (if including the Broken Steel plotline). It's such a stuggle. Beth are fantastic at world building
  7. You pretty much stated what I would love to see happen within the world of PE. Actually it reminds me of the older Fallout games whereby sometimes by leaving things alone there would be consequences and so forth. Big wall of text though, so I just quoted the interesting bits )
  8. No way hosay bucko, I want my big ol box, old school 90s style thank you, with all the bells and whistles! Preferably also with a Pledge Backer number stamped onto the box
  9. You said it, I don't currently see a reason why elves would be any different when compared to any other race with regards to souls.
  10. Wow, OP, give it time to settle a little bit, there is so much speculation surrounding this game right now it's crazy. I would think that if anyone has the guts to back such a project then there would be some level of trust in the devs that they will make one helluva game. This thing isn't even out of kickstarter yet! For me, their stated objectives/goals/ideas or w/ever you want to call them, they scream to me that they really care about creating a game with all the hallmarks of an IE game, you should stop questioning so much and just have a tinsy bit of faith in these guys. P
  11. Emotional responses to ridiculous and outlandish suggestions made by your peers is the norm on the interwebz methinks But yes, a level or rationalism throughout would be greatly appreciated, usually leads to better writing and therefore betting reading of other opinions.
  12. I was originally going to vote 'yes', but this convinced me not to; a stretch goal is better purposed for actual game dev, and the music will be great, I'm sure, even without a live orchestra. Maybe someday. Anniversary? Edit: This is also why I like seeing the Obsidian folks engaging their audience---set us straight on some expectations, etc. Just curious when you say prohibitively expensive. As in... up to say a quarter of the budget!!?? What sort of figure would we be talking?? Think I want to change my vote...
  13. I don't get this suggestion, I mean that should anyone who wants to play this game and 'roleplay', then why not just choose to not rest every w/ever number or hours you feel is realistic! I think the mechanics of PE should punish the stupid choices every player makes (ie if using the vancien casting system) but not to the point of saying you can't rest whenever you want to, that's what getting woken up by the enemy is for!
  14. I think what you are asking entirely depends upon the leveling system that will be implemented in Project Eternity, without this knowledge I cannot tell how this would affect the challenge of the game, regardless of difficulty level. On one hand I would say that I actually think your idea has some merit, but then on the other hand if leveling was anything like, say the BG series, then having a dungeon that constantly resets would be very exploitable. That's not to say for example when resting in the wilderness in BG or resting in Watcher's Keep in BG2 or ToB and having constant interruptio
  15. Unless you have a Ring of Regeneration, or something to that effect I would think
  16. Tbh, that pretty much sums up how I feel regarding OP's thread as well.
  17. Hell yes I do! But if this really did meant that there would be much less (as in... A LOT less) of the funds to go around other aspects of the game then I would rather the funds NOT go towards an orchestral score. I just have no idea what sort of ball park figure you would be looking at with regards to this.
  18. Wow, thanks for explaining that OP, I didn't even realise it was gonna be plastic! What happened to old school big ol boxes! That's what I thought I was going to get, so that news is a little dissapointing. After reading molarBear's post about Wasteland 2 and the use of cardboard I don't even think that this should be added as a stretch goal or whatnot, should be a given
  19. I always thought that combat was the best part of the story. Then again I don't really like that whole gameplay/story segregation thing. I hope PE uses vancian casting. After DA2(I was ok with DAO, since cooldowns for the more powerful abilities were a bit longer and global) I really don't want to play another cRPG with a cooldown system. My hope if this as well, give me the vancian casting system over cooldowns any day!! DAO was a let down in so many ways for me Mind you it was damn sure better then DA2!
  20. For me it would have to be the first time I completed the Bhaalspawn saga, taking my lowly PC from Candlekeep in BG1 + ToSC, then through to BG2 and finally ToB, ending up at what I thought at the time was the most epic battle to end all epic battles. To see the reactions of the NPCs I had brought with me and to find out where they end up before the credits roll. I haven't played an RPG that gave me such a feeling of wonderous accomplishment yet. I really hope PE can top that rush of emotion I felt way back then
  21. Tasmania, seeing as there are only 25 votes for Australia, I wonder how many live here? My guess is slim to none )
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