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  1. Yes! But if we could chance encounter a group of miniature giant space hamsters, now THAT would be LEGENDARY
  2. I thought they were using the increased budget to hire more people (maintaining the same schedule), not to keep the same amount of people working longer. I was of the same opinion as well, I haven't read anything to suggest otherwise...
  3. I am really hoping that the leveling system for PE will allow for this dungeon to be fully explored without ruining potential to import your protaganist from PE into PE2 due to level cap, but with another huge city being implemented now as well as having one already, plus a stronghold, am I crazy in thinking that there will be too much content for a carryover into PE2!?!?
  4. Tell me about it, my wife won't be happy......but well worth it, I have until April 2014 for her to get over it. Yeah it helps to discuss it with her first! A lesson learned for sure
  5. And in actuality this is exactly how I played through BG, I always releaded when a party member died, it just felt somewhat shallow to revive them on the spot when you look at the context of some of the conversations seen in BG, such as the ones OP mentioned.
  6. Yeah but remember that they had everything pretty much handed over to them from Bethesda with regards to the model they were building NV on. I would think that the beta will be an effective method of determining if in fact OE will need more time to iron out whatever is needed when the time comes. I still at this stage have complete faith in OE to release the game when they state they will in early 2014. They have some immense expierence at their disposal In the end if we have to wait longer for the game to come out I am in no hurry.
  7. I think for the most part the IE series of games did things rather spectacularly, considering the breadth of games that have entered the fray since the original BG back in the 90s, I haven't come across any game that has done significantly better then what this group of games (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment) has on offer combined (which is what the devs are drawing inspiration from). I do feel that one aspect was rather lacking however, which is player choice and the consequences of choice within the context of the world, so more of this (thinking Witcher 2 style player
  8. I would definitely like to see Liches in the PE universe... With a twist. Specifically as revered beings within PEs universe, benevolent and wise beings, maybe a king or somesuch.
  9. I would like to think that if it is advertised as 'signed' then the devs would actually go about signing them. But who knows? Would love for a confirmation from an OE rep.
  10. I pledged $280.00 ($30.00 required for international shipping), but I contemplated $500.00 for a long while, my Wife would have had my b&lls on a platter though and for good reason mind you cos that is a lot of money which could go towards a whole load of other things, err... like our mortgage or any of the other bills that start to come out of the woodwork when you buy a house Not to mention I now have a son on the way But I pledged a little while ago and have continually been rather pleasantly surprised with just how much stuff keeps getting piled on top of what I originally th
  11. I would be quite happy with a combination of BG style and Fallout style humour, so companions such as Minsc, add in some self referential jokes and the odd bizarre yet funny side quest sounds good to me I remember the self referential joke from Fallout 2 when chatting with the nurse in Vault City about the lack of children in the game, there is a line of dialogue you can choose where you state that you thought you were playing the Euro version of F2, some one liners like that would be great
  12. Well to be honest I reacted to the first part of your post, it seemed you were bothered by the way BG handled rep and that you did not want to see this but rather something along the lines of the quote from W2. However as you already know this game won't be like BG with regards to reputation, if you are looking for examples I unfortunately cannot be too forthcoming, I can't really think of a game I have played with this situation in mind (W2 quote). You can get away with stuff in Fallout without others knowing about it if you don't get caught, but it is nowhere near the level of reactivity
  13. I have read that the devs are opting for a reputation system that sounds familiar to what was used in the Fallout series of games (I'm talking Fallout 1, 2 and Fallout: New Vegas). So less like Baldur's Gate in that regard and more akin to Fallout, so hopefully it is as reactive as you would like! The quote from Wasteland 2 sounds rather interesting
  14. Whenever I think of Tavern music, I always harken back to BG2, where my fondest memory concerning music with Inns or Taverns is the music played when entering The Vulgar Monkey in Brynnlaw, it was such a simple melody that inspired such a wonderful emotional response from within me. a very beautiful piece of music to be sure
  15. Brilliant comment, was thinking the same thing! "Full plate and packing steel!" Made me smile, tbh I never thought about what OP is questioning when playing BG. I really hope for some memorable quotes from NPCs in this game!
  16. I hope for the same, Bioware just did everything poorly with that IP A real shame...
  17. All sound fantastic in theory, the execution will be telling however, I remember playing Gothic 3 and getting really annoyed with some of the aspects of that game and in truth I never completed it (bit like Oblivion/Skyrim for me, beautiful world but no gripping central plot device to hook you in). You did quote Gothic 1 & 2 however so maybe G3 was not as good as those two?
  18. As a teaser for what's to come of course! It done well it would be memorable for sure. Assuming that what I posted were to be the case... for example it could be one of the adventuring parties to be partly created by those who pledged the required amount, the adventuring party could be so uber powerful that they are not beatable until the proceeding installment of PE! You could see future skills and abilities being used by enemies that you don't have access to yet due to the level cap (for example), methinks that would look really sweet (like watching Irenicus tear up the Cowled Wizard
  19. What would make me pledge more you say?? My Wife not eating me alive for one! Haha
  20. I too am interested in finding out the shipping method, for example the $250.00 tear requires another $30.00 for international shipping (so I pledged $280.00 of course) as opposed to $20.00, so what would be the difference I wonder?? I just really really REALLY hope it is not like the Witcher 2 CE! I bought that off ebay (sadly I missed the chance to pre order from my local games store, but I hear that of those who did they had the same experience as I), when it arrived in the mail, like many others have discussed at length online I found that the bust of Geralt was completely ruined
  21. Aw, bite me. I think it would be a great slap in the face to the folks who didn't LIKE Obsidian on facebook. lol Ooon the other hand, Tale probably has it right with the whole idea that it would require people to go through an optional area to get to a place that's going to take up a *lot* of resources. I vaguely recall a supplement or module for AD&D (1st ed I think) where you explore a vast underground cavern system, and one of the areas was an entire town that had long ago fallen into a giant sinkhole, and generations of people living in the dark had made them blind. Or somethi
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