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  1. i would prefer bg2 style romances, along with friendship path. that would mean- 30+ talks that give TIME for any relationship to have actual depth. no mostly plot-related talks, or only-in-camp comments. i loved how npc's slowly developed over time, throuh many talks and additional mini plots. of course, i assume a more mature handling of the matter, above 12yo mark (no sex being the point of it all, no constant psychotherapy for companions etc.). on the similar note, i would prefer if romance would not be important for any bigger event, only showing few minor consequences, like bg2. peop
  2. new here, hi everybody. i did not find a topic about this so sorry if it has been already discussed, or answered. anyway- what would you prefer regarding text in game? spoken lines only (like baldurs gate) or greater amount of descriptive text mixed with spoken lines (like planescape torment)? i prefer planescape style, it allows for far greater immersion and presents all those little things that cannot be animated with 2D sprites (facial expression, interaction with items etc.). of course, i would love to see character as animated as possible, but some thing are far greater when d
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