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Found 40 results

  1. I love the theme and the in-game music, but I can't find a track list anywhere. Not on IMDB, not in the credits, not on Justin Bell's twitter. Please release the soundtrack.
  2. 1. Why is the button to reload the same button to engage dialog? It's a bit annoying to see my weapon get whipped out every time I talk to someone, like I'm trying to mug everyone I meet. I like having my weapon holstered when not in combat. 2. PLEASE GIVE AN OPTION TO TURN OFF KILL CAM. I hate kill cams in so many games because they wreck the flow of game play. I find myself getting killed because of how jarring and random the kill cam is when engaging multiple enemies at once. The only kill cam I've ever thought made sense was the approach used in Max Payne 3, in which it only ever applies to the last enemy killed in an engagement. OPTIONS TO NOT HAVE ANNOYING "FEATURES" ARE WONDERFUL, PLEASE PROVIDE AN OPTION TO TURN THIS OFF. 3. It'd be nice to not have a pop-up menu covering so much of the inventory screen at all times. I like seeing the whole inventory screen so I can see everything at a glance, and then have a button activate a pop-up menu to show more detailed stats.
  3. The lighting in the character creator is too dark and is making all of the hair options look like variations of black. I've seen other forums of users complaining about lack of variety in hair color, but I think the problem is lighting, not variety. I created a guy with dark grey hair and in-game his hair is almost white. For context, the lighting on the skin is fine. For some reason the hair is just super dark in the creator. Please fix the lighting in the character creator to more accurately reflect it's true color in-game.
  4. TL;DR - I love the turn-based system on the whole and would choose to start PoE III in turn-based mode if it comes with that option. I hope the devs will take some time to have some fun with exploiting the new options in terms of counter-play by making combat at the higher difficulties more punishing not by simply inflating numbers, but requiring the proper response to certain actions (interrupts, movement, prioritizing the right targets) --- Intro: When I first played PoE II I felt its combat (and combat balance) was it absolute weakest point. On PotD I mowed through enemies, hardly ever taking notice of their abilities or intentions as the game didn't require me to, and didn't really give me the opportunity to do so. After revisiting PoE II with turn-based mode, I thoroughly enjoyed the combat even though the feature is still in its beta stage and not without its flaws. These are my thoughts on turn-based after doing my second run-through (on veteran difficulty, up to level 15). --- LOVE + The depth of the combat with the ability to counter/respond to whatever the AI is trying. Though perhaps in its early stages at this moment, the knockdown/interrupt counterplay is really fun. AI could in future builds punish harder for failing to adequately counterplay their attacks. + Resource management feels more intense and tactical as you get to see a complete picture every turn. + Positioning feels more deliberate. Again, the AI could exploit or punish this more, allowing for more tactical combat. CONCERNS # The mode is very generous with free actions. these actions are obviously very powerful as they are all benefit and hardly any opportunity-cost, especially with no limit to the number of free actions per turn. A 'minor' action, taking 50% of movement or simply having just one minor action per round would limit their power and cause a little more consideration on using these abilities. # AI - The AI still misses some actions on their turn and doesn't seem to consider sequencing or combo'ing actions at all. This would be a great addition to the turn-based system as well. # Initiative - The transition from action speed to initiative feels fine if a bit blunt. Where action speed went from the most powerful and influential attribute to completely optional for most of the classes. Could require some finetuning to bring back the fantasy of having a nimble, fast-moving character rather than just the ability to go first in combat. (add movement speed/distance and disengagement defense as secondary bonuses of dexterity?) # Weapon switching - should probably be a minor action, possibly alongside (some) potions and the second wind (atheltics) ability # Turn advantage for the player - The players' party seems to get a free turn every combat on top of the movement advantage. # Show enemy actions - Even more depth in the combat system could be achieved by indicating the unit's action not just when they are casting a spell. On mouse over it should show the action (by name and effect), its intended target (area indicator or currently selected target). This would further reward tactical play and allow for more punishing results when a player fails to respond adequately. # Combat turn speed - I had the combat speed on the fastest mode all the time and still felt it could use a speed up, especially enemy movement. # Pushing/collision - Sometimes units get shoved from their position by the pathing of other units. # Out of range misses - Costly (melee) 'misses' often due to no fault of the player. As the system already detects why the 'miss' occurred but is also the 'cause' of the problem why not let it auto-correct by either providing the feedback before the attack or applying the attack as if the character was in range. DISLIKE - Pulling unseen enemies/the entire room. This partially if not largely nullifies the positives on better combat control. IT's hard if not impossible to tell what enemies are 'chained' when you engange an enemy, often resulting in all enemies piling on the party, even where they didn't in real-time-with-pause. - Enemy HP. The slower phase of turn-based combat makes it tedious at times to cycle through attack after attack while the encounter no longer feels threatening. --- Overall, turn-based is great update and addition to the game! Can't wait for it to go out of beta and do another run-through.
  5. Right in the first fight I noticed that when multiple characters stand together and you give a movement order your path gets blocked off easily and your character 'tries' getting around by wobbling left and right which eats up all your movement points and you don't end up on the spot where you wanted to be when you gave the movement order.
  6. Just a minor flaw in the design. When you play the game in turn-based mode it is unnecessary to pause the game on the beginning of a fight since you already have all the time in the world to make your decissions.
  7. It took me 109 hours to finish my first game. I've left the game running, while being AFK and therefore the actual playtime is maybe around 90 hours. This duration should tell you: A) I did enjoy the game B) You get a lot of playtime for your buck (regardless the quality) C) I have probably experienced a LOT of the content. First I want to thank the devs for a good game and I want to express that I had fun playing it. This said, it wasn't all wonderful .. Here is my hopefully constructive feedback: - Why sidekicks? I did collect them all, but I never used them. To me they are the same as generating your own crew. They're not needed and just complicate your hero selection (as in I need to scroll to the left and right to find the actually real companions). - As in the first game the story was "meh". It was just a bit boring. The devs failed to make me really care about my character, the major parties or the world itself. I'm not sure if I'm just not interested in the world, the philosophical questions or if they're just not that good at story telling (no offense). Don't get me wrong, there were interesting parts in it and I didn't roll my eyes while playing, but it just didn't really grip me. - The game had what felt like 5 main quests. So even though I played 90+ hours, I feel like I didn't actually do anything expect some busy work quests like mapping the place, hunting ships and such (Far Cry style). It reminds me a bit of Gothic 3, where one had ONE main quest = Find Xardas (or whatever his name was). Maybe I just feel that way because I was missing more of .. something? - That's made worse by the mindless exploring. The player uncovers mostly meaningless islands with randomized loot. There is a portrait hovering over an island and there are maybe 3-4 "items" of which one is an encounter and one a mini dungeon. I strongly disliked this kind of exploring. It felt cheap/random. - What's going on with those mini maps/dungeons? Here's a little something, there's a little something … I liked the first Pillars better in that regard. This just wasn't enough. - Basically the game has one main city. Again, this isn't enough. I suppose the first Pillars was similar and had about the same amount of "maps", but here it felt like not enough content. If the devs want, they can see it as a compliment that I couldn't get enough of it. But I don't think that's exactly it. - It felt to me like I've read all the books already in the first pillars. After trying to read about 3 of them, I gave it up. - I've played the difficulty below Path of the damned, I think and with battles including vampires as exceptions the fights were way too easy. What happened? In fact for most battles I just used the standard AI and didn't do much at all. I should have scaled the fights, I think. - A lot of bugs are still in the game. Bugs regarding the adventure book, the enchanting system, the dialogue system and the reputation system really caught my attention. For a long time the game didn't even properly recognize the skill buffs my equipment gave me. Not cool. Aloth seemed especially bugged out. The totems were bugged as well. Or rather the statusbar. Several times my chars had 20-40 times the debuff. - Personally, I didn't enjoy the Caribbean scenario much. That's a me problem. - The ship fights were BAD. They felt like they didn't belong into the game. Sure, I won them, but they were tedious and boring. Not a fan. - What was going on with this version of romance? I romanced Maia … Me:"let's be together"...Her:"okay, do one quest for me" …Her:"ok, XY likes you so I like you" AND THAT'S IT? Is this a bug? Did the dialogue not fire? Why include romance at all? There were no personal talks or anything. Better just not to have the option. - Not satisfied with the ending either. I always tried the diplomatic approach, didn't choose a side and it all ended in chaos. Sure, I get the reasoning, but I wasn't really given an alternative. I usually manage to get good endings. Not here, apparently. After a break I might try out some other endings. - The characteristics for the MC that influence the dialogues could be maxed (max = 2?) in 2-4 hours. That's too fast and the implementation into the dialogues felt meaningless for 70% of the cases. Pillars 1 seemed better in this regard. Same goes for character reputation. There was even a Cathwenna (or something like that) NPC that didn't want to accept my help because my skullduggery (or whatever) was at 2. I barely did any shady things … - I only liked Eder and Aloth again. Once more didn't care about the rest of them. Alright, here some positive things: - The graphics were great. I don't care too much about that. Pillars 1 was good enough for me. - The animations are nice. Again, I don't really focus on that and I was happy with the first part already. - The choose your own adventure book style was done well. I liked how it was combined with the other story telling. - Multi Classes are cool. I did enjoy the White Marches. How come Pillars 2 feels like a step back (to me)? Suggestions for future Pillar Games: - Graphics and Animations are good enough. Please focus on story, fights and more content. - Forget about the watcher. Let us make a new character in this world. - How about making us the son/daughter of a noble man/woman/person and we inherit his/her/their run down keep, village, advisors and enemies (external + internal)? This is for me a good way to make me care about something (a personal story, where I build up stuff). The devs only partially succeeded with this in Pillars 1. Cad Nua never really felt like a home to me. - Keep the story on a small scope for Pillars 3. Keep it personal. Maybe it becomes an epic story with Pillars 6 or so, when we're made the king's/queen's general/marshal or something. It would be so great to really see the improvements from game to game and also the years go by. Climbing up the feudal system step by step would be amazing … with intrigue, drama, tournaments, wars, alliances. Of course the different outcomes would have to be limited. [EDIT] If I had to rate the game, it would be a 7 / 10. For me that's a rather high ranking. For the gaming industry that wouldn't be regarded a "good" rating. Well, they're wrong.
  8. I have recently finished my first Deadfire playthrough (on v1.0.2), and decided to provide some feedback. Posting it here, since it can contain a few spoilers. First of all: I liked the game and yeap would bake a sequel. Second: sure the game came out a bit raw, but definitely less raw than I expected after trying the betas. So here we go: Things I liked: the atmosphere and exploration. I really enjoyed the grim nature of PoE1, but the bright and shiny Deadfire was also great to explore. the visuals. You guys made noticeable improvements to the game world, character models, lightning, shading and textures. the hook. It is always interesting to play your games from the very first minute. You find a way to get the player invested. the story idea. And having to play a decent role in the gods conflict. subclasses and multi-classing. When balanced well this really adds to the pool of possible builds and improves replay-ability tremendously. sailing and shanties. voice acting. Both characters VO and narrator. (* narrator has pleasant voice but could be a lil bit faster) ingame music. While PoE1 exploration soundtracks were ok, I started to hate PoE1 combat music. In Deadfire through I liked both. neketaka the idea of relationship/camaderie system humour. Both written and emerging. Things I'm neutral about: factions. They are great in the first 3/4 of the game. Flavorful, colorful. Their imperfections make them more realistic. But... at the end of the game their faction leaders look retarded. The future of Eora is at stake and they quarrel about unrelated things. Or let's take their "ambush" at Ukaizo. In my case it was Furrante. I haven't really understood why he decided to suicide by attacking the Watcher. ship combat. I was pretty excited about it when heared it first. Didn't expect it to be textual though. But.. can live with that. The thing is that something feels missing. Having all those trophies and no reactivity about it is kinda lacking Also capturing a ship and not being able to take it or it's cannons was really strange. Also maybe add some unlockable (on higher captain ranks) maneuver perks? And make some enemy ships travel in groups of two? romances. Romances with both Maia and Xoti felt strange, with weird pace (i.e. they started immediately and after that 30h of radio-silence with no new dialogues) and not really satisfying ending. Things I didn't like: Main story was too short. The whole run took ~50h, but I have a feeling that critical path could be done under 3 hours. Faster with an SSD. The sense of false urgency. It feels a bit strange when you need to follow Eothas, but... he can wait while you go for a trip to Splintered Reef, explore the map or do some faction stuff. Had to tell to myself that Eothas is moving very slowly. But if so, couldn't Magran blow that volcano earlier? I.e. when Eothas has arrived to Ashen Maw, but before he absorbed the essence from the pillar? Without it and souls nearby to consume he could potentially halt there. Also.. not really the problem of the game, but with all that built-up, was waiting for some big intense fight in the end (depending on the dialogue option / what to do with The Wheel). Because of this false expectation was sitting during the end dialogs and thinking oh well.. did I really expect to fight a god? And also: how could I convince him to delay breaking the wheel, while there won't be enough animancy advances in order to be sure that we can fix it once broken. Some quest givers turning hostile if you don't want to kill for them. Pallegina didn't feel like good ol Pal. It looks like time spent away from the Watcher affected her hard. Expected more light-heartedness from a pardoned Pallegina. Also where is Vielo Vidorio? Her only unique ability is quite lacking; and a wayfarer would be more useful in party. tooltips that don't give you complete information. "Has a small chance", "inflicts a small DoT"? Rot Skulls and Nannasin's Cobra Strike tooltip not mentioning the DoT data. bugs. Usually not a big deal. But that reload time bug was annoying. weak bounties. In PoE1 many of them were quite memorable. And I can remember none by name in Deadfire. weak bosses. balance. So many OP abilities, especially in proper combination. Also so many trash options that are not worth the time spent to cast them (i.e. 3s cast time + 4s recovery and get 5 resolve? or deal 80 damage to 5 enemies?) crowd control not being reliable and useful enough. Why try to charm the enemy when it's faster to kill him? In PoE1 it was great that you could make parties with completely different playstyles and they both will be optimal. encounters are not diverse enough. I didn't feel the need to adapt, or change my combat routine. In PoE1 we would fight differently when facing: shades | ogre druids | kith druids / pwgras | kith | monks | dragons. generally in v1.0.2 it wasn't even worth to watch the inspirations/afflictions and try to counter them. inbalance between AR versus Defenses for damage mitigation. the seeming imbalance between damage types. There seem to be quite more enemies with low crush AR and high fire AR, compared to other armor types. confusion with speed/time and damage calculation. Specifically malus steps. Also it seems that confusion was not only in how the game processes this stuff, but also at the dev level; looking at how might became multiplicative then additive; or reloading becoming affected by recovery modifiers only in beta4. some items had really OP properties. I was like "it's obvious that there is a broken use for it even before you finish reading description". Using it won't give enough satisfaction because it will feel cheap. And imminent nerfing will cause the dissatisfaction of players who use it. So why make those properties this way? at the same time many of those items were overnerfed in v1.1.0. I mean it's definitely bad when an item increases your dps by 50% compared to alternative; and even worse it it doubles total damage just by itself. But if it does so only by 3-5% it's also not satisfying enough. 7-10% is a nice threshold to look at. double-nerfing. Just an example: the problem with Swift Flurry was it's recursive implementation. Instead of taking recursion away, you dramatically reduce it's proc chance. After that make it only work with melee attacks. And in v1.1.0 giveup and make it impossible to proc recursively. Good but why not revert the melee-only change? Also since all hit-to-crit conversions were severely nerfed it's proc chance could be reviewed as well? Overall: it's a great game, a solid 8/10 with potential to get up to 9/10 with extra polishing and fine-tuning, and even more with expansions. In any case am already planing a new run on v1.1.0) P.S. Some party stats for the curious:
  9. I've been taking notes all through my playing of the Backer Beta and only now have I finally gotten around to sharing them. A lot of the stuff I wrote down were bugs, most of which have thankfully since been fixed, but here are some other thoughts I've had along the way. First of all, this game is gorgeous, from the scenery to the sprite details to the UI. Well done, artists. I absolutely love what has been done with scripted interactions in Deadfire. It's so much easier to go through that stuff now that I don't have to have everyone's stats memorized and companions can assist on checks. Plus, the scripted interactions now have even more of that great storybook feel to them. I really enjoy the watercolour art style and seeing everyone's portraits in conversations in that style also enhances the new aesthetic for this game. Teāna the drummer is wonderful. The Watcher's interaction with her is so small, but so touching. I was really pleased at the new spell animations, especially those for the cipher, which never felt all that dazzling or special in PoE1, but now they definitely stand out more and have more visual punch to them. I noticed in version 4 that the voice sets have been updated and some of them have been renamed. I have no objection to this, especially since it keeps things a little fresh for me, but I am curious as to why this was done. The ship battle system is quite fun, although it can feel a bit "okay, get on with it" after a while of circling each other and waiting for cannons to reload. I am happy that we get to do it as a scripted interaction instead of a real-time animated thing, because that would've shot my anxiety through the roof. I like the ship management screen. I think it's very well organized and pretty. Nice job. Some things that I wasn't quite so pleased about: Friendly fire on Story Mode. Can we maybe not do that? Having Story Mode is about being able to not stress about combat so much and focus on relaxing and enjoying the narrative. Having to worry about impaling my companions makes that a lot harder. I was really excited at the prospect of giving my Watcher a fancy hat instead of a hood in Deadfire, but the moment I achieved this goal, my elation was tarnished by the fact that the hat gave my Watcher a shaved head. I seem to recall the devs saying that that issue was going to be fixed in Deadfire (I could be wrong; please don't throw rocks). I was hoping that we wouldn't have to choose to multiclass right away if we weren't sure if we wanted to. I was hoping it would be a little more like D&D where you can pick up another class at any point. This isn't a big deal, I'm just awful at committing to major character change choices and since I very often pick stats and things with a narrative mindset, being forced to decide whether I want to multiclass right away is a bit jarring. I wish we could pick eye colour separate from face. I could be wrong, but I think the footstep foley got louder in version 4 and I feel like it's bit too loud and doesn't fit with the volume of the rest of the area ambience. Anyway, these are my two cents, for what they're worth.
  10. [FIRST ROUND OF FEEDBACK] Feel free to Share your Goodies & Baddies. The Good : Might // Resolve coming back 2 Pts when reaching new Power Lvl for Single Class characters Speed Sliders // Overall Pace of Combat improvement // Casting Times. Ship Combat per Turns instead of per Rounds feels better to me. UI Improvements [Empowering, Uncheck Inventory Items, Etc, looks prettier] More Passives ! [Overall but Specially for Spiritshift Subclass who needed this the most for me] Optimization : The Game's loadings were already Quick. It now loads even quicker, & goes back to the main screen quicker aswell for me. Exit to Windows is welcome aswell ! The Bad : I'm still uncomfortable with that Source Pool thing... The whole thing. I think I kinda hate it. I hope some Gear helps to increase that pool... Because as a Rogue : Gouging Strike + Smoke Veil & you're done, unless you Empower. I don't know I'd like kind of a Mix, between the former "Set of use", like : You got 2 Gouging Stikes per Encounter, 1 Strike the Bell, 3 Venimous Strikes. & Then, you could "Recharge this Set of Use" when you Empower yourself. But I don't know, I have to wrap my head around that. WARNING : I don't really like the new Central Button. I liked it when the whole "Ring" was clickable to Pause // Unpause, now the pause button is really tiny & not handy. Plus the Out of Combat Fast / Slow Triggers, were better on the outside of the ring, rather that inside as it is now. Combat Slider is fine. About New Passives : Still think its good, but I expected them to be more "Thought Out". Like for Spiritshifters : Who thought it'd be a good idea to put the Single Handed // Two Handed // Dual Wielding // More Sets of Weapons Passives ??? For a Shifter ? Come on, no one will ever pick that ! Give it some Fighters / Monks Passives already ! It's a Shifter ! It uses his Claws / Horns / Whatever, none of these Passives fits what a Shifter really uses ! Sounds like "Let's add more Passives to Spiritshifters, but pick the ones that make the least sense..." Even though I don't like some things // changes between POE I & II, I do think it's going into the right direction. As for that the whole "Source" Concept, I think I'm gonna need to learn how to enjoy it in context, from Level One, into the Real / Entire Game. Right now I can't do it... I just f**king hate it, like... to the bones. EDIT : I have a 21:9 aspect ratio, previous beta builds used to have my resolutions. But now, they're just not here anymore ? Everything is stretched & look s ugly, quite unplayable in these conditions. Just a Bug I guess.
  11. Was thinking that a future Update could be set around : Most of the Feedback you've received from the Community & how it is regarded by the Devs.Like : "We've seen your concern about [X], here's what we think of your proposals". About [Y], we think you're right, here's what we intend to do to adress it". On [Z], we don't believe anything needs to be changed, here's why". Just to share, where you're at, what is being regarded, Etc. What are you thoughts on Community proposals, be it right or wrong. I don't really know how difficult it would be to do this but, answering everyones concerns by hand on each individual Forum Threads, seems unfeasible. Better off setting up a Stream or an Update & "globalize" All/Most of the informations you've gathered & what you can share. Just my two-cents. If I had to point most of the things being discussed : Pace of Combat / Spellcasting. Difficulty. (PoTD seems to be the most discussed around various Threads) Classes. (Paladins Order, Wizards, Shifter Subclass, Etc. What people wanna see changed) Resolve vs Strengh/Might. (Devs State on this) Anything Devs wanna brought on the table. If it's possible to give us a sense of what is : A Priority at the moment. B & C priority, as far as you can think about it.
  12. So, I don't know whether devs will increase skill points given at level up, tweak party assist some more or reduce skill checks values later on, but right now I feel that there are too many "must have" good skills and too few skill points to spend. Some classes by their role (fighter) need less active skills, some classes need more (rogue), while passive skills are needed by all. So I've this idea - how about starting from 10 points every extra 3 points spent on an attribute give according skills a free +1 point? Active skills: Arcana (Intelligence) Athletics (Strength) Stealth (Dexterity) Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) Mechanics (Perception) Explosives (Dexterity) Alchemy (Constitution) Passive skills: Bluff (Resolve) Diplomacy (Resolve) Intimidate (Strength) History (Intelligence) Insight (Perception) Metaphysics (Intelligence) Religion (Intelligence) Streetwise (Resolve) Survival (Constitution) So each attributes governs that many skills: Strength - 2 skills Constitution - 2 skills Dexterity - 3 skills Perception - 2 skills Intelligence - 4 skills Resolve - 3 skills It's not equal among the attributes, but it doesn't have to be, because otherwise it would not be very logical and some attributes are useful enough as it is (Strength, Perception), while some need more love so that players won't dump them (Intelligence, Resolve). So, for example, if I have a rogue with attributes like these: Strength - 16 (+2 Athletics; +2 Intimidate) Constitution - 8 (no bonuses) Dexterity - 19 (+3 Stealth; +3 Sleight of Hand; +3 Explosives) Perception - 16 (+2 Mechanics; +2 Insight) Intelligence - 10 (no bonuses) Resolve - 9 (no bonuses) Feel free to bash it
  13. I recently tried to play as ranger, but I found what I consider to be a detrimental factor in its balancing, other than in the fun playing it. Or you develop Ranged abilities Or you take pet's ones. Mixing is unsatisfying in my experience. Now, my frustration comes from the fact that the pet IS a second character, I am forced to keep it but its death cripples my Ranger performance. Therefore to augment its functionality and survive-ability I must devolve the points gained from levelling up on said improvements. This result in a very boring Ranger. If instead I decide to strengthen my Ranger, then the pet becomes much of a burden and more frustrating than fun. I've been pondering a lot about it, and I honestly think that the "pet only" abilities (like DR reduction, knock-down, or damage boost) should be automatically unlocked upon levelling up much as the priest spells do. Another way to do it would be to allow me to level up my animal companion independently (separate pet XP). In this way I would still have some chance to learn some new abilities and to progress my Ranger ranged proper development. I feel this change should be implemented by Obsidian, but since probably it won't happen, I would like to know if anybody could Mod it according my suggestion, or teach me how to do it myself. Thanks for the reading.
  14. finding his 'soul', specifically. During his Gamescom presentation Josh mentioned a common complaint of players who were disappointed with PoE because they found its 'soul' to be missing. Josh also comments that 'soul is elusive'. Implying, of course, that players don't actually have a clue of what it is they're missing. So let's help him. For people to be disappointed, there must have been certain expectations. We can assume that these expectations had something to do with the Infinity Engine games. All of these were D&D games, and most were set in the Forgotten Realms. I believe this is already the heart of the matter. As Josh mentioned elsewhere, D&D has always been an uneven rules system, torn between simulationism and gamism. And the Forgotten Realms are a notorious setting; they have been called silly, which they often are, but most of all they strive to be fantastical. Or, as I put it, wacky™. In high fantasy, wacky things always happen. One of the tenets of fantasy is simply to boggle the mind, or at least surprise the recipient. Beings and items show unexpected behaviour or unnatural properties all the time. In his quest to balance the rules and avoid degenerate player behaviour - which is often just making use of these special properties - pretty much everything in the game was streamlined. If you compare e.g. Baldur's Gate 2 with PoE, BG's wackiness is apparent. Its quirky spells, for example, have far more to offer than PoE's samey buff/ debuff/ damage spells. No hard counters means less impressive abilities on enemies. And magical items hardly ever did anything exciting - not even mentioning the fact that you always knew what they did right away. The second blow to the traditional fantasy elements that could have been came from the game's tone; it's clearly trying to be serious. I say trying, because serious fantasy is boring and a dichotomy. My argument here rests on two assumptions: 1) fantasy is always escapist and 2) escapism is not serious business. ​Now, PoE clearly wanted to be darker in tone than the IE games, but dark =/= serious. In many cases, there's nothing sillier than a grimdark setting. So I'd say this in itself wasn't problematic - PoE could have been a dark, but still fantastical game, like its predecessors. What's really problematic is that it takes itself too seriously - and serious and wacky are on opposite sides of the spectrum. As such, this approach was unsuited to a successor of the IE games, or even fantasy RPG's at large. Sentient items, level draining, or raising the dead are more than just mechanics. They reinforce suspension of disbelief by being tied to the numbers. And I don't care if these are old, tired examples - Obs' job would it have been to make it better, not to simply avoid all this stuff.
  15. Hi, In the board game version of the game, some found the basic game too easy, especially with multiple characters. One easy variant that some people (including me) use is to add a restriction to the use of Blessings where a character can only use a Blessing to add to die rolls "at their location.".This variant makes it more beneficial for party members to stick together and makes the game more challenging and interactive between the characters (the characters really need each other more for protection and support). It is very fun and challenging to play this way. I play the game online this way and it is relatively easy to do. Can you add an option that would allow players to play with this restriction? It would add a very fun and challenging option for people to play the game without being tempted to use that Blessing at another character's location to add to your character's check!!!! It would be great to hear if the developers would consider adding this option. Best, Fergy
  16. I am trying to get into this game, and I wanted to provide feedback as to my experiences and how the game could be made better. Everything goes through iterative improvement, and hopefully I can affect the future of the game. I have briefly read the rules for the actual card game, to stay within those rules. No point in suggesting something that is not in the spirit of the game. The Base Set Rulebook will be referenced by page, so BSR19 is page 19 of the rulebook, used immediately below. 1. I made it through the first two story missions, and was ready to take Kyra and Merisiel out into the wide world and level them up. However, I cannot figure out how to do that, I seem to be forced to start new versions of them. The card game states (BSR19) that characters can be played in the campaign or a random game. Let me play the same party characters in story mode as in quest mode. 2. The card game states that it has enough cards to support four character decks, six if you have the character add-on deck. (again BSR19) With a digital platform, card scarcity is no longer an issue. The nicknames function that exists could use some magnification to a larger font, if nothing else. To be even more clear and concise about characters, make a universal character vault that has whatever characters I have made, with a "new" button on it for new characters, so that I can have the same experience as I would with the card-game, on a digital platform. 3. The subdued, plain, gray, cog-wheel icon has nothing about it to explain that it is the means to exit to the main menu. The standard convention is a red X in the upper left corner of the window. Maybe something in between those two? An easier, more intuitive menu scheme? Back and Next buttons? Swipe up and down? 4. I do not know how this game can deplete my tablet battery, but it most certainly does. Is there any possibility of a menu option to turn on and off the "effects", to make it a bit easier on battery life? 5. If I want to change my cards for the basic ones, then rules a better deck-building menu would be awesome. In fact, I have not figured out how to do that, but I understand that cards can be discarded, but "view deck" does not give me any such option. I would very much like the tutorial to go through this, to explain it as a core function of the game. This could be integrated into the character vault as well, to put it all in one place, using the three dot ellipsis icon and view deck option that already exists! 6. The card game rules state that decks can be built using cards that are in expansions two numbers less than the current one in play, expanding from the basic cards at higher levels. Is this implemented in the game? if not, then please put in the business logic for it, so that we can experiment with builds at later stages of the game. Thanks to everyone for the game, and please read these suggestions in the spirit that they were written - to make the game better. V/R
  17. Is there any in-app way to send feedback or capture strange behaviors, weird situations, unexpected interactions? I've had a few things that may have been Working as Intended but definitely unclear, as well as a few freezes.
  18. The preview rulebook is now available. It's not final and there is still time to clarify any confusing rules and fix any errors. Please post any questions or comments below. http://www.zeroradiusgames.com/downloads/loer_rules_preview_small.pdf Thanks!
  19. Not surprisingly, I thought the ranger was prett lack-luster. Although I don't think the ranger's in danger of winning any overpoweredness contests, I actually didn't think the ranger was too weak. The ranger is really just the pet-owner class. Other than the fact that D&D also had (and struggled with) animal companions, the class barely feels like a ranger at all. This wouldn't be a huge problem if it didn't mean that, in the end, there's almost nothing to do with the ranger in both character building and combat. In my opinion, the ranger would make more sense (and probably be a lot more fun) as a series of talents available to any character. (Think about it: then Sagani could be a rogue!) That's a pretty dire verdict on a class. I'm not joking though. At this point, if I had to fix the ranger I would just get rid of it completely and allow any character to buy into the ranger pet through a series of talents (starting with something weaker, of course, since a whole ranger pet would be a bit OPed for just one talent). The remaining abilities could be divided among other classes as made sense. I'm not being hyperbolically negative here either. I actually think this would be a nice improvement to the game--allowing characters to be distinguished by the fact that they have an animal companion rather than defined by the fact they have an animal companion. The fighter with a pet wolf would feel a lot different than one without, both mechanically and from a storytelling perspective. Same for every other class.
  20. Having just finished PoE, and havign waited for a good Infinity enginge style game for many years I wanted to put down my thoughts on how things went, and my thoughts on the journey. I hope this is of some interest or use to someone. Disclosure: I am a huge Infinity Engine fan. In the interest of providing a full appreciation for what you are getting in to I will break this down in to several sections, if you only want information on a certain area just skip ahead! Story/Plot: Yea: Some difficult choices to be made. Generally a lack of a binary good or evil setup. The world is huge and the lore in depth. Nay: The main story is generic fantasy fair. Revolutionary it is not. Sometimes hard to role-play certain types of character due to the lack of consistent options in conversation. Quests: Yea: Meaningful and substantial, throughout the games. Side quests are plentiful and offer a good reason to explore the world and get the most out of the setting. Nay: The pacing is a little off in places, potentially leading to a lack of drive to finish the story. Characters: Yea: Very developed back stories. A lack of one dimensional characters. Nay: Limited inter-party banter. Party has no bearing on your actual conversations. Bordering on blind followers. Seems like you could slap their Mother with a wet fish and they wouldn't bat an eyelid. Script/Writing: Yea: Phenomenal writing. Voice acting: Yea: Some very impressive voice work, including some fantastic stand outs. Plenty of voiced conversations; there can always be more, but for me there was oodles. Nay: During conversations there are written descriptions to bring the conversation to life. The voice acting does not pause for this, even when it says that the character paused! This can be jarring. Art /Design: Yea: Art and aesthetics are always personal, but I loved it. Nay: Some random, extremely low resolution assets that would have looked old fashioned in the original Infinity games. Infrequent, but they stick out like a sore thumb Impact of decisions: Yea: It was sometimes difficult to tell the result of your actions and sometimes it was obvious as a sword to your enemies gut. You traverse the world and cause waves of action and interest. Nay: Sometimes a little too unclear or obtuse regarding what would happen when making the choice. Combat/AI: Yea: Clever, nuanced classes without thematic considerations. Strong variety of moves. Several options to support style of combat desired (e.g. turn based, slow mode etc). Some challenging combat, with consideration and calculation being necessary. (Though of course a little luck never hurts.) Nay: Classic issues of not auto-attacking and getting caught on allies. It is not obvious what move the hero is using until you actually select them (i.e. no overhead display of move selected for use). Bugs: Yea: Not as many as expected, does that count? Nay: Voice cuts to halfway through sentences sporadically. Voice cut out/became muted. Some events fail to trigger. Steam achievements didn't update for me. Features/Options: Yea: Lots of customisable options, such as hiding meta information (e.g. possible conversation options you lack requirements for). Regular, helpful tooltips. Nay: Tooltips don't always relate to what they pop-up for (seems to be on a keyword search so damage may bring up the "damage" tooltip, though it refers to "mitigating damage"). Some options don't seem to work as intended or implied (e.g. show relative defense values, limit stash). Pets that add almost nothing. Some locked slots on the inventory that never unlock (did I miss something?) Noticeable omissions: When in main team location you have to swap out characters to be able to look at their items. Humour - other than the odd comment (and maybe one particular character) there is very little of the light-heartedness or amusing comments as seen in other Infinity games. Meaningful differences in loot. Each new weapon tends to be a small, numerical difference from the others. The few that seem to have potentially interesting differences are poorly explained. Explanations of the enchanting system. Overall: Loved almost every minute of it. To anyone who enjoyed the Infinity games, anyone who has enjoyed a party based cRPG I would recommend this. I would also recommend it to anyone who has a passing interest in roleplaying, or immersing themselves in a new and fantastic world. Some improvements are definitely available for the developers, but they are not needed to make the game feel whole and substantial. The game is polished and fulfilling and it is only a matter of time before I play it again.
  21. My PC was a Goldpact Paladin. Overall, I found the Paladin decently interesting to build and play. I liked the bonus to defenses from certain reputations. I felt that was a much nicer way to make Paladin's the "roleplay" class ala D&D without hamfisting it (like AD&D does with most things) and still allowing a wide representation of roleplaying Paladins that weren't all Lawful Good. However, I found the Paladin to be pretty boring in combat due to the low number of abilities, with a low number of uses, that were fairly niche as well and no distinguishing combat mechanics (other than a couple auras that overlap with Chanter anyway). By the end of the game, in particular, my PC Paladin had a laundry list of low-use abilities (many of which were per-rest) that I rarely used, and were frequently irrelevant anyway. (Some of that was because I would wear ability-granting equipment just because there was nothing else to wear in that slot, but that's another issue.) Even though I accidentally picked Lay on Hands at the beginning of the game, by the end of the game I was running out of abilities that I wanted to pick. I've read somewhere that the Paladin was supposed to be like a D&D4 Warlord, but giving the Paladin single-target buffs doesn't really play like a Warlord at all--it plays like a Priest. Putting the Warlord into RTwP gameplay would probably be hard, but I think you could do a lot better than PoE. First step would be to make Coordinated Attacks an early, rather than a late, ability, so that the player can build around it. I'd remove the melee limitation of Flames of Devotion, because that bombos with Coordinated Attacks. I'd add an ability that let the Warlord swap places with an ally without triggering Engagement Attacks. Liberating Exhortation works okay for this paradigm, because it's a bit about controlling the battlefield by helping your allies. I'd let nearby allies use Flames of Devotion, Sworn Enemy, and any other attack ability that makes sense. Abilities that trigger on killing enemies are yucky because they are "win more" abilities and they encourage unrealistic and unfun gameplay where you stop attacking an enemy so that the relevant character will get the kill. Instead, I'd give the Warlord an ability that applies a limited duration debuff to defenses when the warlord attacks a full-health enemy. That way the Warlord is leading the charge. But honestly, I'd make the Warlord paradigm a set of talents that anyone can take because, why not let the Fighter or any class be the battlefield coordinator too? To fix Paladins, first of all, I'd give the Paladin all the auras one by one, because they're not significant enough that it feels worth giving up an ability to get another aura that's mutually exclusive with the aura you already have. Second, I'd make Lay on Hands and Reviving Exhortation into Priest spells (because that's what they really are), and then just let the Paladin pick a spell from a list determined by his Order but taken (thematically) from the spell lists of all other classes, and have that spell as a 1-per encounter ability. Let the Paladin do it again at 6th and 11th level, or something. This should allow the player to build the kind of Paladin he or she wants to play while ensuring that the Paladin has abilities that the player actually wants to use. In this concept, the Paladin becomes a knights that draws on supernatural powers to complement his traditional martial abilities instead of pursuing an alternative martial art like the Barbarian or Monk. I felt that the Paladin didn't get enough tanking support in comparison to the Fighter. Some possible ways to improve that might be: Since Paladin's are known for wearing armor, give the Paladin a free small reduction to their armor penalty. I'd give them a Challenge ability that reduces the target's accuracy against other allies. Maybe give the Paladin an aura that slows enemy movement while the Paladin is standing still. Make the Paladin's single-enemy abilities allow the Paladin to engage that enemy for free.
  22. I just finished my first playthrough of Pillars of Eternity (50 hours –did all side quests + endless paths) and I wanted to take the time to give you my feedback. Before I get started, I want to stress that I backed the game the minute I heard about it, I started playing RPGs with the first Fallout back in 1997 and I have enjoyed and played pretty much everything from Obsidian. What follows is not a review of the game but rather the main points on which I wish to give you some feedback. Feel free to comment this post but please note that I do not intend to start a debate but only provide my feedback to the devs. -Visuals: First thing that caught my eye. The game is simply gorgeous to look at. After PoE, I think I’ll find it hard to go back to old IE games, visually speaking. In my opinion, it sets a new standard for isometric 3D games. Kudos to your visuals artist and the art director. Don’t change anything in that department -Exploration: I find this part to be quite disappointing. I think it has to do with the fact that you cannot free roam on the world map. You know that you have a limited number of maps and you go to each one and once you have combed them, it’s over. You just have to move on. I really miss the fact that you cannot wander and chance upon a cave or have some random encounter on the map. As a result, I found the game to feel “boxed in” and not providing the thrill of exploration -Reactivity I was also disappointed by the fact that apart from a few variables in dialogues, you don’t really have that big an influence on the world and the ending of the quests. My biggest disappointment was after the hearing at the duke’s palace. I was really expecting Dyrwood and Defiance Bay to change based on my input during the negotiations but whatever I chose to do, it does not impact the script (if there is another outcome, it’s interesting). In general, I found that different skills did not change the game experience that much. You use force instead of resolve but it’s just a line of text that is different. In Fallout 2 for instance, I liked the way that if you played a doctor or a computer technician, it opened completely new narrative paths adding to the replayability and the sense of discovery. Here if feel that the variations are more cosmetic rather than meaningful. -combat I am not a big fan of real time in the first place so maybe I am biased. I would say that the combat is functional but not very interesting and maybe a bit unbalanced. I struggled a bit up to level 6-8 and after that I just steamrolled my way through the game in normal, only to struggle again at the end (last boss was really tough).When you know what you are doing, it’s always the same pattern of buffs, spells and positioning. Maybe I should have played in “hard” but I suspect it would have made the game just more frustrating rather than challenging. -Narration I was also disappointed by the narration which is usually considered a strong point for Obsidian. Don’t misunderstand: it is still miles better than most games out there or even some concurrent RPGs but I think it’s not in the same league as Kotor 2 , New Vegas or even Alpha Protocol. Everything is well written, although sometimes a bit over-indulgent, but nothing really shines through.I find it hard to name a memorable character or quote a particularly stunning piece of conversation (I can easily do that for Fallout 2 and of course, Planescape and for New Vegas to an extent) The NPC companions share the same problem. They are competent but a bit bland. The big reveal fell a bit flat for me and I never really did feel invested in the story like I did for your other games. -Conservative and predictable I am sorry to say this but I think it’s the cause of my semi-disappointment with the game. Everything is kind of predictable and seen before: secret society, the pantheon of gods, big city with seedy districts and patricians, elves who live in the woods near majestic trees and curse the greed of “white men”. Except for a few quests that I will not spoil, I was never surprised or intrigued by the game or the story. Everything was as it should and safely on a well-treaded path. Apart from new lore, I am sorry to say I did not bring anything new to the table thematically or design wise.In that respect, I found the endless paths to be the most interesting and thrilling part of the game because it combined a lot of things that are otherwise missing: an interesting location, surprising quests and enemies, intriguing narrative. Someone once said that in entertainment it’s dangerous to innovate in all aspects at the same time. I have a feeling you did innovate with Kickstarter and maybe unconsciously played it very safe with the design and writing. In my opinion, PoE is your most conservative and less interesting game with Dungeon Siege 3 To summarize: I thought that PoE is a very beautiful game with very solid roleplay foundations but it’s a shame it’s being very conservative and that nothing very interesting or memorable is happening in its beautiful world. Let’s be clear, I am immensely glad to have backed this and help brought the classic RPG experience back. However, I feel that you have played it very safe and that a lot of untapped potential remains. Do not rest on your laurels because this is one of your weakest offering. I really hope you will up the ante for the next installment because this is clearly not Obsidian at its best (except visually). PS: Most people think that 4M is a lot of money but anyone with some serious business and industry experience knows it’s actually peanuts for a game of this scope and ambition. So my hunch is that you guys had to deliver a tight package on a budget which would explain a lot of the shortcomings I am pointing out, especially regarding scope and reactivity. I hope the success of PoE will take care of that issue.
  23. The story is good, and I enjoyed the way it worked throughout the game. Given that this is the most important aspect of an RPG like this, it made the game overall enjoyable. Combat is also pretty decent except that I was max level near the start of Act III. That turned most of the fights into mindless spanks. There were a few exceptions. The finale of the Endless Paths was hard. And having now finished the game, I was right on when I said I suspected it was the hardest fight in the game. That fight is the only one with a mob who can one-hit-knock-out (OHKO) the entire party, and can do it every couple minutes or so if the fight lasts long enough. I really wish such things weren't in games as there is zero fun to be had when the first time you face a mob, you're entire party gets wiped out in just a few seconds. Given the sheer amount of cheese (but no bugs) that I used to win this fight, I'm not sure anyone at Obsidian really thought to try and balance this fight out. Of course, it was totally optional, but still... I killed all the dragons, and I did all the god quest and unlocked those achievements. Somehow I didn't unlock the visit every map achievement. I have no idea what I missed or if its just a bug. I do know I didn't complete all the quests simply because you can't. You have to pick a faction at Defiance Bay, and the one you pick actually matters to the ending. Speaking of which, like too many games, Pillars of Eternity has the whole pick-an-ending dialogue at the end. There is a huge, massive, so-much-better aspect to how PoE handles this tho. Unlike say Mass Effect 3 where your final choice is the only thing that actually mattered, your choices and actions leading up to this final choice all get added in to the ending. I'd saved my game before thinking I'd just watch a bunch of final cutscenes. After watching the first, I realized that wouldn't work as all kinds of things are tied into things you did as you traveled the world. If you're going to make a game with a pick-an-ending, this is the way to do it. Better yet, come up with an ending that's based entirely on things the player did before s/he gets there so you don't have that moment of deus ex. The game is not without its flaws. I hate that its level based without any way of knowing before you go into the fight whether its something you can handle or not. Sure, I can access my bestiary that is now pretty much filled out, but that's meaningless during the game. All they've done by hiding this information is made save scumming or wiki research mandatory. I also really dislike the rest system. It makes zero sense to have skills that are limited per rest and then have how many times you can rest on an adventure limited by a very artificial feeling consumable and quantity-limited system. Like the hidden mob levels, all this does is promote boring gameplay. In this case, you had to trek back to town to either rest at an inn or buy more camping gear. Then you'd trek back. Nothing fun was added. My last major complaint is that controller-type effects are seriously overpowered. Paralyze scrolls, spells, and like 2/3 of the cipher abilities leave your opponents utterly helpless. And of course, the handful of mobs who can charm your party members or stun them are easily the worst fights in the game. Anyway, I'd give the game a "B" overall. It hits on its most important elements, and the problems in the game can be overcome, albeit with a bit of tedium.
  24. Hello devs/others, I just wanted to offer my feedback on the game. I haven't gotten all the way through yet, I'm only about 55 hours in, and level 9 (the next plot quest in my queue is "Undying Heritage"), but I wanted to leave a lot of my initial impressions type feedback now, while it's still fresh in my mind. I normally don't play games on release (I held out until Witcher 2 EE was released to play it at all, despite loving the first), and I'd been planning on waiting till the expansion to play PoE, but my excitement got the better of me. It's been 2.5 years! I've read every kickstarter update, and been checking the forums and dev tracker religiously since last summer, but I almost never post, cuz I'm a Watcher. I was not in the backer beta, and I jumped into the game on hard/expert, without actually reading the manual too much, thinking a modern game should do a fine job of explaining itself. If it helps qualify my feedback, I'm mostly a powergamer, I've spent hundreds of hours in the IE games, and my top 10 RPGs of all time are: ****************** GENERAL FEEDBACK *********************** For starters, I love the game. I think my pledge was totally worth it, and I'm glad I ponied up for the expansion and some playing cards as well. I think you guys delivered on what you promised, and the game deserves the 93 metacritic it has right now, and a 9.5 from users. Seriously. I want to be very clear about this, because I'm going to say a lot of things shortly that might seem overly nitpicky or critical, but I only say them in the interests of making a Perfect Game in the future, via sequel or expansion. AND because Jorge said you like every bit of feedback, so blame him. I like the music, particularly the main title. I know some people have complained about the combat music, but to be honest I just tried to remember what it sounds like, and I have absolutely no idea. After spending hundreds of hours in BG2 the only music I can remember off the top of my head is from character creation also, so maybe it's just me. The slow mo mode is great The fast speed mode is even better, but I really want a 4x option, not just 2x. It's still tedious walking back and forth across maps. In the IE games I just enabled the cheats and would teleport my party around city maps, to avoid having to watch them walk. I miss party AI a lot The graphics and sound are everything I would ask for. The dyrford area is particularly pretty. I've found a number of technical issues (most of which are minor), which I've reported in the support forum, but in general the game has been very stable for me and run very smoothly. I'm generally pleased with the level of technical polish. I do have a background in software engineering, though, so maybe I'm more understanding/forgiving of these things than your average user. I wish you'd stood strong on the locks and traps xp, and left it in the past where it belongs. The things in the chest are the reward. I actually like the bestiary xp, on the other hand. It's a pleasant reward as I fight things (and there are lots of things to fight on hard, apparently), but it doesn't encourage me to wipe every map clean. Plus it makes sense that I gain xp as I learn about a creature, but once I know all of its secrets the xp flow stops. Good good. I like the idea of the "accurate" fonts in the almanac, and the notes in the margins and stuff, but I have to really concentrate to read that gothic font I know this probably isn't your guys' fault, but it's slightly disappointing my physical copy hasn't shipped yet. Not that it really matters, I don't have the collector's edition and I already have a digital version of the game. ****************** USABILITY/UI *********************** I like the general look of the game HUD (I've only used the solid version). Since I'm playing on hard, I've never seen any of the little creature UI bars or anything like that, but I honestly think they're unnecessary. For me, I have all the information I need just looking at my screen. Which is great! I wish there were hotkeys to quick cast abilities and to switch weapon sets It would be nice if the companion quests had their own category in the quest section, because their names are hard to remember and I keep clicking on them looking to decide which quest to do next. If they don't get their own section, highlight them somehow so they're clearly companion quests I like the inventory, journal, and stronghold UIs The buying/selling UI is awful. I have to click like 100 times to sell up all the xaurip **** I picked up (which is apparently my main source of income for a while). There should be an option to select all [level of quality] items, or move every item of a certain type into the sell box. It's also tedious to scroll through the vendor inventory, and the sort buttons should actually remove items from the list, instead of just greying some of them out. I think not showing spell area indicators on expert mode is a huge mistake. I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would want to play without being able to see the exact AoEs of their abilities. It's not like counterstrike where no-scoping makes you a pro, and not having AoE indicators in the IE games was a failure of UI, not something that should be replicated. This game is about pausing and planning exact movements and strategies. Since I never played with the circles, I had to straight up guess at my abilities when I started playing, and as a result I'm completely unable to carefully place area spells amongst enemies I'm engaged with. All 4 of my friends I mentioned that "feature" to thought it was ridiculous also. the links and tooltips to explain game mechanics are very useful When I first started making my character, the game asked me to choose a race before ever explaining the attribute system. It would be nice if the char creation screen featured the same tooltips that the rest of the game does, because I had skip forward to the attribute allocation, read about all the attributes, and then go back and start again. I could've minimized and dug out the manual, but to be honest I didn't trust its accuracy, because I know lots of things can change in the last month before release The enchanting UI isn't super clear. I initially held off on enchanting things at all until i was level 7 because I didn't know if I could later overwrite or remove enchantments. Actually, I'm still not sure if you can remove them. I know portraits are super time consuming, and it's unrealistic to expect a portrait for every 3d face in the game, but the godlike options are quite limited in terms of portraits, at least for death godlikes. Also a lot of the portraits were a little more... happy? than I'd like. I don't make whimsical characters with bright eyes or wide smiles, I make characters that kill whimsical characters with bright eyes or wide smiles. I felt like some of the more serious portraits were kind of over the top with snarling or making angry faces. I actually almost reconsidered my character archetype because I couldn't find a portrait I liked, and eventually chose a helmet with horns that very vaguely resembled my godlike's head. If it helps, my favorite set of portraits from the IE games was from IWD2, by far. Actually, does anyone know if you can import portraits into the game? I'll just copy those over. I wish the game actually did the dps calculations for me, so I could see EXACTLY how changing armor types is affecting my damage output. ****************** COMBAT/MECHANICS *********************** On the whole, I think the new/updated mechanics are great, I think the design team did an excellent job Engagement is good. Third ed D&D had engagement in the form of of attacks of opportunity, and I think the ability to control areas makes this game far more tactical, not less I think the tactical choices between different spells and damages types is pretty good. I always look for which saving throw type an enemy is weakest against, and cast that sort of spell at it. I don't bother to check enemy, DR values for different physical damage types, but I know that I should. I just don't need to. My initial impression of spell diversity is that it's pretty good, in terms of both effects and damage types, but could definitely stand to be fleshed out a bit. A good starting point, though. Thank god there is no ammo. Dealing with ammo is ****ing tedious, and there's no point to it. Thank god for the stash. Filling every inventory with gems and other **** you're just going to sell so you can pack it out of the dungeon is also tedious. I like how some items automatically go to the stash There seems to be absolutely no incentive whatsoever to diversify skill selection. Seems like every character should put points into one skill, and only one skill, with the possible exception of athletics, because damn that priest getting tired is annoying. As far as I can tell, survival is useless and mechanics is super, super, super important. Stealth is useful for stealing some trinkets, but not really important either. Lore lets me use scrolls, which is moderately useful It's tough for me to tell how useful any of the skills but athletics would actually be in conversation, because expert mode doesn't show me dialog options I can't choose, so maybe some of my perceptions are off I wish I could stack bonuses from items. I understand this is hard to balance, but it also lets me customize my character more heavily The rest supplies limiting... I understand why it was put in, but ultimately it doesn't actually keep me from just going to the inn, getting some more, and heading back down. It makes rest spam more tedious, but doesn't actually remove it. It might be an unsolvable problem, though, aside from just removing the ability to rest in dungeons, which is far more realistic, but maybe a little too punitive. I don't know. I think the resting supplies was maybe the best possible solution, but that still doesn't make it a great one. I really dislike the whole "stealth is scouting" thing, it just makes me creep around the map really slowly so I don't miss anything secret. It's tedious I also don't really like how every combat starts with stealthing the whole party in Characters should be able to stealth invidually I think the general combat and game balance are vastly superior to the IE games, as they should be. I'm going to enclose a ranting digression about why I believe this is so in spoiler tags here, because it's not completely germane ****************** CLASSES/RACES/ATTRIBUTES*********************** I think wizards and rangers are by far the weakest classes, just from my experience with the companions The wizard's spell selection just doesn't seem to be as good as the druid's, at least early on. Seems like the druid not only has a bigger spell selection because he's not grimoire-limited, but he also has great untargeted (returning storm, anyone?), and single target damage options. Druids also have the summon, which is amazing. I couldn't imagine beating the game without a priest, which I think is a problem. I think the buffing and healing should be distributed a bit more amongst the other two heavy caster classes, so you don't HAVE to have a priest. I also think the priest should have a little more offensive capability in terms of spells, but that's just me. Every fight he just casts buffs or heals constantly, unless the fight is easy, in which case he just stands and fires his rifle. Ciphers seem to be amazing. I'm totally going to make a cipher as a second character. Three bouncing mind blades at the start of every fight? My cipher OWNS groups of enemies. Not to mention the damage amp spell (hourglass icon, can't remember the name) is fantastic against boss type enemies. She even hits pretty hard with her attacks, thanks to soul whip. I don't think the value of immediately available, limitless, per-encounter abilities can be overstated. The chanter seems to be sort of a reverse version of the cipher in that he has to wait a long time before casting one ability, then wait a long time again, and it's definitely for the worse. I think the idea of the class is really cool, and the passive, customizable chanting is good, but it absolutely pales in comparison to my aforementioned bouncing blade salvo at the start of every fight. My chanter will get off one, maybe two spells per encounter, and while some of them are really good, it's just not as powerful. I think the speed at which he sings should be sped up, so he can cast real spells sooner into combat (the first 10 seconds of combat usually determine how things will end), and I think his chanted verse effects should persist a bit longer. I think the mage desperately needs more per-encounter abilities. I carried the mage companion until at least level 6, and he was the main reason I had to rest. That, and the stupid priest running out of health constantly. He just doesn't have enough spells on demand to compete with the cipher in terms of damage, particularly since all his damage spells I've found also hurt my party, and he can't sustain damage output. I think the wizard should be able to use one free spell of every level he knows, per encounter. That way he's useful and exciting in easy and moderately difficult fights, without completely blowing his load before things get serious, if you know what I mean. I can't speak to the paladin, barbarian, or rogue, because I've never seen any of them. The latter two look good on paper, though. Haven't read much about the pally yet. The ranger seems to be bad. Which is really unfortunate, because I like playing them. I think the issue with the ranger is they're penalized so heavily when their pet dies, and the pet just dies like crazy. That thing lives to die. My experience with the ranger (who I carried with me for 2-3 wilderness maps worth of encounters) was that any time the pet is engaged in melee, it is dead. You really need to attack the target your pet is attacking, which means if the pet is engaged you can't focus the same target as the rest of the party, and disengagement attacks destroy the pet immediately. Also any creature actually attacking the pet destroys it immediately as well. Then the ranger is useless. I think the pet needs per-level bonuses, if it doesn't get them already, and at least needs its tankability increased greatly. Maybe make it so the pet can't engage targets, or at least not without a talent, but make the damn thing hard to kill. I think it needs to be more like a ranger pet in world of warcraft to be viable. I'm happy with the bowman actually doing all the damage in the background, but since the pet is so important to the ranger abilities, it needs to be able to survive much better. I plan to make a custom party next, and carry a tank of some sort, a fighter or barbarian for damage and secondary tanking, a cipher, priest, druid, and maybe a rogue. All the character creation options are great - the backgrounds, abilities, all the little choices In general I like the attribute system, although I'd rename might to power and dexterity to speed Shouldn't interrupt be based on how much damage I do? Having one's arm chopped off tends to disrupt one's casting, after all. Or maybe it could just be based on weapon type, with a % chance to interrupt on the weapon that's checked on every hit, with an increased chance to interrupt on crits I don't really get perception and resolve. Like, if I make a high perception character, what have I just done? I'm good at interrupting? Is that a thing? Will that make me master of the universe? Might, con, int, and dex are all very clear, I could see basing characters around those stats, but perception and resolve I sort of stared at for a while, wondering if I should put points into them. Seems like those two stats could maybe be combined, and the saving throw bonuses be redistributed a bit so everything's even. I do like how multiple stats influence each saving throw type I also like how every stat is actually useful for every character, and I'm not sure how someone could complain about this. No, an int-only fighter isn't GOOD, but it's not ****ing wretched like it would've been in an IE game, either. Sometimes leveling up does feel a little bit empty, even though it's more exciting than than leveling up in the IE games. I think the game should show me what passive stats I gained on the level up screen. It would also be nice if I got stat points occasionally, just to spice things up. Have you guys played Wizardry 8? Best level ups I've ever had. Lots of stat and skill points to allocate every level, new spells, AND new skills unlocked by maxing out stats. Plus you leveled often, which is exciting too. I also really liked how in that game you'd increase skills by using them, it made every combat important and rewarding, even if you didn't get phat loots. I realize that as an IE successor that sort of thing is maybe a little non grata in these parts, but it was still cool. In general, I like how every class can use every item, weapon, and armor, but I feel like maybe they should be differentiated a little more. Maybe certain classes are better with certain armor types, but there's no reason you can't just wear whatever you want. Even after playing all this time, I still have no idea what the best way to build my chanter or cipher would be, partly because the game doesn't nudge me in any particular direction, and their mechanics aren't so straightforward I can just eyeball the best way to increase their dps. Most notably, I'm not sure if they're better in melee or ranged. ****************** QUESTS/ENCOUNTERS/LOOTS*********************** Unfortunately, I think the game is generally too easy. Or maybe just the optional content is too easy (at least so far). I completed all the wilderness areas around gilded vale, then went to Od Nua before completing raedric's hold (cuz I got the bug), so I was without what I have to think was a large chunk of xp. I had 5 chars in my party: my high might, con, and perception death godlike fighter who wears plate and dual wields swords (I call him "the grim reaper" because I took the bloody slaughter trait, I wanted him to specialize in finishing things off), the fighter companion, wizard companion, chanter companion, and priest companion and delved straight down to level 8 of the mega dungeon. I think I was level 4 or 5 when I started? I didn't go to defiance bay at all. I did have to come up and rest and resupply a few times, of course, but there was no point in the dungeon where I ran into something that made me think "ok, I've hit a wall, time to go elsewhere." Which is what I was expecting. Some of the battles were hard, don't get me wrong, but not so hard I couldn't beat them. I'm sure there was no way I could've beaten the whole thing right then, but I expected it to be harder, like I'd only get through 2-3 levels at that point, particularly without a full party. In light of the above, I think enemy leashing should be removed, at least on hard and super hard, and all the enemies in a room should aggro if any one of them is. Or maybe they're supposed to, and it's bugged? Yeah, I know kiting and abusing the leashing is cheating, but killing the same group of ogres 5 times gets tedious. It's just a shortcut to something I could've accomplished anyway. Pulling is too easy, and since my strategies all revolve around choke points, I usually don't even know there were un-aggroed creatures until I've already killed the first half, and proceed further into the room. I think the hardest area in the game for me by far was the temple in gilded vale. I tried to do it first, before I even had any companions, and then again after I got one, but was unable to beat it until I had 3. Even with three, I had to go do some other things first, because there was one shade fight I just couldn't seem to beat. As a result of my doing a lot of the optional content first (I went straight from Od Nua to Dyrford), the critical path is now very, very easy. I can even just run through the encounters with slow-mo disabled, like in the IE games of old. I like the quests so far. I've done all the optional content up until defiance bay, and a lot of the optional content within, from what I've found. I've done 3 of the plot quests in the city, also. The absence of fetch quests is nice, and organizing things into quests and tasks is great. It's GREAT that there are different solutions to some quests, and a lot of things are not what they initially seem On the whole, I'm a bit disappointed with the loot in the game. The fine/exceptional/superb progression is clear, but kinda boring. There seems to be a huge shortage of boots and belts in the game, and I kinda miss having a separate cloak and necklace slot. The unique items are cool, but I feel like there aren't that many of them, and the abilities they give are largely... soulless? I'm not expecting every weapon to be a Lilarcor, of course, and some of the items are really cool, but there's a lot of +1 to a stat, or +25% frost damage, and the like so far. Things that are good, but I haven't seen anything like a vorpal weapon, or a crom faeyr, or a wave halberd, or a belt of inertial barrier, tansheron's bow, heartseeker, blackrazor, the answerer, psionicist's blade, etc. Things with cool extra effects or abilities. I do really like the items that improve specific class abilities I feel like I have a ton of money, but can't find anything good to buy with it. I've already cleared out the shops in the stronghold, defiance bay (that I've found, and I've been to 4 of the areas), and dyrford village The shops in the stronghold are disappointing, also. They didn't sell much I was interested in; I expected them to have some really high level things. Maybe the really cool loot is waiting for me down the road, but I'd rather have it available now, just really expensive. One of my biggest pet peeves in a game is not giving me the loot I feel like I deserve. For example, I see that this drake in od nua has a room STACKED with gold and treasures, and I go to an awful lot of bother to kill him. I think to myself that I am now in the money, and rub my palms together with glee. Except the giant pile of gold turns out to be what I'd refer to as a "pittance" of coppers when I actually loot it. Somehow, a group of people in another area whose whole thing is that they're slaves, serfs, and the homeless downtrodden are considerably more wealthy than 7 levels of mega dungeon combined. On average I'd say I got maybe one usable item per level? Some of it was pretty good, don't get me wrong, but I felt like I didn't get much out of some of the levels, except the ability to go to the next level. The enchanting system is cool, and I think the crafting system has potential, even though I haven't used it (I'm level 8 now, I think) For the mega dungeon, I kinda wish there were more levels that were purely diplomatic, or at least, not super combat-heavy. It gets to be a bit of a slog wading through darguls room after room. I even wouldn't mind some levels that were just one encounter. One unique, tactically different encounter, maybe bookended with some dialog. I love a good hack and slash as much as the next guy, but I think a little bit more level to level diversity would've been a plus. Or maybe just weaving more of a story from level to level? I really liked finding the pages of the journal from the expedition, it would've been cool to have the journey downward be a little bit more of an exploration about what the endless paths actually are, and who the master is, as well. If I didn't say it already, I do really like how different all the od nua levels feel, in terms of aesthetic and enemy types. Also the giant adra man is still cool ****************** COMPANIONS/PLOT *********************** I like most of the companions (although I've never had the paladin in my party), but I don't think there's a Minsc, Jan, Morte, or Dak'kon in the group. Meaning the companions are good, but I don't think there are any super-memorable standouts, at least for me. The plot is good, but not great, from what I've seen. In BG2, Torment, the kotors, and the Witchers, some of my all-time favorite plots, I felt a lot of personal investment in the story. There are big things happening to my character, that I can identify and/or empathize with, and I want to figure them out, get revenge, whatever. The bastard stole my soul. I'm going to hunt him down, tenaciously, because I hate him. "You... you live *yet*! You possess less than a fraction of your soul, and yet you continue to oppose me?!" I'll oppose you all the way to hell, in fact, you sorry son of a bitch. Give me back my soul. I need it, for doing things with. In Pillars, I know that the hollowing is a Big Bad, but I don't feel that personally connected to it. My character isn't even from the Dyrwood, he's from the White that Wends, where I don't think the Problem exists. Yes, the one guy accidentally made me into a Watcher, but I didn't actually really realize that that was apparently another Big Bad until much later, even after the important convo in Od Nua (which I thought was very well done, by the way). I actually thought it was kind of a good thing. Or at least a mixed thing, like being a Bhaalspawn. Maybe I haven't gotten far enough in, and it picks up, but for me I don't feel quite as drawn into the story as I did in some of those other games. Again, the plot isn't bad by any means, I like the writing and I think the plot is interesting, but some of that might be because of the rich history of the world, and the mystery surrounding the gods, etc. I also like the whole idea of souls being important. I think the world was built very well. I really liked the ranger companion, but I didn't take her because I thought her class wasn't good enough the wizard companion was fine, I didn't get to know him too well before I replaced him the druid companion is sort of irritating, but also funny sometimes. I mostly take him because I think druids are good, not for his personality I like the fighter companion the cipher and priest companions are interesting, I've talked to them and I like their hidden depths (were they the Avellone characters?) I was a huge Kreia fan too, though, and I was always really disappointed I didn't get to find out more about Fall-from-Grace. I think the chanter companion is a bit of a boof, even after doing his class quest (his is the only one I've finished). I've not been super motivated to talk to him for fun a number of the companion interactions have been pretty funny I'm sure some of this is a little unclear or verbose, because it's late and I'm very tired, but hopefully it's helpful to the devs. I guess this turned into kind of a labor or love, but I like this game, and I want to see sequels and expansions that build upon the success established here. I'd be happy to clarify or expound on any points, should it please the court. tldr - I think the content in the game is good, and the systems in the game right now are a great jumping off point to creating more content in the future, either in this game or in sequels/expansions.
  25. I'm going to try to target bugs I haven't seen reported or may need more examples: *Note, attaching my save and other info in the google drive link below, including screen caps if I have them for said issues: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_GtIS7GOnODUUxHNkVab1Vkb28/view?usp=sharing Possible Outworn Buckler issue: The "Herald" effect on the Paladin only shield "Outworn Buckler" seems to be behaving interestingly. a. It affects your entire party exactly like a focus (+5 to all defenses to everyone in a radius which is SWEET but is it intended?) b. The "Herald Focus" also seems to sometimes go on enemies in close proximity which I'm guessing is a bug even if the first part is by design!! I'm not able to reproduce b. on some brief tests, but I did see it happen once. Another example of higher than normal defenses: I know this is known but there seems to be a couple variations of the inflating stats bug so I thought it may be helpful to see more examples. My characters are mostly affected by having higher than normal deflection, will,etc defense stats(which may be related to the shield issue?). Check them out via the save/screen cap of Durance? Zealous focus icon sometimes getting "stuck": There are several occurrences where my Paladin's (Pallegina) Zealous focus icon got "Stuck" on everyone no matter how close/far they were. However, watching their stats it did increase/decrease properly when moving in and out of the radius so this is a minor graphical bug. Note: I have the accuracy one. Pallegina -DR bug or intended?: Speaking of Pallegina, she has a -2 base DR and -3,-2,-2 on pierce, fire, ad ice attacks if you take off all her armor - is this an Avian godlike minus or not intentional, it may be a good idea to put a description of whatever it is in here character sheet? Interesting if it's intended considering Paladins are supposed to be pretty tanky or at least you would think..? Penetrating blast and penetrating shot stack, intended or bug?: Penetrating blast (Wizard class ability) and Penetrating shot (Modal ability) stack , so -10 DR every blast hit which is really nice, maybe a bit too nice? The main range attack gets it's -5 as it should but the blast gets both together for -10DR advantage from what I saw in the combat log. Feedback: Scrolls, Lore req red on mouse over for attack spells: If you hover over a scroll than can only be used in combat it shows the Lore requirement as "RED" like you don't have the lore skill, guessing what it's supposed to mean is you can't use it right now. It's a bit confusing however, it would be better I think for it to show the normal "white lore requirement met" text, and then just have it greyed out as normal on the quickbar slot, makes sense to me I don't think any additional feedback is needed. Rogue backstab "Passive", thoughts on it's usefulness: I have a really hard time getting a backstab off, I've been doing my best to get stealth as high as possible so I'm not sure if at really high levels it's a lot easier, but need that mechanic skill so yeah got to balance it some. With Stealth 7 most things seem to see me before I can get a proper backstab off. It is fun to use the invis ability then backstab/sneak attack in battle but it would be nice if it was a little easier to open with a backstab as a rogue. So basically since the invis ability is only 2 per rest plus having to get close enough in the time given plus it being very hard to use backstab as an opener, it makes it a very rarely used passive. Possible ideas to improve: a. Decrease it's dmg bonus and let it stack with sneak attack to make it a more worthy "passive". b. Make it always work if within the first 2 seconds of battle (like sneak attack does?) but only that one time, or have it on an interval timer? Backstab on first hit, another one passively happening after 10-15 seconds, something like that? c. Make it an active ability instead of a passive (1 per encounter?) I like this idea the best and it would feel very rogue like to "activate" a backstab. If this is considered too damaging, reducing the bonus to maybe 1.75/1.50 would be acceptable in my opinion.
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