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  1. I started playing a few weeks ago and my first few days were exactly as you describe. Water seemed WAY too difficult to find. But somewhere along the way it just no longer was an issue. My guess is if you put maybe 10 more hours into the game, you won't be having as many water issues. But otherwise I think some kind of water purification for new players is a good idea!
  2. A praying mantis would be a very cool addition since its such an iconic bug. It would also open up a lot of neat weapon ideas. (ie. Twin Mantis Blades made from the claws) Black widows would also be neat as a different, even tougher variant of spider. However, I feel like it would currently be unrealistic to add enemies that aren't insects, as our armor/weapons seem barely strong enough to take on your average backyard spider...and a bird/rat/snake will literally eat those for dinner. I feel like we would at least need weapons that are several tiers higher (perhaps even moving into t
  3. I can confirm agro'd bombardier beetles will attempt to melt your whole base down with their acid bombs...
  4. Very awesome house! I've built my base in that location too (but up on the log fence)...its a great spot! You gave me some neat ideas that I may include! I agree, swimming can be pretty annoying, so major +1 on fixing that. Especially once there are actual things in the water to be swimming for...
  5. Hi everyone! I’m brand new here and I just want to start by mentioning how excited I am to have found this game! I think it has a lot of potential and I’m really interested to see how it grows and changes. This post is intended to give devs (and whoever else is interested) an idea of what the game looks like to a player that is brand new. Hopefully you can glean some interesting ideas or useful pieces of information from it. Let’s get right into it! Progress through the game so far: Spent roughly 10 hours (over about 3 sessions) in a single world on moderate, playing wit
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