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  1. Interesting that someone who’s been here for months has a better grasp on forum nuances than someone who has been here for a day. Ive seen some of your comments in other threads. You’re “that guy.” The snarky, condescending, elitist. I’d ask if there’s a block feature, but I’m sure you’d say something like “oh I don’t know, maybe click on their username and find out ” God willing, I’ll find it.
  2. Just so happens I did a search for thread titles with the words “new enemy ideas” in it and nothing popped up relating to Grounded. The search function isn’t very useful on here from what I’ve seen so far
  3. Yea the mantis claws were exactly what I was thinking about. Dual-wield, quick striking scythes basically. But that’s a good point about the non-insects. Wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense yet. I just want some boss fights! The broodmother is the only “boss” in the game right now and I’m pretty sure it’s purposely designed to let you stand on a branch and chip away with arrows.
  4. Hey everybody, brand new to the site, so I haven’t had time to look through all the threads yet. I’m sure this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I’d like to hear some ideas for future enemies. I know things like hornets, bees, water striders, and leeches are coming in the near future, but I’m thinking more along the lines of some raid bosses. Examples: the crow, maybe a mouse or rat, baby/small snake, black widows, praying mantis, etc. What do yall think?
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