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  1. So I was thinking while looking at most the armors, most leg armors do not touch the upper thigh so what about having leg pouches that increase inventory space, different tiers maybe too like fiber, clover, silk, pupa leather, berry and so on, or maybe even a different slot for armor in general for upper legs and maybe splitting the pieces for all armor. Also a quiver, it was on the artwork before, a lower back quiver, perfect place would be under the backpack, possibly different tiers same as pouches that allow you to carry more of an arrow type or even give a bonus like armor. Top that off with the ability to change the clothing of the kids and customization in this game would be next level. Like not even anything drastic, just basic clothes, like different shirts, pants, and shorts. Just some ideas.
  2. I would like it if you can fix it we’re your broken armor or weapons don’t drop out of your inventory when broken can you please just just leave it equipped when broken and just make it have no protection or benefits from armor and just make the weapons unuseful till repaired it stuck when your items Drop when you are running away from stuff or die in game and lose it and than have to start over it is very upsetting please fix or fine a solution too this.
  3. I know there are already a lot of posts about hotbar and inventory problems. Developers, I hope you're getting the message. It's BAD! I have been playing the release version "The Bugs Strike Back", relase 0.13.4 etc. on PC. Grounded is a great game. I love the concept and the story and the world design and the tech tree and the different behaviors of each bug. It's just awesome! BUT... the inventory / hotbar / equipping system is just clunky and dysfunctional. FOR EXAMPLE... - My piece of ladybug armor, which has been upgraded to the max (cost: hours of gameplay) breaks during combat. So sorry, your inventory was full so we just threw it on the ground. No map marker or anything. What, you didn't notice the tiny text message about that, or the little sound we played, in the midst of A BATTLE AGAINST A HORDE OF SPIDERS? This is a SERIOUS PROBLEM as it wastes hours of the player's time. It doesn't make the game more fun or challenging; it's just freaking irritating. - Torches are a pain to carry because they take up an inventory slot, and they don't last very long. So, I want to conserve torches as much as possible. Well, day breaks or I exit a tunnel and I go to unequip a torch, BUT NO! 'There is not enough inventory space to unequip this item.' So I can't put my torch out (unless I find a deep enough puddle to jump in) and I just have to let it burn all day until I get back to base. Well that's just stupid. - My inventory items are constantly being jumbled around as items are moved in and out by equipping and other operations. This is a pain because NOTHING IS EVER WHERE I PUT IT! This just slows everything down, and for no good reason. For instance, I may have several chunks of food in various states of decay. I'd like to keep them in order so I can use the most decayed one first, but no! Every time I open the inventory I have to hunt around for them all, and guess what? This is usually in the heat of battle when I need a quick health boost. - I go back to base and I want to change out my armor and weapons because I'm going to do some diving. So I open the chest where I keep that stuff... BUT I CAN'T PUT MY OLD ARMOR AND WEAPONS AWAY BECAUSE I HAVEN'T UNEQUIPPED THEM! So I have to close the chest, open my inventory, take off all my armor and unequip the weapons, then open the chest and swap contents, then close the chest, then open my inventory, then equip all the items. It's a ludicrous number of extra steps to do something so simple, and it does nothing to make the game better. So, the first thing to do, as other players have suggested, is to make your hotbar at least as functional as the one in Minecraft. That's a starting point. It's already been done and there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Which is to say... the hotbar needs to be actual inventory slots, and not just links to items. And then make it so that when you select a weapon or tool it gets equipped, and if you select a secondary item such as a torch or shield, it gets equipped to the secondary slot, and if you select a consumable, you have to hit the 'use' key. THEN, after you make that simple change, fix it so that equipped items show up on the inventory when transferring contents to or from storage. You already have this layout on the smithing station, where equipped items are shown across the bottom. Just be consistent with that. In fact, can you please be consistent with all interfaces? NOW, when equipment wears out and can no longer be used, DON'T THROW IT ON THE GROUND. Just keep it in it's equipped slot, but put a big flashing X over it so players see that it's not functional. (Including an X on the 'status' area of the Sca.B that shows armor durability) FINAL ITEM: I really do NOT LIKE that bugs with virus can knock weapons out of your hand. THIS IS NOT COOL. It doesn't make the game more fun or challenging; it's just super irritating! Same as with above, this could be a tool that you've invested hours of playtime in obtaining and upgrading, and in the heat of battle you may not know where or when you dropped it! Good luck finding it now, with no ping on the map or anything. AND A COUPLE OF MINOR RELATED GLITCHES TO REPORT.... Try holding two canteens. Go ahead... try it. The system will report that they both have the same level of water. Now try holding two shovels, one brand new and one almost used up. Try to equip the one that is almost used up. Go ahead... try it. Because obviously a person would like to use up one shovel before starting to use the next one. But they can't.
  4. Please for all that is holy in the world, stop the game from moving stuff all over my inventory. While you're there could you add wheel scroll support for the hot bar, this shouldn't even need saying in a modern game. The other issue is that crafting rope one at a time is stupidly slow and takes away from the games excitement, a multiplier or something needs adding. Should also add tooltip support for things like armor/mutation perks instead of having to dig about for the information. Another idea, make it so you can look around you with ALT while running/swimming.
  5. I really don't like the system with items in the inventory changing place when I use tools in the hot bar. It changes things around and it is really annoying. Maybe it would be better if you could pin items in the inventory like your tools you use all the time. (I mean in the inventory. Not hot bar)
  6. I am suggesting that when a player has multiple types of arrows in their inventory and they deplete one type during combat, another type of arrow is automatically equipped without having to manually select the new type. As for example: If I have 5 crow feather arrows and 16 basic arrows, I could equip the crow feather arrows first and enter combat. Once those 5 arrows are depleted I should be able to automatically continuing firing the remaining basic arrows. As the game currently stands, if I run out of one type of arrow, my bow is useless until manually selecting a new arrow type to fire, which is difficult/impossible to do during combat.
  7. -Adding a new way to transport base materials such as grass planks and weed stems long distance to reduce tedium involved with base building. The addition of a new perk or ant armour tier to increase capacity to 10 would help but my preference would be either some way for bugs (ants) to help or a sled that can be pushed by the player with a smaller capacity than the weed pallet but still larger than the current 8 max for the sake of not simply adding static gameplay changes (BURGL perk on = x better at thing) although I do like current perks too many could easily get sickening.
  8. I would like to see a way to break down grass planks into grass fiber. Maybe introduce a grass mill. Right now, there really is not a huge benefit of having grass pallets because when ur building its faster just to use grass planks right and when im not building and farming for grass fiber im not taking the time to save all the grass planks. Right now I need 2144 fibers for all of my fences for my sky catwalks so im not spending the time to take the planks to the pallets. If there was a conveyer system that would auto sort to a group of pallets that would be a huge benefit and make grass pallets useful. This doesn't need to be turned into a factory game of mining and farming. Honestly I think grass planks is the only thing thats needs this benefit. I have about 50 to 60 sap collectors around the oak tres and I think that's fine as well. Im sure there's arguements for more ways to make farming stuff faster, but i do think in this situation and game, less is more for conveyer systems. It would be nice to be able to carry more though both inventory and planks. Maybe chances to find different size backpacks or the possibility to make bigger backpacks with loomed fibers called grasscloth or ramie(both are a real thing).
  9. I know you can manually sort your inventory, one item at a time, but I'd find it FAR more useful to just have an "auto sort" option. Of all the fun things I could be spending my time doing in the game, painstakingly sorting my inventory one item at a time isn't one of them.
  10. HI. I have about 35 hours in the game. I bought it on steam. I played offline but i found a bug when trying to deposit the armor on the armor dummy. It copied the armor piece.. I quit and went online to report the bug. After the load of the save, i was in my base, with all the items in the chests and everything that i had built but i didn't have my old inventory which had the tier 3 mallet and the ladybug armor. I quit again, logged off from the account and load the save again. The inventory was back. I don't know if this is a bug or a way to keep cheaters away from online coop but i found it wierd. I keep playing offline so i'll not lose my progress. Just wanted to report that. Thanks for your time!
  11. I'm not sure where to write my grounded idea sketches. Do I get an answer as to whether it is right here? Thank you so much for the great game and all the imagination you leave us! The File "Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx" (35 kb) is in german, should I translate it with google translator, or would you do it yourself? I would appreciate a short message about the receipt of the file. Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx
  12. Hi guys, I have a few comments/suggestions that I'm not sure have been posted before: Equipped Armor should not take up inventory space - it should only take up the armor slots when equipped Food should be stackable inventory - I find it pointless to waste inventory slots on having more than 1 of the same piece of food Upgradable backpack maybe? - So you can increase inventory space, and maybe it slows you down a little I also would like to share some bugs/glitches I have encountered: Audio bug - when logging into the game the audio is sometimes scratchy and staticy - not just for a few minutes, but the whole entire time until you restart Building items sometimes disappear when I put them on the ground - they just go right through the ground and I am unable to pick them up after My friends armor disappeared after he died (I didn't take it I swear) - he went back to his backpack and his armor was not in it. I am playing the game preview on my Xbox One console. Those are just some of the things I would like to see and some bugs I have encountered, let me know if these are good suggestions or not.
  13. I'm playing on co-op and when you access inventory and right click an item it lists a bunch of things you can do with that item. The keybinds are set up in settings. It isn't like removing the keybind or not saving it. But those keybinds for drop/inspect/ etc just aren't doing anything and aren't even listed in the brackets of the drop down menu (text in down will read Repair [ ] or Drop [ ] like nothing is bound).
  14. I believe you guys are at a turning point in survival games. Grounded is amazing! I've followed it for months on multiple youtubers trial videos. You already have so many things right in this game! The thing that makes me upset in every survival game though is the lack of the developer even trying to make the inventory management intuitive for console users. I think the first developer to come up with the perfected formula for survival game inventory management for console will change everything! I'm a console player, I have a one s. I know how crappy it is to buy a survival game and have it disappoint just because the inventory system was made primarily for PC. Ark, dayz, 7 days to die, u name it. Make the game better for console. Console users are dying for a user friendly inventory system. Also another suggestion, make burg.l cooler, make him float, I mean the guy who invented him can shrink people. Also lose the robots annoying voice, make his dialog better, spend some time on that. Cuz it's annoying, especially when he stutters. He's a robot, make him like short out for a second with a zap and some surge, like he has tretts syndrome. U guys can do waaay better with the robot, also make it easier to understand what the RS points mean, be more straightforward without having to go through tutorials. Just maybe drop a hint bubble if someone is struggling. Idk, take it or leave it. Love the game either way! It's so fricken cool!! Good job, great idea!!!
  15. I'm on the second mission where you have to go to the botanical lab. I'm doing a side quest where you must kill 3 marauders and bring their fingers as proof of their deaths. After killing doc madwell, I open my inventory to check the loot he dropped then leave to loot some more. Then I open the inventory again and switch to the armor tab and the game hard crashes and kicks me to the xbox home screen. I've tried loading an earlier save, but all it did was delay the error from occurring until about 5 minutes later at another bandit outpost (Note: after the manual reload I was constantly checking to see if the error had occurred, and I managed to move between inventory tabs about 20 times before the error occurred once again). Has this kind of error been reported by anyone else, and what could possibly be causing this problem?
  16. Has anyone noticed the stats for some weapons or armor are different when you look at them in your inventory and then look at them in the workbench?
  17. Im playing "Pillars Of Eternity" on Xbox one and after scouting the Endless Paths of Od Nua level 12,i found some Diamonds that got transferred to my stash. But when i went trought both my inventory and stash they are gone!? Now i dont remember if i have picked up any gems before this but i know i picked up more than 1 Diamond and it is nowhere to be found (i currently have no Gems in my inventory) and im at a complete loss for what to do. I tried accessing another save but no luck. Is there another storage option aside from the party characters inventory or the 100-items Stash storage i dont know about or is this a bug?
  18. Bug report. When I go into the character inventory, and toggle between first and secondary weapon, The character in the Inventory screen changes colour to a pale white. ( Note; This was happening when I equipped the War Bow or the Hunting bow as a secondary weapon. This effect was happening within the Inventory screen only, The character remained the normal colour in Gameplay. ) I am experiencing this on PC, playing the latest version update.
  19. So i had the sabre tarn's respite for the longest time on my character, but i don't have it anymore, it disappeared. However, i can still enchant the item, but is nowhere in my stash or player/party inventory. I tried to enchant the sabre to see if the way it is coded would replace my item with a new item with the enchantment, but it didn't, I have no clue how to have the weapon again, i could load a save, but i did like 5 hours of gameplay before realising i did not have tarn's respite anymore.
  20. I'm having trouble obtaining the new chest piece you get from completing the skeleton endurance trial in Seeker,Slayer,Survivor. I complete the challenge only for combat to not end and the item to not appear in my inventory once I transition back from the area. I will include my save file and a link to a video with the problem in action. Any and all help would be appreciated!
  21. Description If I try to open the inventory menu, the game crashes. This occurred shortly after I bought some fancy items form the new merchant ship, but may be a coincident. Steps to Reproduce the issue: Start the game Load the save Press "I" or click on the inventory button Savegames The save file is too big for this forum. You can get it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6jz5x0ulm6y2c4/Eric%20%28279c9c87-9f9a-46af-a4e0-339b5c4dd9aa%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20autosave_2.savegame?dl=1 Crash Output The forum says I am not permitted to upload this kind of file. So here we go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rbq84r7rs4t5k4/Player.log?dl=1 System macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) 2,9 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 100 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
  22. I'm not sure if this is an already explored topic, but I'd like some minor tweaks in the interface. If this belongs in other threads, plese welcome mods in movign this post elsewhere, or pointing me at the proper thread. The purpose of this, is to reduce a bit the bureaucracy times, where you don't play but you just "do the luggages". Which I love, don't get me, wrong, but that's because I'm some kind of retentive. - Leveling up: I find it a bit cumbersome to be able to level up just the current party. The specific case is, mainly, about ship travels, maybe dotted with battles, and pertains mostly the sidekicks. I really wish there was access to the level-up screen from any point in the game, to any character who reached the next level(s). As it is, if I do not use three or five characters for some time (mostly the sidekicks, as I said), I find myself with them lagging behind compared to their xps, at some time even by three levels. So, I need to periodically stop at an inn, tunr the characters, level them up, which takes more than ten minutes (sometimes way more). On a side note, if the sidekicks all had a more juicy storiline or dialogs, I would leave them behind a lot less... (I totally adore Mirke) - Inventory: for about the same reason (not passing hours in an inn or suitable place to arrange the luggages), it would be nice that the inventory screen included ALL the characters and not just the ones currently in the party. During the third quarter of the game I find myself with a cartload (boatload?) of items to assign to thirteen characters, each of them having four (or six, or eight!) weapon slots and about ten body slots, making a grand total of 150ish items to allocate, picking them from usually three times as much. It would be reasonably nicer if I didn't have, ON TOP OF THAT, to load and unload characters. So: could it be possible to access all characters and not just the four (plus myself) currently active? At least in the "common points" (inns and ship) where you are assuming they are all there anyway. Incidentally, having an inn-like place in every subsection wouldn't be amiss, but I digress. - Inventory (there's more): personally I could use a finer division of the weapon inventory (one-hand v two, and ranged v melee v grimories v shields), of the clothing accessories (by body part, maybe including armors) and of the miscellanea (pets v books v tools). Incidentally, I would put the tools in the "consumables" menu. Point is, I tend not to throw away anything until I'm sure of what goes better ob whom, so I find myself with tens of clothes items all mixed up. But I understand that this is just my inner Jeeves talking.
  23. The inventory was open, I shift+tab to chat with a friend on Steam, come back to the game and the inventory is cycling through all the characters very quickly. I close the inventory and open it. Still happening. I save and reload. Still happening. I quit the game by exiting to desktop. The game immediately begins downloading/syncing. I open the game after and "continue" and "load" are greyed out in the menu. I'm not sure where or if I can find my saved game files, but it seems that all of my saves were deleted. I ran "verify integrity of game files" to "all files successfully validated." I wanted to report this because it is a really bad bug. I'm also wondering if there's a way to access my save files. Edit: I then restarted Steam and everything works again. I have no idea why.
  24. This game does not have fast travel so it's really boring when you want to switch a party member that you have to go the ship or find a tavern. I find it an unnecessary overhead and sometime I just stick with a combination that I don't really like just because I don't want to spend time traveling 2-3 screens JUST to swap party members. It's really annoying and I really think we should have an easier way to swap party members. Sometime you just want to do it because you are doing a quest were you need a high streetwise char or a char with a specific bg for that storyline or maybe just to crack a lock that requires that char that has higher mechanics but it's currently on your party. There are a lot of examples.. Also when you swap party member they automatically take their equip in their limbo, which is really insanely annoying as you have to strip them every time which adds more overhead to the already boring swapping experience. I think characters inventory should _always_ be available regardless of whether they are in your party or not so you can easily swap their gear. This was brought up many times in PoE 1 and I'm frankly surprised we see these very same problems here.. Would that be that hard to implement or do you just like the fact that players should not be allowed more freedom?
  25. Please fix the bug where you can reset your action by inventory spamming to constantly attack. Basically you open your inventory (I) after every swing to reset the swing after damage has already been done to immediately swing again. Thanks!
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