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Found 4 results

  1. After respawning onto a piece of wood near the bird bath my ui was tilted off to one side. To fix it I would log out and log back into the multiplayer session. On top of that something else that would happen because of the first bug was that some storages ended up moving around on my end and stacking on each other in a single point where as for the host it was fine. When I got back to my death location (original) I picked up my bag and logged out and logged back in only to find that my inventory was wiped and there was no bag marker or anything to say that my inventory was recoverable. Thankfully using a previous save file was enough to fix that issue. The issue happened once more after fighting a bug and me not resetting my respawn point and the ui tilted again. I logged out right away and then logged back in without picking up my bag and the bag remained where it was perfectly fine. Link to screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/EIaqtWm
  2. Been playing for a minuet now 50 days into our game, we don't sleep often in game, here since the last update it seems as though all of our items are just vanishing for instance i went to grab all items out of a storage container and instead of going into my inventory they all just vanished not pop out and land on the ground or anything it said it put it in my inventory i check my inventory and nothing is there. this hasn't happened just once either. we also had it happen upon multiplayer character join. one of the friends I've been playing with the whole time building up all of our equipment and base building exited the game to go run errands and when he came back and joined up into the game again he had no inventory items everything had been removed. we rebuilt all of his stuff got him back up to what he was before then the game crashed and he was booted from the game upon returning to the game he again lost of his inventory. has anyone else run into this issue?
  3. Im playing "Pillars Of Eternity" on Xbox one and after scouting the Endless Paths of Od Nua level 12,i found some Diamonds that got transferred to my stash. But when i went trought both my inventory and stash they are gone!? Now i dont remember if i have picked up any gems before this but i know i picked up more than 1 Diamond and it is nowhere to be found (i currently have no Gems in my inventory) and im at a complete loss for what to do. I tried accessing another save but no luck. Is there another storage option aside from the party characters inventory or the 100-items Stash storage i dont know about or is this a bug?
  4. My inventory has somehow begun losing items. When looting stuff it shows my inventory on all characters as full, but a couple of the characters have open slots when viewing the inventory screen directly. If I try to move something from the party stash into one of those slots the item disappears from the stash, but the character's inventory slot still appears empty for all intents and purposes. I can send in a saved game if this will help, or I if there're any console commands to maybe see what's going on I can check that from here.
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