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Found 3 results

  1. I really don't like the system with items in the inventory changing place when I use tools in the hot bar. It changes things around and it is really annoying. Maybe it would be better if you could pin items in the inventory like your tools you use all the time. (I mean in the inventory. Not hot bar)
  2. With the recent update Obsidian made it so when you equip a tool or weapon, it pulls it from your inventory. Which on the surface sounds good because it frees up a slot in your bag. But the issue I have is that I like to keep my inventory organized. And this destroys inventory management. When you switch from one tool to another, it switches their spots in your bag, and ruins it all. I think I'd rather lose out on that extra slot honestly
  3. So hey all, new former user, and this is my first post. I have always loved party tactical RPG's in the infinity model and I have played most of the more common ones: Balder's Gate, 1 and 2 (With expansions), Icewind Dale 1 and 2 (just finishing second) Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 with most expansions, and Dragon Age 1, which I kinda consider a spiritual successor (lets not talk about DA 2. I am over it, I swear). I am currently finishing Icewind Dale 2, and I had some suggestions that resonated throughout most of the games, at least I think. Forgive me if some of these ideas were implemented in late stage Neverwinter Nights 2 expansions, its been a while. Also I am aware that many, if not all of the ideas have previously been mentioned (yes, I searched through the forum to find them all). However, they tend to be disjointed and spread over many threads. Therefore, I think there is still some value to centralizing these suggestions. So with that long preamble, here are my top 5 or suggestions for Project Eternity 1) Marco or Function spell casting. I believe it was mentioned that this was a feature in Storm of Zehir (which is one of the ones I have not played yet), and it may have been in some others, but I can't remember. If so, I really, REALLY hope its included in Project Eterniy, if there are many "buff" spells to be used. Basically, what this is a programmable button where you can tell your caster (or anyone really) to perform a series of spells or other abilities in a designated order. The main use of this is for "buffing" or using a series of enhancement spells common cast at the beginning of the day or before a strong fight (yes I realize most people know this, but I don't want to leave new people out of this discussion). In older I.E. you had do this manually and as you got higher and higher level, it takes longer and longer (as one forum user suggested "longer than the fight sometime"). I would love to see in fact more than 1 button or macro, so that you could things like "day buffs, medium encounter buffs, hard encounter buffs, sneaking, ect). It might save alot of time and eliminate a fairly tedious but necessary part of the older games. 2) Party Speaker or Spokesperson. I actually prefer the Icewind Dale over Balder Gate model where you did not have 1 protagonist but instead were "the entire party." I know there are narrative tradeoffs for this, but something I liked. Nevertheless, Obsidian is going with the later direction, and that's cool with me. Still, I would very much like to have the OPTION of a party speaker, someone who could use their diplomacy/bluffing/intimidate/racial advantages for specific conversations that does not have to be the main character. Yes I know this issue has been debated quite a bit, but for me, it just seems to make logical sense that if you have a very good diplomatic character why would you not have them speak for the group? The trade off might be they can only say things you might not like, but hey that would be a interesting wrinkle sometimes.... Now I get how certain conversations, for plot reasons, may have to be scripted only for the main character, but for bargaining with the merchant, please can we have my crazy good bard equivalent party member do it, and not my surly wizard character? Also, can we not have the every enemy auto lock into conversation with the first person they see? My tank's are rarely the best conversationalists..... 3) Auto inventory organizer. We have seen it in many new games, but I really do hope they add here: a button (or buttons) that lets your inventory be sorted by type at least, so you don't have to manual arrange everything. 4) Party moves in group and has some intelligence when doing so. This is a pathing complaint, which I know they are hard at work on, but again just finishing Icewind Dale 2, so going from that. Someone on the forums already suggested a "move at the slowest party member button" or "lock formation button" to prevent fast character from getting to enemies 3 minutes before the rest of your party when you select "move all" and then getting annihilated. I think this is very good idea, but taking it one step further: Can we also have party members NOT wander over discovered traps to get somewhere...It make me cringe when the entire party wanders through the swinging spikes again and nearly dies to get somewhere because its a 1 second shorter route.... Please give them a modicum of sense? Please? 5) Some logical correlation between merchants and game play "Thank you for saving my son's life and going to save the entire world. But I am afraid I still need to charge you full price for the items necessary to do so...which I as a humble craftsman in nowhereville just happen to have all of....oh and if you kill me, all the items I had to sell magically disappear, except for 1 or 2 token ones." Raise you hand if this happened to you while playing IE style games. Raise both hands if its happened more than 10 times, or at least some variation of this. I am not asking for full scale mercantilism or capitalist theory in Project Eternity but some internal logical would be nice. Maybe merchants in the city have generally better items you can't afford early, and keep them in a secure vault or heavy very heavy guards. And maybe if you help them alot you get a very nice discount, or even the town gives you what they can spare for free if you are going to save the world and they know it. It would be a nice change. Anyway, I hope nothing I said here indicates that I am not greatly looking forward to this game and love the IE experience. These are all relatively minor annoyances, but I hope they can be dealt with to make the gaming experience even better.
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