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  1. Hi Caleb, Thanks for the reply. Yes, after verification and restarting Steam, the "continue" and "load" buttons were once again available (not greyed out). Everything is good again!
  2. The inventory was open, I shift+tab to chat with a friend on Steam, come back to the game and the inventory is cycling through all the characters very quickly. I close the inventory and open it. Still happening. I save and reload. Still happening. I quit the game by exiting to desktop. The game immediately begins downloading/syncing. I open the game after and "continue" and "load" are greyed out in the menu. I'm not sure where or if I can find my saved game files, but it seems that all of my saves were deleted. I ran "verify integrity of game files" to "all files successfully validated." I
  3. Holy ****... YES!! I would love that, and I think either one would be instantly funded.
  4. I will be fury incarnate if I cannot continue with my exact same character from POE1. That said, this idea is an interesting option for people who want to start with something fresh while staying connected to their POE1 character. Hm, but in that regard it might make more sense to carry over story decisions made in POE1, character background choice, something like that. And it could be tricky to balance additional abilities that are outside of the class/power structure.
  5. Came here to post the exact same issue! I tried to use 'Mirrored Image' to the same result. Edit: selecting 'dodge' works. And 'Frenzy' works to clear the rocks -- hm, but instead of Maneha, it says Kana is the one who clears the rocks.
  6. We all want to play more PoE, yet White March is (apparently) the last expansion. Solution: give players who hit max level the option to restart PoE from Valewood, retaining all items and party member stats, with all content scaled -- like the option for a high level party to scale White March content, but for the entire game. I believe Witcher 3 has this option. I think it would be a great way to keep PoE fresh while waiting for the next game. Imagine fighting through Raedric's Hold, Dyrford Ruins, and Od Nua with your decked out party, all spells and abilities available, and getting
  7. It might be because you have a ton of saved game files. Try slimming it down to 10-15 saves (and keep it that many by saving over previous saves). That should help.
  8. It doesn't show, but my mouse is hovering over 'Persecuting'. What does it do? There is no description. Thanks
  9. WM as a whole is quality content. I am extremely happy with it. I don't know how someone who liked the original game could dislike the expansions.
  10. Had a blast playing WMII today. Great content, beautiful environments (Stalwart Mines!), and challenging battles (can't believe I survived some of those!) What a fantastic expansion!
  11. I don't have a save right before finding him, but I loaded further back and cleared my way to the Commander again. This time I was able to talk to him. I'm not sure why he was hostile on my first play through. Maybe it is something similar to the lich boss issue, where one of the mobs was hostile before the conversation triggered? One difference between my retry and the original play through is that in the original I cleared everything on the map (including the mobs in the cave) before going up to where the Commander is located. On my original play through, I remember being surpris
  12. Great! Any idea what's going on with the quest? I never spoke with the Commander, he immediately attacked me.
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