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  1. Also having this issue past 3.01. It's not always present - it seems to randomly break on loading (either loading a save or loading a new area). For me it has been like this with soulbound item descriptions ever since they were added to the game, which is to say all game versions I've played since WM1 release. Edit: while the screenshot is also of the scepter, this happens with all soulbound items.
  2. Pretty much any caster can be built for high Int / Per / Res with fairly small sacrifices, no? Something like 12 / 6 / 10 / 16 / 18 / 16 -> get Serel's Ring early and rest with perception bonus and you'll be able to make, afaik, every single Per / Int / Res stat check from very early on. If you're willing to micromanage resting bonuses a bit, you can shuffle a couple of points from Res into Might for moar damage. Edit: Forgot that you can get Lilith's Shawl early. Can go 14 / 6 / 10 / 16 / 18 / 14 -> use Lilith's Shawl (gives you 19 Per) and Serel's Ring (16 Res) and then rest with R
  3. Ah, I see. Explains why I couldn't see anything wrong with it ingame looking at my hireling paladin. Appreciate the reply!
  4. It's the Magran's Faithful bounty, iirc. There's a +4 CON ring. Can't remember from where.
  5. They leave, I'm afraid. As for the bog scales, I got two as I recall - I'm assuming it's the same amount as you get for killing both dragons
  6. Worth noting that if you complete the encounter in a peaceful way (only requires a 16/17 intellect check iirc) you still get bog dragon scales and a permanent stat buff as a token of thanks from Llengrath. Was also rather satisfying - some decent writing here.
  7. No, leveling up will do. You won't even need to level up. As long as you've reached a high enough level to unlock any level of spell mastery on a pre-3.0 save, you'll be prompted to select spell mastery once you've loaded the save.
  8. Summary: scripted interaction bug can break the game through putting the player into a scripted interaction dialogue with no working choices, forcing alt-f4. Steps to reproduce: final part of the Lair of the Eyeless quest, when interacting with the crystal inside Ionni Brathr. PC is a Cipher and chooses to strike the crystal him/herself. The first check for allowing the party to escape has one option (3.) to cast Ringleader, which is still possible to pick even with the PC picked out for striking the crystal. When selected, results in an empty dialogue response with 1. Continue as only pos
  9. Okay, this is probably one of the tiniest issues I'm going to report in my life, but whatever. The scripted interaction with the pool inside Ionni Brathr seems to apply any penalties incurred on the player character, regardless of which character was actually selected for the task in the dialogue. Specifics: sent Edér down, he succesfully made the first check (constitution) and then picked the option to swim back up as fast as possible. Edér failed whatever check it is and text indicated that he made it out but recieved injuries to his leg - however, these penalties (Twisted Ankle and Wren
  10. Agreed with HawkSoft, feels like providing full immunity information immediately is too much. It's also inconsistent with how DR information is handled - by the same reasoning immunity to damage types should also show because you'll otherwise waste weapon attacks. Should just have it work the same way as DR information is handled currently - when you land an affliction to which a monster is immune, it's revealed in the tooltip. If you're concerned about how players handle difficult foes without access to third party information, dragons in particular, I'd suggest providing conversation
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