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  1. I agree that Second Wind is way better than most (all?) healing potions. I generally have figurines in the quick slots plus an occasional scroll.
  2. Framlingham castle in suffolk is possibly a good prototype for Caed Nua. Here's a link to the plan: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Framlingham_Castle_plan.png#/media/File:Framlingham_Castle_plan.png There's an extensive accomodation/entertainment block on the North West wall (E on the plan): https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Framlingham_Castle_-Suffolk-8.jpg#/media/File:Framlingham_Castle_-Suffolk-8.jpg Framlingham was built well after the Norman Invasion so there was no requirement for quick-build redoubt (= keep) and the science of castle building had evolved so the m
  3. PoE explores a more realistic (darker?) pre-modern reality than most cRPGs, in this I think it is to be applauded. Personally, I've had more than enough of the Disneyfied Renfair alternatives
  4. Different story, same journey PoE has Space Pigs rather than hamsters, it saves on raw meat for the lawyers
  5. Do bring Durance and Devil along. Devil's not going to be much use in topping up the blood pit, too much oil
  6. And it seems in Gilded Vale they don't bother to check that the *drop* killed you, The *law* in Gilded Vale can not be compared with what we expect of a modern democracy.
  7. This is probably unlikely if she takes midwife's potion and follows her advice on diet. For *feel good* we should have been able to give her some money to buy the best food available in Gilded Vale. This might be one thing that could have been part of a game timer for the main quest, if you take too long she gives birth while the soul suckers are still active…
  8. I don't understand why PoE completing its planned development phase means that it is *over* which you seem to imply means obsolescent I'm looking forward to many more use of play from it, the same as I've had from BG1+2.
  9. Why? In PoE *Bash* is an action that a character can do with a shield with the INTENTION of harming an opponent, there is no guarantee of causing any significant damage. You are correct that Mights IS required *bash effectively and consistently* but it is NOT required to attempt to Bash
  10. Setting aside the fact that Might is not muscle mass, can you explain why your choice of numbers isn't totally arbitrary? I said Might only because it appears to be the closest stat to strength attribute, however it could be any number that would signify as an indicator of wielder's strength. I always though of Might as Physical Strength in case of physical damage dealers and Mental Strength in case of magic or divine damage dealers......but that's just my way of thinking...............what do you suggest? Would you rather have Constitution govern or contribute towards Ba
  11. Devil is not a typical rogue, she was the unfortunate soul stuffed into an unusually good automaton to act as bodyguard and gopher for a crazed animancer, as such I think OBS did a pretty good job. I agree that in presentation terms it would have felt better if some of the immunities had been properties of DoC's armour rather than her race but then I am sure you would have had (a few?) players killing her to grab the armour and then sulking when they found it could not be used.
  12. My understanding is that Roman Legionaries were all taught the aggressive use of a shield as part of their basic training and they were all habituated to its weight by constant practice. This may have meant that they had unusually well developed left shoulder/arm muscles but not that they had high Might in PoE terms. I see no need to REQUIRE high Might in order to be able to Bash, you just need a suitable shield and training (= Talent). High Might makes Bashing better. For clarity I suggest a 2 handed shield should be referred to as a pavise: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavise I can
  13. In a mechanical sense, maybe. Really, though, having people use bucklers and then not use them for punching is more than my little medieval combat nerd brain can handle. I don't think Bash should be a universal function of shields. I'd be OK with it being a general offensive talent with some classes having some kind of signature shield talent (fighter, barb, rogue?).
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