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  1. No, it hasn't. I posted about this a week ago here. Got no official response. I love this game and I made a point out of (pre)purchasing it and all the expansions because I want to support game-development of this genre/quality. However, I just can't bring myself to start playing part II, main-game + expansion 1 already surpassed my frustration tolerance with these load times. Can someone official give some communication on this?
  2. Hi, Thanks for trying to help me out here. I backuped/moved all save files except the last 3. So in Pillars, there are now only 3 save games visible/available. Then I disabled the Steam Cloud Synchronization and restarted Steam and Pillars. Still takes 24 seconds to load from Caed Nua Hall to Courtyard area. And still takes 5.5 seconds to do a quicksave, which is also too long to have a normal gameflow. :-/
  3. Hi, I love this game, the music, the feel, characters, the story and more. Amazing job, will buy every sequel and expansion in the future. Bought the main game at release, I think + the season pass. However, the loading times are very frustrating. I just Steam-downloaded and started 'The White March II' .. but after 10 minutes of playing, I just can't bring myself to continue. I timed it. When I go from the Great Hall in Caed Nua to the courtyard area - it takes 25seconds to load. I need this to take 2-3 seconds, that is the kind of speed I need for a pleasant experience.
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