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  1. I thought about using the axe to make fibers too then I thought it might be fun to have a mill. Ur right on the sled, i like that too, it would great if u could harness a couple weevils and attach them to a sled for a mount as well. I can't make all the smoothies yet, im still working on the status buffs too, I dont like looking on the internet unless I'm fully stumped so I don't know what they all are yet. Anyway I'm rambling, I like your thoughts my friend.
  2. I would like to see a way to break down grass planks into grass fiber. Maybe introduce a grass mill. Right now, there really is not a huge benefit of having grass pallets because when ur building its faster just to use grass planks right and when im not building and farming for grass fiber im not taking the time to save all the grass planks. Right now I need 2144 fibers for all of my fences for my sky catwalks so im not spending the time to take the planks to the pallets. If there was a conveyer system that would auto sort to a group of pallets that would be a huge benefit and make grass palle
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