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  1. The exact opposite of the item disappearing bug. 1) Started a new game 2) went straight to the second floor of the dracogen inn to get the quest 3)when I went down to the first floor again I noticed items laying around the stairs 2 A fine rod, fine battle axe, fine sword and a fine stiletto The only things I did beside talking to the quest giver on the second floor was taking the hidden staff on the second floor and talking to dengler on the first floor. I couldnt pick up the 5th item because it was on the stairs and no character could move thier, after some time that 5th item just disappeard. Edit: My party had a poleaxe, battle axe, hatchet, stiletto, morning star and a rod. So those mysterious items are not copies of what my party had.
  2. [Description of the issue] This issue is specifically that the Vithrak corpse in the ruins doesn't disappear and the items it contains are there for looting multiple times, but it may be related to a larger issue with the Vithrak encounter which I will explain in "Other remarks / Comments." [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load linked savegame. 2) Open inventory and verify that Main Character (Character #2) and BB Rogue (Character #4) each carry the "Soul Vessel" item due to issues both with this entire encounter repeating and the items in Vithrak's corpse reappearing after being looted. Close Inventory. 3) Click on the container on ground (Vithrak's corpse) nearby. 4) Loot all to BB Fighter (Character #1). 5) Open inventory and note that BB Fighter now carries both the looted items from the container, the Soul Vessel and the Vithrak brain. Also note that both Soul Vessel items previously in inventory have disappeared. [Expected behavior] Items in Vithrak's corpse should loot properly and not reappear after area transitions and/or saving and loading. [Other remarks / Comments] So my issues with this area may or may not stem from the following occurring in my first encounter: Upon entering the room in scouting mode, I got a little ways into the room and then clicked to initiate dialogue with the Vithrak. Before BB Fighter could reach him to initiate dialogue, it auto initiated. I chose the peaceful resolution of letting him go, but then as the dialogue window closed BB Fighter finished walking up to him and dialogue initiated again as if it hadn't happened already. I once again chose the peaceful options and allowed him to leave. Upon later discovering that I needed a soul vessel to complete the ritual involving the glowing runes, and being unable to "enter the water" to get a soul vessel as per the direction of a talking stone (I assumed that this involved the scripted event right next to the entrance that I was unable to complete), I returned to the Vithrak's lair to scout about for a soul vessel. To my surprise, he was still there and the original encounter began again. I thought that perhaps the game simply hadn't registered the resolution the first time so I once again allowed him to leave. Upon going back up to the gorge and back down again, the Vithrak remained. This time I attacked and once he was dead I took the soul vessel but was still unable to complete the ritual in the ritual room. I later loaded the game up, returned, and had to kill him a second time. Since then he has not reappeared, but as noted here his corpse remains with vessel and brain despite having been looted twice already. I know that this is all pretty convoluted and I wish I had kept more saves along the way to help recreate all of these issues but I didn't. I hope that this was at least somewhat helpful. [Files] http://www.upload.ee/files/4223522/65c1d25b068a407398ad8ac9957d0892_LleaRhemen_8521664.savegame.html DxDiag Attached DxDiag.txt
  3. When you attempt to take an item from your stash and you are in a hostile or non resting environment it states that you need to be in a rest area to access that slot. This in of itself isn't a problem....unless you accidentally close the stash box and now that item you are dragging around with your cursor is stuck. You cannot open the stash, you can't hit escape to get out of it, or anything. You are stuck and forced to shut the game off and restart. There has to be a way to either open up the stash so you can put the item back, or ESC out of that selection.
  4. Ok, so I ran into an issue where, as far as I can tell, I need a grappling hook to advance and there isn't one: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67585-unable-to-continue-i-think/ Now, the fact that this may be the cause of a bug aside, I would like to raise a particular issue: the fact that there are apparently a limited number of grappling hooks in the world of project eternity. And, one assumes, hammers and chisels, ropes, and whatever other useful adventuring items exist. And that they are apparently one-use in all cases. Why? I mean, where's the fun value in that? Or the logic, honestly. What, they suddenly are unable to attach some bent metal to the end of a piece of rope? And I can't recover my grappling hook after using it to lower a dragon egg? Did it become emotionally attached to said egg, thereby being unwilling to leave its side? Scarcity of magic armour: makes sense, plus it's a limiting factor on character power which is a good balance thing. But why limit my ability to solve problems using an appropriate tool that is relative easy to make (or recover after use)? By my count, you can use 3 grappling hooks in the beta: climbing up to the dragon egg, lowering the dragon egg, and crossing the chasm in the temple (I'm assuming for this last one because it mentions a grappling hook, but I don't actually have one). But you can only buy 2? Maybe they aren't supposed to disappear. I'm not sure. But if they are, this means that someone doing the dragon egg quest who used one to climb up and one to lower is now unable to use one to cross the chasm in the temple, unless I'm missing something. And even if there is a 3rd grappling hook hidden somewhere that I missed, I'm not sure hunting for a 3rd grappling hook is really a rewarding experience in a world where I was able to buy 2 of them from a store, but not a third because apparently they ran out and I can't fashion one myself from torn clothing and a bent sword or something (not that I want to be able to craft like that, I don't, I just don't want to be stuck for lack of a freaking grappling hook).
  5. In this video, I showcase how characters with armor equipped get an additional 2 DT from the armor they are wearing when you start a new game or load a save game. When you remove the armor and put it back on again, the DT resets to the correct value. edit: removing and re-applying the armor actually removes the Fine bonus from the armor, and the tooltip is not displaying the armor's total DT, but only the base DT. In this video, you can see that the rolled damage minus the DT values are not coming up with the expected values. Eg. Output log file: http://www.upload.ee/files/4220701/output_log.txt.html Savegame file: http://www.upload.ee/files/4220703/2e2f97943d054fb5afb85e6c1ac70f14_DyrfordVillage_7608986.savegame.html This happens in a new game, but here's the save game I used for the video anyway
  6. I put the loot into stash, then it disappeared there, but when I put new loot into the stash it overlayed the old loot and bugged the whole inventory completely. Now I pick a random item from the stash no matter what I try to take.
  7. [Description of the issue] Items randomly disappear. I know this bug has been reported before, but it happened very early in this playthrough so I thought the save/log might be of use. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Look at the savegame. The mage lost his wand, his grimoire, his second set weapon. The priest also lost her main weapon although I replaced it with something I found right when I discovered the issue. 2) Check log? [Expected behaviour] Items should not randomly disappear [Other remarks / Comments] This is what I did before noticing the issue: 1) Talked to the hunter outside of town (clever x2 options, accepted quest). 2) Talked to guard at bridge, chose option 1 3) Looted the box outside the inn (all loot was done by either "loot all" to stash or dragging items to specific characters or slots) 4) Went into inn, talked to bard (all options), talked to kitchen boy, looted kitchen 5) Talked to guard and then lord, took most options (including lore/int options) 6) Went upstairs (without talking to inn keeper) 7) Talked to thief. Took all special responses. Talked again. Warned her. 9) Looted all containers upstairs in the inn 10) discovered issue. 11) Saved game (I think I saved/quicksaved a couple times before) [Files] Save game: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Lost%20Items/f9c3dfb38691458db8ae1169239a62ce%20DracogenInn%207622463.savegame Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Lost%20Items/output_log.txt
  8. Issue: When companion dies their body disappears without leaving their equipment behind How to reproduce: 1. Get companion killed or kill one yourself 2. See their body disappear 3. See how there is no loot back appearing Expected behavior: Companion’s equipment don’t disappear with their body, but instead it would appear in loot back or stash
  9. While I was looting some corpses, I noticed something odd: even though BB Fighter had a free slot in his inventory, the looting window claimed that his inventory was full and did not let him pick up any loot. While investigating, I tried moving an item into BB Fighter's inventory from another character and had it disappear completely. The bug seems to work like this: moving items around BB Fighter's inventory works fine. Moving items from another character into any slot in BB Fighter's inventory works fine as long as he has at least two free slots. However, if my BB Fighter only has one free inventory slot, attempting to move an item from another character into it will delete the item. Steps to reproduce: 1) Load this save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hydixt9o3m5ikmm/1ac4bee9718543c783dceaf8318bb199%20DyrfordRuins%207850236.savegame 2) Open the inventory window 3) Move any item from any other character's inventory into the open slot in BB Fighter's inventory Also, after playing around with this for a while, I tried to quit into the main menu and the game froze. I've not been able to reproduce it so I'm not sure if it was related to the inventory bug or just a coincidence, but I've attached the output log regardless. output_log.txt
  10. [Description of the issue] Cannot loot the corpse loot from a Wurm because the pre-dead Wurm Object is blocking the click [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) View the image here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Unlootable/unlootable.png 2) See the corpse bag below and to the left of my characters. It's unlootable (the cursor remained a move cursor, not a loot cursor) Sorry, I forgot to get a savegame file >< [Expected behaviour] That I be able to loot it. [Other remarks / Comments] There was another bag that was really hard to loot in a similar spot, but I managed to find a tiny corner that was outside the dead-wurm graphics that I could click on. [Files] Screenshot above. Sorry no savegame
  11. To reproduce: start a new game, go into the inventory, click on BB Mage, then click on another character. The Mage's cape should stick where it was.
  12. Found two cloaks, one granted fireball and the other granted wreathing flame (mantle of wreathing flame), neither seems to be working properly. Casting from the character spellbar, the Fireball animation actually went off, caused enemies to aggro, but didn't cause any actual damage in game or in the combat log. Casting Wreathing Flame consumed the charge, but had no visible effect and didn't drain any stamina.
  13. I thought it might be a good to collect various bugs with items having to do with either their display or application of stats. I will start it off with: SUPER NAKED LEATHER ARMOR Item - Leather Armor, DT 9, Recovery 1 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999391268/screenshot/579031239332359651
  14. Disclaimer: I have followed the updates closely, but I haven't been too active in the board, yet, so I hope this hasn't been discussed, yet. I am just playing IWD2 CE again, and one thing I find really annoying is the way merchants work(ed) in IE games, i.e. you have some person standing around somewhere without protection, but carrying items worth 10 billion gold. BUT she doesn't need protection, because killing her will maike all the items magically disappear, as well. This makes for bad roleplaying in my eyes. If a merchant has 50 armors for sale, she should have them in (possibly locked) chests, instead of on her (or does she have STR 50?). She should also be able to protect them herself, or have guards or be in a town that has law enforcement. Should she not be able to defend them, then you should be able to rob her items, anything else just doesn't make any sense. IIRC Morrorwind's merchants worked this way. Any chance PoE will have good trading mechanics? How is this planned in PoE? edit: formatting was list for some reason...
  15. A problem i find in the occasional modern rpg is that unique items are often too easy to find and are often done so by either random drops or in a chest on your way to a greater goal. Another traditional method of acquiring them is through boss fights. Yes ok, fighting a particularly powerful foe should yield its rewards, but for those items, these legendary artifacts that have changed the course of that games history, they should be secretive, they should not be found simply as a drop to a boss you had to kill anyway. Dragon Age has the same problem, some of the most powerful items there are found simply on your way to another objective, in obvious shining containers. What is the gratification in finding a beautifully crafted weapon, giving you an edge in combat simply as a prize for not being completely blind? Skyrim had a good idea with locations of certain artifacts hidden in books. The problem was that it marked the location of the item on your map the moment you picked up the book and left nothing to chance, the book itself was also commonly found. Playing Fable, i recall the most powerful sword required a certain alignment for the tomb that contained it to open, another was a sword-in-the-stone type where you could see men from the local village trying their strength attempting to pull it out, not to mention certain chests that required a particular amount of keys found throughout the world. That is what i would like to see, that there is some challenge involved in finding an artifact of significant power, be it trough optional side quests , cryptic requirements or deducing their location through obscure data. If you absolutely cant find it and still want it, ask google. PS: I make a distinction between unique and legendary items. Legendaries are certainly unique but are distinct through power and historical relevance.
  16. What sort of rare magical items would you like to see in P:E? Here are some ideas. Lantern of Soothing Light - Regenerates HP over time. 10 ft. radius. Lantern of Searing Light - Harms Undead, as the spell. Lantern of Blinding - Medium range. Fort negates. Censer of Disease Protection - +4 Fort vs Airborne Disease. 10 ft. radius. Skull of Undead Detection - Long range. Emits creepy low frequency choral effect. Cube of Fiend Summoning (Hellraiser) - Requires Intelligence check and Will save to operate. (Some items must be equipped in either the main-hand or off-hand to activate). Other possible items: Let your imagination run wild! Orb / Sceptre / Statuette / Figurine / Idol / Book / Tome / Prayer Beads / Decanter / Jug / Tankard / Goblet / Candle / Periapt / Charm / Stone / Seal / Tablet / Skull / Creature [-Head / -Organ / -Eye] / Gem / Prism / Incense / Mirror / Chime / Egg Example - Censer of Disease Protection (active while equipped in off-hand).
  17. This intends to provide a streamlined mechanic to make magic items useable throughout the game within pre-decided boundaries (also, a money sink). The short version: Every magic weapon can be attuned to a character's soul (PC's or NPC's) for a fee, which unlocks the ability of the weapon to increase its usefulness over time, only for that specific PC/NPC. Increase of usefulness happens over time from use. Tiered, as to spread the cost and rewards of the attunement over the duration of the game. Costly, to make the item feel more special. Also, very important, increases usability of weaker items more than it does for stronger items. And longer version: Every magical weapon could be attuned to the soul of one person. A very specific process, it needs to be done by a master. It is costly. Attunement of higher quality items is more difficult and requires more gold. Attunement does not degrade over time. Further attunements are possible. How it works (Using DnD-like numbering): A very cool (likely unique, but not necessarily) Cool Sword +1 is attuned to the PC for a fee. The sword has the same damage as it did before the attunement: let's say 3 to 6. However, over time, with use, the sword's basic damage increases to 3.1 to 6.1 (only when being used by the PC). Then, after more use: 3.2 to 6.2. And so on until it goes through 3.9-6.9 to 4.0-7.0 basic damage. It turns into Cool Sword +1 +1 for the PC through the attunement. Let's say that the highest enchantment for the game is +6. Each individual weapon can be given specific maximum values for the total achievable attunement. The Cool Sword +1 could get attuned to up to 4.0-7.0, attuned again to max of 5.0-8.0 and so on for four attunements when the total is equal to Cool Sword +5. A NotSoCool Sword +1 might be allowed five attunements to become NotSoCool Sword +6. Another UniqueButQuiteAverage Dagger +4 could be attuned two times to a max of the equivalence of UniqueButQuiteAverage Dagger +5.5. If an items is found as UberCool DreiHander +5, then for a huge pile of gold it could be attuned so that it would take ages to get to +5.1. Maximum from the first attunement could be only +5.2. And another very expensive attunement could be possible for a maximum of +5.3. And no more. An item's utility could counterweight the maximum allowed attunement. This could be just one streamlined mechanic to make a unique item continually usable. Forging items like in BG2 could be another present system: anything forge-able cannot be attuned (recipes, this should probably be for the "best" items, done by a master blacksmith). Item upgrades by crafting (recipes, done by PC) is yet another. Also, the items do not sell for more after attunement - they are only more useful to the person they are attuned to and nobody else. They are exactly the same as in the beginning, with just one more effect "+x basic damage while used by ..." Also, they could be attuned to a second adventurer, losing their current attunement and starting from beginning with the new person. What do you think? How does this stack against or alongside the other upgrade systems?
  18. I am not going to make a poll in this thread but the recent update by Tim Cain does raise questions about the intended direction of economy in Project Eternity. There hasn't really been a thread on this before (There's been a couple on specific elements such as economy related to magic or difficulty, or currencies), but not a discussion of the economy in itself. So I am making this thread for us to discuss economy in Project Eternity. To start off the thread properly I'll need to do a fairly good main post so I'll try to cover everything I can think of. I'll try and open the discussion from the perspective of the player's wealth as it is really the only thing that the designers have to be weary of in the game. We know the inputs to player wealth in the game (perhaps not all of them, but enough to talk about) - so I think the discussion should be about the value of those inputs, the outputs of which the player spends their wealth. Inputs to player wealth: Items found Money found Skills (Crafting, Stealing etc) Quest rewards Outputs from player wealth: and as per this post on the Something Awful forums it seems that one of the purposes of it is as a money sink for players who don't necessarily do much with the Stronghold Buying new items Paying for Crafting Paying for magical service (Healing, Restoration, Identification etc) Repairing items (currently) Player House Player Stronghold Quest inputs (eg. Paying the Shadow Thieves for transport to Spellhold in BG2) I don't think this discussion should be particularly about multiple currencies or anything specifically but by all means feel free to talk about them. My input I'll start off by saying I'm not a huge fan of Item Durability proposed in Update 58 and as per this post in the Something Awful forums it seems that one of the purposes of Item durability is as a money sink for the player in case they do not invest in the Stronghold. My suggestion here would be to remove item durability from the game and focus on other outputs from player wealth instead. Is it important that if a player does not invest in the stronghold that there be other money sinks in the game to circumvent the amount of wealth they will still have from doing so? Should the economy be balanced so that if the player wants to invest in the stronghold they might have to sacrifice other outputs? Outputs themselves are also probably affected by skills (such as bartering might reduce the cost of items or increase the cost of sold items etc, we can't be sure until we see the full skill tree). Here are some brief suggestions to get the ball rolling Buying items should be expensive Having a vendor craft items for you should be more expensive than doing it yourself for the convenience it offers Paying for magical service should be expensive There should be hopefully many quest options where you can use player wealth (paying for bribes etc) to garner specific outcomes. "Conscience do cost." Selling items should get you a minimal fraction of the item cost, perhaps influenced by reputation or a skill such as bartering if one exists Keep the money you find or are given in the game down Artifact crafting could have a high money cost like BG2 Limit the junk item sell value to 1gp or currency equivalent in game Expeditions: Conquistador also had a nice price/demand system for their trading that might be worth considering. Personally I don't think the player having excess 100K gold is an issue, but there are definitely ways to bring that number down excluding Stronghold investment. Anyway there's some points to discuss. I'm sure everyone else has heaps of ideas as well. Bring on the micro/macroeconomics enthusiasts etc.
  19. In many games, inventory management becomes a major hassle once you acquire a large number of items. One way to alleviate this is to introduce separate tabs for specific item types (i.e. weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, etc.). This would make it a bit easier to search for specific items as long as you know which category they belong to. Of course, you would still have a general tab where items from all categories would be listed. Examples of games which had a tabbed inventory: Risen, Gothic 1&3, KotOR 1&2, Divinity 1&2. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that inventory management was perfectly executed in the aforementioned games, just that it had this useful feature which might be worth looking into for Project Eternity. Lastly, here's a screenshot of Risen's character sheet. Notice the tabbed inventory under section 13.
  20. Have lots to say about this but leaving space. In my opinion Rogues should be the best at disarming traps, but if I don't want a Rogue in my party, could there be items or other ways to overcome traps? Could a Fighter or Barbarian be able to stop that boulder rolling towards the party by physically stopping it? Can 2 melee Strength-based characters be able to open doors at the cost of stamina? (Holding up a closing stone door Indiana Jones style~). Could there be some sort of experimental equipment that nullifies poison traps? (gasmask thing, making you able to just walk over Gas traps like it was nothing). What kind of traps will exist in P:E and what kind of mechanics will be used to deactivate traps? Will we see more of a Grimrock style? Pitfalls? Spikes? Arrow shooting traps? Or will it be more in-tune with BG with no "buttons" or similar? Player vs Dungeon. Not really "What enemies are there?" but "What obstacles block the way forward?".
  21. In D&D, resurrection needed diamonds. Some other games made spells require ingredients as a general rule. In P:E, what do you guys think about some higher level spells requiring ingredients? Or lower-level spells requiring ingredients? Middle-level spells? All spells? Any spells? Perhaps these ingredients are similar ingredients used in enchanting or crafting. Maybe not. What do you think?
  22. On the topic of the rarity of magic item thread, that sort of got me thinking. Why does an item have to be magical to be good? Project Eternity is supposed to be a more technologically advanced world, why can't items just be ridiculously good quality, rather than magical. For instance There could be an inventor that has designed an absolutely cutting-edge musket (I don't think there will be arquebus in the game as they were matchlock, but there might be), it's not magical because he's not a wizard or a priest but it's still one of the best guns in the game. In Baldur's Gate 1, Full Plate armor was the second third best suit of armor in the game (Full Plate +2, Ankheg Plate then Full Plate). Obviously magical items have the potential to be better than normal items, but it would be cool to see actual technology be beneficial as well. Obsidian have already said that magic is not rare, but to give something a bonus (particularly a weapon), it doesn't necessarily have to be magical. Your thoughts?
  23. I just found myself comparing my experience in Baldur's Gate and Diablo 3: Raiders of the Infernal Department Store. Two wildly different games, true, but I found it ironic that, while one of Diablo 3's selling points was compulsive and awesome looting, I simply couldn't be any excited when Demon Invader number 667# would spill another pair of pants. I was once told that one reason for that is the attribute metagame in the Diablo series was simplified, items don't compete with each other simply because one yields more 'DPS' than the other. There's no question of what is actually best for your character (which is fundamentally equal to every other character). I can't tell if that's true since I haven't played Diablo 1 and 2, but my own experience with other 'diablo-likes' supports that argument. But I think there's more: I believe that the attribute metagame isn't enough. Which brings me to Baldur's Gate. In the first game, simple enchanted items are relatively rare. Items with specialized and higher bonuses (such as +X against Undead) are even rarer. Items with special abilities are almost self-contained to the expansion. This denotes one difference between BG and Diablo 3, loot that is meant to be interesting are rarer and, therefore, actually interesting and meaningful. But progression is still linear, since its still mostly about the attribute metagame. Every party member fills a niche, meaning that each party member will benefit the most of a given attribute increase, items are still simply better than each other. Granted, if Diablo 3 had managed to accomplish this much, I'd have been pleasantly surprised. But the IE games, I believe, went beyond that. In Shadows of Amn the structure is mostly the same, but there's more loot and the stakes are a higher. And with a higher power level, you can have more diverse items when it comes to special abilities. I remember hoarding a number of rings, cloaks and such, not because of different attribute bonuses and the like, but rather because of special abilities. This is something else that loot in Diablo 3 didn't have, creative and situtional spell effects. For the most part, I might wear that cloak of +X protection, but I'll occasionally switch into that other one that transforms me into a troll for healing purposes. And it might even remain useful levels and levels after I acquired it.
  24. Pretty much what the title says, and the polls say; what would you say would be the best system or even combination of systems you'd like in Project Eternity? Would you like it if everything the characters you fight against are lootable, entirely randomized loot, what? Personally, I enjoy a combination of them; what you see is what you get, and being able to take what would otherwise be vendor trash items -- like Golden Idols or plates -- and giving them to NPCs that will give you a slight discount in return, or even open up new items to purchase, giving the player a wide variety of options. Sadly, this is not the case in most RPGs, but you know, I'm not terribly picky about it. Still love the 'you get what the character is wearing.' the best out of the options, but this being a poll, I also wanted to know what you all think, and would enjoy in Project Eternity on a personal, as well as a 'fun' level, and whatnot.
  25. Should there be funny (but useful) perks and traits available when creating and leveling your character? And should abnormally low stats/skills (e.g., intelligence) affect dialogue and gameplay in a humorous and not-necessarily-game-breaking way? Finally, should there be items/consumables/wearables that affect gameplay in a humorous way as well? For example, in the Fallout games, there were perks and traits that would give you bonuses (e.g., to defense and bullet resistances) while lowering your charisma (essentially a terminator-like perk) -- or ones that would cause you to leave a bloody mess wherever you went, or ones that gave you bad luck, etc. A couple ideas that would be silly but might still fit within a Project Eternity world might be: A Tarzan-like Attack/Defense bonus for barbarians that fight naked or in their undies (pixelated); can significantly affect dialog options and wandering around a city may cause swift fines and a difficult time talking to anyone, including party members. Depending on charisma and gender, may result in different reception from other characters -- e.g., you may be thrown in jail for indecent exposure. (Idea from here) A cursed trait that affects everyone else around you, but not so much yourself. Similar to 'Jinxed' from Fallout, but essentially affecting others a little more than yourself. This also makes it much harder to recruit and keep companions (either willingly with you, or alive). Can also affect dialog and plot/story options, for example a seer or tribal elder might chase you out of a village or city on account of you bringing bad luck wherever you go. Maybe even a lot of bad luck, depending on how long you stay in a place -- or maybe this could even be rolled into the overarching plot. As for stats/skills, in Fallout if your intelligence was too low, your sentences would be slurred and speech would take a significant hit. Should something like this be present in Project Eternity? Should abnormally low stats/skills affect gameplay, but not necessarily in a game-breaking manner? For example, if you had really low intelligence, perhaps your other party members (the few you were somehow able to convince to join you) would speak more often instead of you for dialog with other NPCs.. or maybe they'd be more likely to scheme against you or otherwise be more likely to try and use your quest to their own advantage? Similarly, perhaps having low-intelligence might make otherwise dangerous encounters somewhat less dangerous -- perhaps NPCs would believe your character too stupid to understand what they are doing, and less likely to try and kill your character or throw them in a dungeon? Finally, should there be items or wearables or consumables that affect gameplay in a humorous (but potentially useful) way? For example, maybe there's a particular type of food made in the Swamplands of Whatever, which, when consumed, causes the character to smell so badly that their entire party will be forced to follow at a significant distance. Walking into a city square will cause residents to flee, and any attackers with working sinuses will likely hesitate before attacking you, and will always prefer to stay far away rather than be overwhelmed with your 'odor'. Dogs, wolves, and most other normal animals will also opt to run away from you, potentially making it a useful tool when trying to access otherwise inaccessible (or very dangerous) areas. This item might even be part of a quest (rather than something you can purchase in a store).
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