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  1. Looking at: http://satellitereign.com/forums/topic/linux-problems/ and https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/game-freeze-on-debian-wheezy-sid-64-bit.6403/ it seems like other programs are also lacking this plugin. Can you please pressure the developers of said plugin to release some kind of (non-supported) linux library? Why is it so difficult, if they already support Android and OSX? I know Linux users are a small percentage, but it's sad I don't get all of the game's features
  2. I agree, this is not really a good VS evil thing, but evil in IWD2 proves the point. I am just argueing in favor of different pathways, e.g. you could decide not to help someone, because you are evil and don't care, because that someone's race or background conflict with yours, or because the rewards don't convince you; the point is, that you can chose not to, and that the game offers plenty of other choices, things that can't be undone, and that change the direction of the game. -> I don't advocate binary alignment choices, of course it is even more fun if other background stuff makes
  3. I wanted to go for 2014-12-16, but since there is already three people on that date I will pick 2014-12-15 instead. Not to sure about a Monday, but ya never know, right?
  4. I have previously played BG2 and Planescape Torment as good or at worst neutral main character, and the immersion was superb. I had also started playing IWD2 a while ago with a good/neutral party and immersion was ok (story too linear, but thats a different issue). A few months backed I decided to replay IWD2, because I had never finished, this time I chose to play as an evil party. And I was thoroughly disappointed, I must say. 95% of all quests were "save person x" or "save the world" (game plot). "evil" dailogue options where available, but almost never went beyond "give me more gold for i
  5. I disagree, and to underline this position with authority, I quote: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_Sanderson#Sanderson.27s_First_Law
  6. Like all other things in the game there would need to be balance... A level one rat doesn't drop the All-Eliminating Sword of Evergreatness, so an unprotected merchant shouldn't have the Sword either. The whole point of an RPG is that rewards and difficulty are matched, and it becomes interesting right at the point where you *might* be able to overcome the merchant and still profit from her goods. Maybe it would only be possible if you decided to go for a four-player party instead of six and your thief is thus a higher level already. Note also that just because it es technically possible for
  7. Yes and no. That depends entirely on what kind of items the merchant has and at what point in the game you would be strong/skilled enough to pull it off. A merchant with non-magical weapons and some level 1 spells and small healing potions might have a bad ass golem standing around that is strong enough to beat your level 1 party; then when you come back and you are all level 5 you would be able to beat the golem, kill the merchant and loot the stuff, but it would be bad for your reputation/alignment and you have little material gain from the loot. Note also that you need not give ever
  8. I believe the problem is to keep the game balanced. Imagine you could kill such merchant at the very beginning of the game and have all his money and stuff. Well, duh. Imagine naked 16 year olds running around with sacks of gold and not getting robbed. The whole point of an RPG is trying to behave like your character would behave in a situation like that, which means if you can't defend something and are not protected by someone or something else, it probably won't stay yours for long. As others have pointed out, you can solve this elegantly in many ways, I just feel that it is no
  9. It's not so much about seeing the merchant get something (which has no influence on gameplay), but about the implications for gameplay. I think it is very natural for a merchant to have to protect her goods, and steeling from somebody wealthy is also a very common RPG scenario. Not being able to rob someone (or not reaping the in-world results of it) severely limits character choice and promotes good/neutral characters (in D&D terms). In IE games you can develop a high-level rogue, have her steel from a merchant and receive zero as result, while all the cool items are apparently stored in
  10. Disclaimer: I have followed the updates closely, but I haven't been too active in the board, yet, so I hope this hasn't been discussed, yet. I am just playing IWD2 CE again, and one thing I find really annoying is the way merchants work(ed) in IE games, i.e. you have some person standing around somewhere without protection, but carrying items worth 10 billion gold. BUT she doesn't need protection, because killing her will maike all the items magically disappear, as well. This makes for bad roleplaying in my eyes. If a merchant has 50 armors for sale, she should have them in (possibly l
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