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  1. While I was looting some corpses, I noticed something odd: even though BB Fighter had a free slot in his inventory, the looting window claimed that his inventory was full and did not let him pick up any loot. While investigating, I tried moving an item into BB Fighter's inventory from another character and had it disappear completely. The bug seems to work like this: moving items around BB Fighter's inventory works fine. Moving items from another character into any slot in BB Fighter's inventory works fine as long as he has at least two free slots. However, if my BB Fighter only has one fr
  2. So, I'm guessing that most people have noticed that combat seems really swingy: you often either take massive damage or just completely steamroll the enemy. Well, I think I figured out why. When you reload an area, the Damage Threshold of the enemies in it drops to 0. Steps to reproduce: 1) Start a new game 2) Head to Dyrford Crossing 3) Quicksave 4) Attack the first group of beetles you see. Look at the damage you're doing to them and hover over a damage line to get the attack breakdown. You should see something like "33.6 - 30.0 = 3.4 Slash Damage". 5) Quickload 6) Attack the s
  3. One buff per stat, yes. That's also what the OP claims. You're not arguing that it's intended that wearing a belt makes armor useless, are you? I don't think it's meant that way. The belt should only override the breastplates DT in terms of fire and ice damage, not in terms of physical damage, as the OP claims. The more important question is whether this is a just an error in displaying of the DT in the menu or if it also affects combat the way it is displayed. Yeah, this is what I meant. If I'm wearing armor that gives me +2 DT and a belt that gives +5 DT against fire, I should h
  4. If a character has equipment that gives a bonus to D.T. and a larger bonus to D.T. against a specific damage type, the latter bonus will suppress the former, even though the former protects from more attacks. Steps to reproduce: 1) Equip a character with any equipment that gives a bonus to Damage Threshold (e.g. Fine Breastplate) 2) Equip the same character with any equipment that gives a larger bonus against a specific damage type (e.g. the Nature's Embrace belt) Expected behavior: The specific D.T. bonus should only override the general one when the character takes damage of the s
  5. When viewing the game, graphics or sound pages in the Options menu, the labels on the buttons on the left are blank. Switching to another one of the affected pages causes the labels to blink into existence for a split-second before disappearing again. This does not oocur when viewing the auto-pause or controls pages and only happens when accessing the Options menu from the main menu, not ingame.
  6. When you exit and re-enter an area, loot dropped by enemies will reappear even if you've already collected it. Steps to reproduce: 1) Start a new game 2) Exit Dyrford and head to Stormwall Gorge 3) Kill some lions and loot their hides 4) Exit the area and head to Dyrford 5) Exit Dyrford and head to Stormwall Gorge again 6) The lion remains have reappeared and can be looted again 7) Repeat steps 4-6 for infinite lion hides Seems to work with other enemies as well, but not all. The ogre's loot bag respawns, but doesn't contain anything, and after killing Trygil, his loot bag didn'
  7. This happened to me as well: after returning to the village from the spider cave, I tried looking at the rogue's character sheet and noticed that I could only view my main character's sheet. Regardless of the character I had selected, the character sheet button always brought up the main character's sheet. After saving, quitting and reloading, my sheet was messed up like tjorb's. I'd post the save file but it's bigger than the attachment size limit. Other saves are unaffected. One weird quirk I found is that if you load a working save and then load the corrupt save from the Esc menu, the c
  8. Three bugs: On the save and load screens, the slots for the location thumbnail and character portraits are drawn over the rest of the UI (see attached screenshot). After quitting and restarting the game, the play time for all saves is reset to 0. Saves are sorted alphabetically by location name, which makes it unnecessarily hard to identify the most recent save, especially if you don't remember exactly which area you last saved in. Should be sorted by creation date instead.
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