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  1. It shouldn't be possible to save scum them so easily either. Just saving infront of a container and being able to reload to get different loot is bad design.
  2. All enemies won't have the same AI scripts and all fights won't be the same obviously. Even if the AI always went for your ranged characters that would be a problem in and of itself. It doesn't sound very fun either. Enchantments? They would have to be some good enchantments to weigh up that recovery penalty.
  3. I am disappointed in Sawyer's response. The issue is that there is no reason for ranged characters to use armor and If the only solution that they come up with is to make AI better and target weaker targets depending on the encounter, it's only gonna solve it for that specific encounter. The rest of the time half my party will be running around naked. The problem for me personally isn't that they arent wearing armor, it is that they aren't wearing clothes and this ruins immersion. Even robes have a penalty and they hardly offer any protection so why would anyone use them?
  4. Cipher: The cast time and recovery time of certain spells are too long. Sometimes I only get 2 spells off in a fight. Some damage spells do not do enough damage with cast/recovery time taken into account. I rarely run out of focus and haven't had the need to hit an enemy to regain it since you always get 20 focus back when a fight ends. My cipher and wizard are running around naked since the armor penalty is not worth it, they never get hit anyway.
  5. The fights don't last long enough to even use half of the abilities my party currently has. My cipher is the worst of all because for some reason they have a really long recovery time so you at most get 2 abilities off during a fight and ciphers can't even auto attack during the recovery. Imo fights should last a bit longer and decrease the time it takes to cast certain spells and remove the overly long recovery time.
  6. I have managed to reproduce the bug. When I turn in the ogre quest to the farmer and choose the option to let him keep his money. After that the character sheet bugs out. I noticed that I no longer have any quests when I load my recent saves so turning in a quest while you don't actually have any might be part of the problem. I'm not recieving any exp either.
  7. It doesn't matter who you use to initiate the conversation, it is always your character that does the talking and skill checks.
  8. My character sheet looks like this: Switching characters doesn't help and I can't level up. Sadly I don't know when or how this happened. I'll have to start a new character.
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