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  1. Don't forget the bounty hunters that attack you at every turn. Some one is gunning for your life in BG1, and there's good reason for the player to want to know who. Which would be another cliché motive. I mean, Morrowind had it, even Kana is being hunted by bounty hunters and there are much much much more examples. Someone's gunning for my life? Well whoop-di-****in'-doo, I knew that the moment Gorion sacrificed himself to stop Sarevok from killing me. The bounty hunters didn't actually add to that. Plus, those bounty hunter mechanics are a pain in the ass and even PoE has them. SO annoyi
  2. Did he, though? For me, Irenicus seemed like the typical run-of-the-mill evil wizard, whose actions didn't make sense most of the time. But to get back to the motivation of PoEs main character: He is told, in Caed Nua, that he will probably go as mad as Maerwald, if he doesn't do anything about it. Most players arguing about a badly executed main plot, because they don't see why the character should go to Defiance Bay, seem to have forgotten that (or never even noticed it in the first place). Now, I sure as hell don't want to end up as Maerwald, but maybe you guys thought him to be actu
  3. Depends on what you define as RPG, really, but usually Skyrim is a big competitor. For me, I even consider CK2, but I can totally understand if people strongly disagree with that assessment, so forget that I mentioned it. Also, both games are open world rpgs with a totally different focus, but I would never agree on the notion that PoE is short. It's not. Eight hours is short, 20 hours for rpgs, I would say, but as soon as you hit 40+ hours you can't possibly mean to say a game, any game, is short.
  4. But...but...Alistair...and Morrigan...T_T they're like the two best characters in BioWare's arsenal.
  5. Apart from that, BioWare had extensive collaboration with Interplay and an already existing (and in my opinion well-rounded, although highly exploitative) combat, roleplaying and world system (AD&D) for BG1. They had to create the engine, I'll give them that, but engine development doesn't outweigh combat and world system development. So no, BG1 wasn't actually built from scratch. The engine, the assets and maybe the story was. But people seem to forget that...
  6. But they do not have an engine. They created a game using the Unity3D engine. What they have are game mechanics, specific game mechanics. They can be adapted to other games, yes, but why would you give some other company the possiblity to create the exact same kind of games and create a competitor who might even outdo you with what you have created? I like the thought of open source, I really do in all honesty, but in order for a project to be OSS-compatible there need to be several criteria met and a game has mostly none of them. Linus didn't open source his os so he could turn a profit on it
  7. 1. He stated that they integrated a central hero, which they promised, and they delivered. Not a feat, I agree, but it's a promise they held. 2. It's not about whether the characters are better or worse than BG2 or PS:T (a comparison I will speak about later on). In my personal opinion, some characters are better, some are worse, but most of them are memorable, there's no denying it. 3. The combat system is not a fail. It might not be as good as BG2, I agree, but it's not utter ****, as much as Sensuki might wish it so. It's a new combat system so of course there are going to be flaws. Am I
  8. I think it wouldn't necessarily have to be the way where you mask quest-npc names behind generic descriptions. But it sure would be nice to see more non-quest-related-npcs to have names and a bit of situational dialog. BG had those, too. Not every npc was named, but that doesn't need to be the case. There were just enough npcs who had a unique name and told you something no other npc would say and I liked it. It really adds to the immersion, flair and atmosphere and while PoE isn't necessarily lacking much in these areas, it is lacking in unimportant characters that will interact with you.
  9. The Linux kernel was developed by a student who was trying to get a better understanding of operating systems and proving a point. The Android OS was created by google to get market dominance, the same goes for the Chrome browser. The Apache Web Server and actually every other software except for the Linux kernel, are supported by big companies who can provide for most programmers, or are maintaining a profit by selling support (especially the Apache Web Server). Even the Java developers are paid by several companies and the ulterior motive for the programming language was to create a
  10. I think I have to agree with Exoduss in some points. If Obsidian actually designed PoE to be soloable on every difficulty, I have to say that that's a pretty bad design decision in my opinion, and I've seen it in many games, where game design was partially influenced by achievements. It's a trend I strongly dislike.
  11. I knew even before I opened the thread that Edér would be the last on this list. :D
  12. Yeah, it felt like Durance and Grieving Mother would've spawned from the same mind. They really feel pretty similar, in a good way. They're both enigmatic, their conversations are strange and confusing at times, and they're both pretty much damaged. Also, in my opinion at least, both their names would perfectly fit for PS:T characters, but that's just an aside. And by the way, I love Edér. His voice acting is amazing and his character is just lovable. P.S.: They're also in my standing party. Namely: Edér, Aloth, Durance, Pallegina and Grieving Mother.
  13. Well, I guess that the story itself is concentrating too much on being a good, socially apt, kith being. It assumes that by seeing the ritual in the beginning, where several people are sacrificed and which also kills your companions, the character automatically assumes that whoever would do such a ritual cannot be good in any way. Rationally, this would be the only thing you'd opt for as a decent kith being, since kith sacrifice is inherently bad. And due to the narrative complexity of creating a storyline for a good and a bad character, the game only goes into one direction, namingly you be
  14. You would miss out on at least one different outcome in a quest in Dyrford, which involves the Grieving Mother, but that's just if you want to have the best possible outcomes for all quests. Also, the companions comment on some dialogs here and there and then there are the companion quests you would miss out on (e.g. Edér, Aloth, Pellegina, etc.).
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