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  1. I'm on this thing! I wasn't sure if I could confirm officially anything in public yet (I'm used to keeping everything under wraps until someone gives the okay, I guess), but then today I learned it's been public since like May. So I guess I can! Plus, who cares? Writing Eder, as previously noted, as a contract writer. Also did story and world development back in preproduction when I was the narrative lead in-house. Memories. Peace and twin-rorschach-bear-high-fives to all of you.
  2. Hi guys, Sorry I'm late to the party, and thanks for the congratulations! Darren pretty much said it all. It's not so much that I've "moved on from Obsidian" so much as any work I do for them in the foreseeable future would be as a contractor. We'll get that all hashed out in the near future, I'm sure. For the moment it's nice not to have to think about work for a few months after an 11-year run. I have seen in a few places concerned comments about what this change means for the quality of PoE2 going forward. I want to assure you that all of these comments have come from sock puppet a
  3. To clarify the long vs. short game statement, I wasn't suggesting making an 8-hr full-priced RPG. It's more an overarching approach: if you have x dollars to make a game, do you spend 80% of it on content and 20% on polish, or 60% on content and 40% on polish? If you are given a choice between putting in some of your more mediocre work into the game to add to gameplay time, or cutting it in service of overall quality, which way do you go? Choosing the latter in both cases sounds appealing from the standpoint of having a desire to make high quality games, but it would cost you a big chunk of yo
  4. Figuer - I put in a retro fix for this. Will be in the next patch, assuming it passes QA. For you or anybody else who has the object in their inventory, but did not get the conversation with Eder that was supposed to happen when you acquired it, if you inspect the item in your inventory (Eder needs to be in the party, too), the conversation will automatically trigger.
  5. The screenshot link for the first one points to the third error, so I'm not sure what case of "Stamina" we're talking about. Other than that, all the new stuff is in. Plus like 30-ish spelling and typo fixes (that I'm hoping no one ever notices). Wasn't sure what you were referring to with using "I" as an object, Andrea, but if that's in dialogue I tend to let it slide because it's a grammar error that people commonly make when speaking casually.
  6. That's what I meant by his "more adventurous" works. Ulysses or Finnegan's Wake, I was thinking. Then again I'm talking out of my ass here because I've only read small excerpts from either of them. I know him more for his accessible stuff. Your choice of Faulkner was much better. And to be clear, I don't mean to say that we aspire to write like Hemingway or Joyce or any author of literature. A) There's no competing with that, especially in a form that places hefty, unnatural constraints on how you structure your text, B) I don't think many people would want to read an attempt at it, and C
  7. This is a good discussion. If you're curious about where we at Obsidian stand on this issue, I can shed some light. (Although I'm just speaking for myself here.) - Concise is only the undisputed goal of writing to high school English teachers. (No offense, teachers! Those kids have to learn self-editing.) Many of what are widely considered the greatest works of literature of all time are so dense with words that they are unreadable to much if not most of the population. One of the hallmark traits of literature as a genre is that the authors commonly push the form in a new direction with a
  8. Nah no worries! Paul's was this past Tuesday, mine is next Tuesday. Just want to make sure the man gets his props!
  9. Glad you liked Blood Register! However, credit where credit is due - it is the work of Paul Kirsch. Paul wrote our Collector's Book (and the instruction manual and probably some other things), and works as a narrative designer at Obsidian.
  10. Should be all caught up now for 2.03. Thanks for all the work. A few I left unchanged because the error is "by design" or in some cases excusable because it's part of natural speech. A swift, by the way, is a bird. I had to look it up.
  11. An update on this for you all... I've made most all the fixes brought up, excluding a few cases where what was there was either deemed acceptable or too much trouble to fix for whatever reason. I've also done a spell check on all game text. Oh the deep shame of it all. Probably about a hundred spelling errors fixed. (EDIT: make that two hundred.) On the bright side, White March will be much cleaner in that regard. These'll be in the 2.0 patch, I believe, which is incoming shortly. Also, thanks again to everyone for all the help - we'd never have been able to catch all this ourselves. I
  12. Hi, thanks for catching all these. I'm gonna see about getting these in for the next patch if possible.
  13. New ones will be in 1.05 - thanks again. A couple caveats for the morbidly curious: - We actually allow comma splices and generally don't use semicolons - I believe that's for reading aesthetics, and has been in place for all Obsidian games. - There's quite a bit of leeway in terms of spoken dialogue being grammatically incorrect, owing to the fact that people tend to speak idiosyncratically and imprecisely. So the Kana slip above, there, for example, is something we would tend to allow.
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