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  1. It's highly unlikely that many fans of Obsidian would frequent that cesspit. Present company excluded, apparently. Whatever one's judgement of Bioware's products, that accursed forum is home to things that would shock even the most perverse NEET, all without coming close to the legal definition of pornography. I suppose that's an accomplishment.
  2. Why are you so convinced that the game will be so casual easymode that you'll need handicaps on your PC to get any kind of challenge out of it?
  3. AoE doesn't sound like an appropriate term. Engaging multiple opponents isn't the same thing as chucking a magical/spiritual fireball or a bomb.
  4. It's not objectively "good for aesthetics." You know you can literally stop time with the spacebar in these games, right? Apparently not. Being able to stop time is a pretty remarkable feat even if its effects are limited to allowing thought processes on the part of the time-stopper. Just mash the spacebar and you've got your precious slow-mo dynamic decapitation/blood fountain.
  5. Influencing reputation with "donations" makes sense to a point, but a good reputation system would focus more on a character's overall actions, i.e. a PC who resolves disputes/gets out of binds primarily through combat would be regarded as someone combat-oriented/violent (as a subset, their competence in combat might come into play; someone who quickly and efficiently dispatches enemies might be regarded highly as a killer, as opposed to someone who gets into a lot of fights and struggles to defeat even average thugs, who would be regarded as a foolish hothead.) That said, I tend to slide
  6. Rouge is a perfectly valid form of concealment. Admittedly not as effective for the typical male as it is for a female with a high charisma attribute. Well, there are customers who prefer a good fop over ladies of the night or little boys.
  7. I got hooked with Orange Box (re: TF2) back in October 2007 (just in time for la grande récession,) never looked back. Didn't even bother with the previous generation of consoles until The Last of Us. If that SteamOS pans out... Well, so long, Microsoft, it's been... an experience?
  8. I can't remember what game it was, but some Namco game back in the PSX days actually had Pac-Man as a playable minigame while waiting for the load to complete. I don't think anyone can really argue with that, except that load times should be so insignificant in this day and age that it shouldn't matter. A pretty picture is fine enough. Or a wavy "PILLARS OF ETERNITY" logo that you can warp by hitting the arrow/WADS keys while it flails around wildly.
  9. I assume that means they're going to reveal a female character with excessively revealing attire (or excessively revealing attire for female PCs, which would negate the entire modding community,) and try to justify it with the trappings of unsound logic/a wizard did it.
  10. That stinks, nay, reeks, of desperation. JUST SAYIN' Because my old GTX 560 Ti came with BF3 and I went back to TF2 after about 20 minutes.
  11. If you could complete the game without "super item i cant use without" then you probably could "use without." And frankly, if it's an Obsidian game, I don't think there's any "super item." Except (linguistically) super stims. OK, Paciencia might fit the bill, too. But I love it too much to admit it's OP. Which it is. But I love it so much. That isn't referring to KOTOR2, by the way (something tells me that's necessary to point out.) Cringey voice acting is a pretty lethal factor for me, unless voices can be turned off. I honestly can't even remember anything abou
  12. If your luggage consists entirely of whites, you never need to worry about anything but the value of the bag you packed them in.
  13. Loose-leaf Assam. Straight.
  14. Bioshock was great for its setting alone, if anything. Bioshock 2 was a sham. Infinite is/was outstanding in every area but bullet sponginess (also applicable to plasmids/vigors.) I found the gameplay more of an obstacle than the story in Bioshock/Infinite. Bioshock 2, well... HAHAHAHAHAHA. AHA AHAHA. HA. HAHAHA. Oh boy...
  15. Pretty sure, as a Half-Life player, that the inspiration for Bioshock Infinite came from System Shock and System Shock 2, not from any Half-Life games.
  16. Tokyo Jungle. It's the most gloriously stupid thing I've seen in a while. A pack of Pomeranians getting slaughtered by dairy cows in a sewer with thumping techno music in the background isn't something you see every day.
  17. Save scumming is a lifestyle choice. If people want to (or need to) do it, then let them. If you don't want to or need to, then don't do it. Learn some discipline and take personal responsibility for your life. Metagamers and powergamers don't really need to savescum if they're meta/powergamers. If you know how to beat it the first time through then you must have learned about it from another person, not by save scumming. Ignoring that, metagaming and powergaming are lifestyle choices, we don't need big brother forcing one group's values on the people who don't adhere to those value
  18. How little self-control do you have? And what's stopping you from just turning it back on when your addiction to getting more party members finally overwhelms you? You might as well have a toggle to turn off merchants, rest areas and the mouse cursor while you're at it. They don't have furries or bronies in Japan (except for foreign tourists, mostly,) lucky them. There is absolutely no way that any sane person would have difficulty distinguishing characters in PoE. They have names, portraits and a pause button (conveniently mapped to the biggest key on your keyboard,) to allo
  19. Why would they make a picture of a character with a gun as a "sample" of the product if they didn't intend to have guns? Note the date of the update as being September 20, 2012. That was nearly a month prior to the end of the kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/312639
  20. Top 70 because there aren't 100. DOHOHOHO Also, really, this is preaching to the choir. Especially when you've got 44 posts under your belt since 2011. Am I really supposed to be shocked and delighted that some guys who like cRPGs and made a forum for talking about them think Torment is the best of all time? As if there was some suspense that after 13-ish years P:T would come out on top after a grueling battle versus the mountains of quality cRPGs that have been released since the year 2000?
  21. Yeah, he's totally gonna play a text-heavy RTwP RPG and make videos of it for the interbutts' entertainment. Shrieking about goats' apparent sexual relations with ragdolled humans is a different ballgame from reading copious amounts of well-written dialogue.
  22. I don't know what's so special about Bravely Default:Flying Fairy aside from the stupid name and bizarre amalgamation of erotic (dem hips) and childish (everything else) bodily builds. AHEM. THAT SAID. The bulging-veined rage against JRPGs (or, rather, anything Japanese,) is more of a Bioware Social Network thing. I play the jerpuhgs without mandatory tutorials all the time. Tutorials, strictly speaking, ought to be optional, but in general it's a good idea to design early combat encounters in a way that teaches players the ins and outs of the gameplay, both generally and of the specific
  23. Bulk 190 proof grain alcohol (danger: highly flammable. danger: very fun for pyromaniacs.) "WAR HAS CHANGED." "WAR NEVER CHANGES." "WAR HAS CHANGED." "WAR NEVER CHANGES." ...I need a drink. Actually, it might actually be cheaper to fuel a car with the stuff, at least it wouldn't encourage more misguided government subsidies for non-drinkable ethanol production (seriously, stop it, corn is meant to make people look like beavers while eating, not propel automobiles.)
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