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  1. I'm still sticking with my OG character, who's a zealous priestess of Magran, making Durance redundant, and thus, worthless. If MCA ever wants to come back with some gunpowder and bearded anger, well enough, but I'm going into Deadfire with the same fire and arquebus character I started with in Pillars.
  2. There is a lot that they could do that would be fantastic, that included. I think there are a handful of Cyberpunk titles on the horizon so I think I'd like them to try something more like Modern Urban Fantasy or Sci-fi in the vein of Dune, Star Trek or Cowboy bebop (none of this ME / SWs high fantasy in space ****.) Cyberpunk is an under-utilized genre, but fallacious derivatives like Shadowrun and Deus Ex get lauded as "cyberpunk" genre works because the genre is still so niche that most people just assume "near-future transhumanism" is sufficient to justify the "cyberpunk" label. Considering I am, at my own current time, the only one looking at this thread, I will simply assume all future readers are aware of the basics of cyberpunk, and what makes "classics" like Shadowrun and Deus Ex ineligible for that categorization.
  3. I remember, back in my day, the Gwent closed Beta was so fun, and then they changed it into a completely different game for the Open Beta, such that the Gwent I knew and loved died. Can't get into that overcomplicated garbage that the standalone Gwent is now. Kids these days! I shake my walking cane violently at you, kids and e-sports! VIOLENTLY!
  4. I just really have to say, those power armor redesigns look sexy. What about classic Fallout groin-shots? Remember how the 100% guaranteed method to succeed in boxing in New Reno was just to ****punch everyone? Atmosphere and level design are Bethesda's strong suit. The less words that are used, the better their stories tend to be. I really took that for granted until I played Dragon Age Inquisition and found their Plants vs. Zombies reference, which would have worked if there wasn't an idiotic 2 page fanfiction desperately trying to seriously root an easter egg in the game world's lore without violating any copyrights.
  5. You already do that, they never "discarded" that idea. When you meet Grieving Mother she doesn't even know or notice that you're looking at her soul, and the narrative text states that you could manipulate or violate her soul in any way you pleased and she'd never know the difference. Also when dealing with Icantha in Heritage Hill, you can destroy her pride directly through the soul and she's none the wiser. Besides, what you're talking about is exactly what Grieving Mother did to an unknown number of people, she manipulated or destroyed parts of mothers' souls if there was some element that would cause them not to love their children.
  6. I never found any value to dual-wield rogues in the game, sort of like in reality. Cole's just a buzzkill, anyway.
  7. Most humans would regard that woman's expression as one of abject terror, not sexual arousal.
  8. Jorge Rafaeal Reynaldo Martinez (a.k.a. GRRM) is virtually certain to perish before finishing the books. He's beyond morbidly obese and miraculously survived into a seventieth decade of life. He's living on borrowed time. It's going to be the TV series' D. Boys who finish ASOIAF.
  9. Mortal Kombat was already the bitch-tier of fighting games, why aspire to be more?
  10. Eh... If you don't like 'em, don't use 'em. Is there really anything more to this than that?
  11. I didn't find any negative aspect to selling 200 Xaurip spears.
  12. Even most people who are discussing PoE on the "Bioware Social Network" have been gushing about PoE and acknowledging it as the true successor to Baldur's Gate, revoking that status from DA:O. Except for the Millenial Bioware fans who refuse to touch it because it's not a big-budget cinematic game with Uncharted-style scripted action sequences and QTEs (actual complaint by BSN user) and has no romancing (actual complaint by BSN user.)
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