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  1. personally i think that as long as the hairstyle wasnt long and free you could get away with almost anything for a female character aka female spider-man.......
  2. indeed personally id love something a bit more "space" not many of those in the modern age can be called open world
  3. ive heard some whispers about a new rpg and if that book as any correlation to it i think im going to be in heaven its been a while since ive played a good fun rpg hopefully it ends up a mmorpg so i can get a couple of my buddies in it sounds like that would be fun
  4. ive heard some hints as to a new rpg they have in the works and im hoping they out do themselves again like they did with Fallout new vegas ive hundreds of hours on console and pc combined and just cant get enough of it. im sure its a "secret" but anyone have a uneducated guess
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