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  1. Problem Solved. I do NOT have Steam installed and had no idea what it was until I looked it up. I do have GOG's Galaxy which is a rival product and the latest version has cloud backup and synchronizing. It got automatically installed when I installed White March from GOG. That was what caused my deleted files to come back. My solution was to uninstall Galaxy and the problem went away. Cloud backup and synchronizing looks to be one of those "useful" features that is really not very useful. For that matter, Galaxy is a "helper" that I have never found to be very helpful and normally nev
  2. I have no idea if I am using it or not. How can I tell? Is that activated in the White March expansion? I did not have this problem until I installed that expansion. I sell most of my loot as soon as I can except for those used to enchant items so that is not the cause of the problem. Sloane
  3. I just installed the White March expansion and started a new play. I decided to recover some disk space by deleting the old save files from earlier plays from before the White March expansion. To my surprise, the deleted files kept coming back. When I go to load a save file I see all the deleted files again. I can delete the files, verify they are gone and see the old files when I try to load a saved file. I can reboot the system after verifying the files are gone and see them back again. I am not likely to run out of disk space with a 4TB drive but the load and save times are getting noti
  4. Durance is a man in search of answers, ... Also, Durance cares a lot for the plight of the common folk. I saw nothing in that game that indicates that Durance care one iota for the common folk. He killed Eothas on orders from Magran. Afterwards he was abandoned by Magran and he is searching for only the answer of why he was abandoned. Durance has a void in him left by the abandonment of Magran and he is seeking in vain to fill it. The two endings for him are both appropriate and suitable for him. Durance lost the central reason for his life, the worship of Magran. Suicide is one obvious e
  5. Durance is a religious fanatic like Raedric. Durance's saving grace is this fanaticism only led to him killing another god rather than slaughtering innocents. In the game the gods really talk to their worshipers so for Magran to stop talking to Durance is a major blow to his faith. The only way he can ever have any happy ending is if Magran talks to him again.
  6. Thanks. Neither endings are "better" so I am satisfy with the one I got. I just got the White March extension and may try for the other ending. I may try for some of the other endings for the other NPCs as well. Sloane
  7. I just finished my 2nd play and it looks like I completed the Durance quest but he still immolates himself. Is there another possible ending for him? Sloane
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